1. Aldarion

    Fandom meme thread (posting and discussion)

    Thread for posting and discussing memes - but for fandoms, not politics.
  2. KilroywasNOTHere

    Humor/Comedy Two Cursed Dead Memes fused Into One Cringy Fanfic: Should I Do It?

    I had this fanfic idea for months now and I can't get it out of my head but I can't help but think there wouldn't really be much of an audience and the story is an unholy fusion of two dead and cringy memes. For context: I Am Sorry, Jon: AKA Creepy Garfield I Am Sorry is essentially what if...
  3. Hlaalu Agent

    Funny Meme Video thread- The one for moving pictures

    Since the other thread is for pictures, it occurred to me that this excluded memes that would take a video form. But probably wouldn't exclude gifs or the like. So I decided to post this so people would have a place to post videos or the such that would otherwise go into the thread if it wasn't...
  4. GoldRanger

    Roleplaying related memes!

    I'll start us off:
  5. S'task

    Images Funny Pictures and Memes - You know you want them, here we have them!

    OK folks, you know how this goes. Share those funny pictures and memes y'all love to spam out here. Some commentary is allowed by others, but the focus should be on the pictures. Keep things SFW and in general good taste of course.