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Recent content by Urabrask Revealed

  1. Urabrask Revealed

    Middle East Running Iranian threat news and discussion thread

    I believe that the Islamic Republic, while considering the state of womanhood in western civilizations, will make the right decisions in how to treat women.
  2. Urabrask Revealed

    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    The comic is a jerk-off fantasy that portrays anarchism as a highly competive form of government. I wouldn't put any trust in Alan Foreman's ideas and beliefs.
  3. Urabrask Revealed

    Humor/Comedy Politicians Cringe Thread

    Ah, that I can understand why it's dumb.
  4. Urabrask Revealed

    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    I remember some similiar retardation coming from the author of S.S.D.D (a furry webcomic about an anarchist trying to establish an anarchistic regime) who claimed that the far-right are "just" middle-aged out-of-shape white men and there will always be one more fighter to bash their brains in...
  5. Urabrask Revealed

    Rest In Peace Prince Philip dead at the age of 99

    May he rest in Peace. It's a shame that his body wasn't even cold when the Leftards began smearing his name, claiming that he was extremely racist and sexist. Well, at least he will have a laugh at them now.
  6. Urabrask Revealed

    Why does the left consider the UN a moral authority?

    They know and consider it to be a bonus. Gotta supply the paedophiles after all.
  7. Urabrask Revealed

    Boomstick's and shooty shooty bang bang's - The GUN Thread!

    Me too. The next best thing we can get, is this full-auto crossbow. Not sure if that's still available for standard citizens...
  8. Urabrask Revealed

    United States 2nd Amendment Legal Cases and Law Discussion

    Have you seen those "agents"? They are too fat and lazy to get their asses and find a job elsewhere.
  9. Urabrask Revealed

    German Greens demand voting rights for foreigners and more money for integration

    In the USA maybe, but not in Germany.
  10. Urabrask Revealed

    What do your political views look like?

    Let's see... 8values puts me down as a capitalist fascists. Probably because I decided to use "Strong agree" and "Strong disagree" rather than that miletoast weak sauce. The Political Sextant claims that I'm 93% Fusionist, 100% Paleoconservative, and -and get this!- 90% Celiphate. Bruh, I'm...
  11. Urabrask Revealed

    United States 2nd Amendment Legal Cases and Law Discussion

    "B-but what about all these poor bureaucrats?! We can't just toss them onto the streets!" t.demorat
  12. Urabrask Revealed

    Activision-Blizzard Megathread

    And so another studio dies, its skin ripped off and worn by a gibbering leftard that demands the respect his better once got.
  13. Urabrask Revealed

    Humor/Comedy Politicians Cringe Thread

    What about this claim is wrong? The Clintons, the Obummers, the Bidens, and the Bushes were all regulars to Epstein's "Island of Jolly Fun (TM)".
  14. Urabrask Revealed

    German News - Old News Today

    That's assuming the Greens don't go full nazi stasi and put the high-ranking members into prisons under trumped-up charges.
  15. Urabrask Revealed

    Derek Chauvin Trial: summer 2020 electric boogaloo

    I pray for a "Not Guilty" myself. Let them burn up their own cities, they voted for it after all. The cop did everything by the book, and if that isn't good enough then cops might as well quit and look elsewhere for work.
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