Fandom meme thread (posting and discussion)


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Thread for posting and discussing memes - but for fandoms, not politics.

I can finally be a Post-Apocalyptic Mongol under the service of the Great Khans of California Nevada Wyoming. I'm just sad horses are extinct now (outside of a non-canon Comic that ironically detailed the NCR Massacre at Bitter Springs).


Honestly not the only fandom franchise guilty of this... but I can see why Fallout is exceptional.
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With Twisted Metal and even Burnout in flux, Mario Kart is the most lethal and violent vehicular combat racing game out there. At least until someone reboots and ruins Road Rash.

It's in our blood (as a fuel additive presumably)!
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Just saw this on the ol' Twitter.

For those that don't know Larry Schweikert is a Conservative Author who writes popular History books from a Right Wing perspective IIRC.

"What up fellow Millenials..."

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