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While I think it was just flat out a bad political move to invite him, I think there's a lot more nuance to this.

For someone in Ukraine, the situation was pretty awful. The Soviet Union had condemned millions to die via mass seizures of food and food producing assets.

This man-made famine had killed 3.5-5 million people. Pretty cut and dry mass murder.

I think a lot of people in that situation would've seen joining with the Nazis as, if not a good thing, as something that is better than the alternative. That's kind of an important moral test to me in terms of defensive actions taken during wartime* - most people, as much as they might be loathe to admit it, probably would've also joined the Waffen SS in his situation.

* Strong emphasis should always be applied in these kinds of situations. Obviously, the Nazi Party and Waffen SS were in general morally abhorrent.


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The soldier of three armies rings a bell
Dude was Finnish, and hated commies


I am asking myself how much some of those Canadian politicians opened a history book.Seems only Pierre Poilievre commented on the fact the Ukranian-Canadian "veteran" wasn't / isn't a nice guy.
Not mention that I think that besides Zelensky, I am pretty sure there must be at least one Canadian politician present there that is also Jewish.
80 years ago they would have killed anyone who was a Russian speaker or practicing Judaism.

Would they care if they had known in advance?

Then I remember that even if they knew they most likely wouldn't care at all.

Lots of politicos have a Kissinger mentality, that no matter who is who as long as they achieve (or might achieve) their goal the rest is irrelevant.


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Waffen SS were a lot of naughty guys though, someone once described them as the 'discord gamers' of WW2.
Yes,but Waffen SS thugs at least knew how to fight real soldiers.
When UPA thugs was horrible,but also incopetent - in one case,when they genocided polish village,20 persons hide in presbystery and defended themselves from UPA with rifles,grenades and even HMG using...1 axe and lot of bricks gathered there.


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18-44 bracket shows that good chunk of USA is undergoing equivalent of collapse of USSR and for the elites is just fine, as they loot the country similarly to how the oligarchs looted the USSR

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