Any Battletech Fans Watch that guy Tex of the Black Pants Legion?

And as with all Black Pnats videos not only is the lecture great, all the additional shitposting is beautiful. The ending credits where we get to listen to his in-universe voice mails was awesome and makes me want to live on Van Zandt.
He just released a new video on Comstar Home Video.

Tex Talks Battletech
Episode 13: The Marauder The SLDF War Machine

One of the finest war machines Humankind has ever known, after the Catapult, that's right, the mighty Marauder.

Also of interest...



Should check these places out.

Battletech for Big Four!

And be sure to thank Tex for giving us (multiple) shoutouts on his channel! Despite my best efforts to compensate him with Earthly treasures and pleasures he refused and apparently just wanted to help the community and do some good by mentioning our humble little growing forum.

However... if you want to send him unsolicited pictures of your Hollander (with or without the Black Pants) I'm sure he'll be more then grateful.

Following this discussion thread very closely with intriguing interest.


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