'Climate Change' and the coming 'Climate Lockdown'

Compilation from polish press

1.We hear in media about infernal temperatures - becouse they were ordered to show normal things as something new.

2.Jacob Nordangard in his book "Rockefeller:Controlling the gane show how oil barons support ecologist and green madness now,to transform society and humans into something else.

3.There is no possible to create model which discover how exactly one thing change weather - becouse wather is too chaotic for that

4.There is 0,04% CO 2 in athosphere - once there was 0,1%,and notching bad happened.But,if it would be less then 0,02,then we would die,becouse plants could not work then.

5.Even if they were right - only EU care about green energy,which mean,that whatever we do would not matter.

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