my understanding is that she likely will. there is a fair kerfuffle about who will replace her. a representative came out and said she was gonna run for it before fienstien said she wouldn't so knives may come out for the primary. it promises to be entertaining if nothing else.
When do you expect Feinstein to officially announce her retirement?
The establishment is a group; term limits only affect individuals.

Lets be honest there will always be an establishment of some kind the problem isn't that there is an establishment its that said establishment has become cultish, increasingly divorced from reality and more and more assholish. There have been plenty of establishments in the past that were competent and understood boundries. Its actually not that hard.
Top 12, eh? Hmm...
AZ is the most obvious flashpoint as long as Sinema is running as independent
WV, MT, OH all red to deep red states with Democratic incumbents
NV is a swing state with small senatorial margins
TX just because
Gosh, I'm only halfway? WI PA IN FL VA MN

That's for the general election, mind you. There are other states where the primaries will be interesting; or rather, I expect there will be, but I don't have a firm grip on which ones. I suppose California would be pretty high on the list, actually.

Actually, shit. California does the jungle primaries. So the general might be a D vs. D showdown against Feinstein if she doesn't retire first.
Speculation is swirling Schiff might be running for the United States Senate in 2024.
2024 CA United States Senate Election Developments
2024 AZ United States Senator
The Pro-Gallego group calling themselves "Replace Sinema" did a poll on potential three-way contest between US Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), Kari Lake (R), & United States Senator Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) & it revealed the following:
*Gallego (D): 36%
*Lake (R): 36%
*Sinema (I-incumbent): 24%

However if former AZ Governor
Doug Ducey (R) runs for the United States Senate...
*Gallego (D): 37%
*Ducey (R): 31%
*Sinema (I-incumbent): 27%

BREAKING: NEW AZ Senate Polling
Anothet health scare for the Junior United States Senator from PA 🤔
The End of an Era in the Golden State!
2024 HI United States Senator: Hirono seeking 3rd term
Honolulu Civil Beat reporting United States Senator Mazie Horino (D-HI) will be seeking reelection to a 3rd term in 2024. She is very likely winning reelection by a massive landslide; would be the oldest-serving United States Senator in her 80s if Horino serves out her 3rd term if reelected.

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