Chapter 3: Secret rendezvous in Mexico

Chapter 3: Claire's Secret Life
1:49 PM, Spring 1985
Somewhere in the outskirts of Mexico City, Mexico


Claire Saldana was a product of one of the most wealthiest families in Brazil, she was working at the Brazilian Consulate General's office in Cancun, Mexico for a few years. And while she returned home to Mexico, Claire was also secretly conniving with a group of sympathetic friends who had been enraged at what the governments of their respective countries were doing (India, Pakistan, etc.,)

Upon arriving back in Mexico City on the afternoon of January 16th, Claire was driven to her penthouse in the outskirts of Mexico City, where she lived. Keeping up with public appearances she was accompanied by a close female "confidential secretary" Denise Guerrero. While Denise was in the living room reading a book, Claire was speaking with some of her compatriots who were plotting to take out the authoritarian government of Mexican President General Oscar Robles, who had been in power since the 21 February 1973 coup d'etat overthrowing then-Mexican President Luis Echeverria. Robles, whose rise to power was heavily backed and supported by the Nixon administration and the CIA, escalated a violent reign of terror against political opponents including among the targets: women, children, college students, journalists, etc.,

Among the victims killed was Claire's cousin, Jennifer Martinez, who was violently and sadistically tortured to death by one of the soldiers, who took pleasure and gleefully violated Jennifer's corpse after shooting her twice in the back as she was trying to escape. Enraged at the horrific details, Claire was determined to get her revenge on the flamboyant Robles dictatorship. She wanted to slowly, methodically and strategically plot on how to get rid of Robles and his cronies.

Going back to April 16th, Claire was fronting as a Brazilian news correspondent when in reality, she was working with Diego, Jade, Zehra and others in the next phase of their mission. After coming back from a meeting with her colleagues, Claire went back to the penthouse, double-locked the doors tightly, walked into the waiting room asking Denise "Are you sure you don't want to shower first?" Denise replied "No, I'm good." While that was going on, Gloria Aguirre, a Mexico City Metro Police Department police officer, was masquerading as a penthouse maid secretly following Claire's whereabouts to see what was this pesky Brazilian up to...

Gloria was cleaning up Claire's bedroom when she heard footsteps, "Oh SHIT!' Sneaking under the bed to avoid being detected, "Let me slide right under here so I can quietly exit" Gloria thought to herself as she hid under the bed and was calming down for awhile. Seeing Denise across the hall, Gloria noticed Denise taking off all of her clothes from head to toe, walking naked and barefoot into the bedroom which freaked Gloria out, "What in the fuck is going on here?" she quietly said to herself. Next, she saw the door of the bathroom opening wide, Claire was wearing only a towel and smiling at Denise; Claire removed her towel throwing it on the floor, as Gloria was getting more freaked out by the situation on what was going on inside the bedroom as Claire and Denise got on the bed making love, which lasted hours.

Finding a way to avoid getting caught, Gloria quietly slithered out from underneath the bed while Claire and Denise were still having sex on the bed; she quietly took all of the vacuum equipment, etc., and quietly got out of there. She was wondering "Now that's something I didn't see everyday, someone having a secret lesbian rendezvous" and didn't think it was important.

As Gloria managed to get out of the penthouse and driving back home wondering what she just saw before her eyes, "I just need to forget about what I saw and pretend it's nothing important" as she was driving home. Over at the penthouse, Claire and Denise were still in the midst of their secret rendezvous escapade......
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Chapter 3: Targets of the Dirty War 2.0
Targets of the Dirty War 2.0
Spring 1985
Somewhere in the outskirts of New Delhi, India

Upon overthrowing the Indian government on December 6, 1984 and the ascension of General Arun Shridhar Vaidya as India's 8th President on December 22, 1984 when he quickly consolidated control of the Military Junta's original plans of rotating the Presidency (which was originally agreed upon between the country's commanders-in-chief of each military branches in turn) by first retaining sole chairmanship of the military junta and then declaring himself "Supreme Chief of the Republic" and eventually ascended to the Presidency while continuing to serve as Chief of Staff of the Army and also Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee.

For opponents of the Military Junta, it would quickly become the beginning of an ugly nightmare of all who opposed the dictatorship. The usual scapegoats for the perceived ills that the Junta wanted to make examples of: the Sikhs, who had already faced violent anti-Sikh riots in the aftermath of the assassination of then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Things for the Sikhs were going to get much worse as some egostical members of the Junta and young commissioned officers had enacted a specific detailed anti-Sikh genocidal sinister plan during the Dirty War against political opponents.

During the Vaidya dictatorship, the Junta committed large-scale human rights abuses and crimes against humanity that occurred under his presidency which included forced disappearances and kidnappings, widespread torture and extrajudicial killings of activists and political opponents including their family members at secret concentration camps. An estimated 16,000-32,000 political dissidents disappeared during the dictatorship.

There was also disturbing allegations (later confirmed) that members of Vaidya's administration were complicit in the thefts of many babies born during the captivity of their mothers at the illegal secret detention centers and passing them on for illegal adoptions by associates of the regime.

Among the victims who lost their lives were two American catholic nuns (Elise Duquet and Melanie Hawkins) who had taught and cared for two of Vaidya's daughters. Human rights groups reported that 1,565 to 27,000 were drugged into drunken stupor, loaded into military aircraft, stripped naked and then thrown into the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal which became known as the death flights. Over 32,000 Sikhs were targeted by the Indian Military Junta. Testimonies from many Indian Sikhs suggested they were being targeted for being Sikh. Many torture victims said to have seen pictures of anti-Sikh messages; Sikhs suffered vicious and violent anti-Sikh harassment while in the Indian military. Between 200 and 300 Sikhs were subject to attacks, often by their superiors.
1,000-3,000 Jews were also targeted by the Military Junta during this period: several Indian Jews testified that they saw pictures of Adolf Hitler and swastikas on walls of the torture chambers and interrogators used anti-Semitic epithets.
Heinous methods by the Junta
Personal PoV's
Spring 1985
Somewhere in Northeastern India

"It was a horrific experience that I had just seen. Being told to gather some old chairs to fix in some farm over in the outskirts of town, in the middle of nowhere. When I snuck around to see what was going on inside the big barn: I watched in horror as one person, whom some sadistic Army officers viewed as "anothet outside agitator who must be removed from the nation" as they gleefully took great joy in torturing him.

First, one of the sadistic ringleaders: Army Captain Devpol Salhuez, was one of the most ruthless, conniving, heartless and evil soldiers whom I viewed as one of the most extreme Vaidya-ista's of the Military Junta of India. Captain Salhuez demanded the person to give names on who's helping the opposition, who's instigating protests against the regime, etc.,

The poor man had a speech impediment when he tried to deny the allegations. Salhuez removed his starch-pressed Army uniform and put gloves on before using one of the pliers to force him to talk. I gasped in horror at what I saw before my very eyes: Captain Salhuez violently removing the man's teeth before slicing the leftside of his face wide open.

"You are going to tell me who are your collaborators and you are also going to tell us who are you protecting. Otherwise, you'll suffer even more." The poor man tried to talk but could only get the words "I don't know anything abbbb.." Salhuez laughed as he told one of the Army officers, First Lieutenant Rhaul Olivier who laughed "What do you think we should with this idiot?" Salhuez responded, "this idiot will talk and give names or else..."

Once again, more pestering questions and the poor man, who was now beaten to a pulp stuttered again before getting violently tortured by Salhuez non-stop as two of the non-commissioned Army officers used large ropes on each side as the more heinous methods of torture ensued: next I watched as they ripped out his left eye; then they smashed his feet with hammers to the point of being bloodied and disfigured.

The time was 9:28 AM when I saw Dr. Morton Silva, who was ordered to give the man some medications so they could torture him some more. I was hiding in one of the hidden spots next to the barn watching all of this and overheard the tortured man begging the doctor to give him a mercy killing, "I had to give up some names including yours. Please kill me because I can't take it anymore". Dr. Silva was sympathetic saying "I am giving you this special medicine, which will make the pain go away and it'll only take a couple of minutes" as he injected him with the concoction. It eventually killed him slowly, as Dr. Silva said "No more pain my friend. I know what's coming when these bastards find out."

I snuck over to see the commotion as Captain Salhuez and his associates showed up. Apparently, he figured out Dr. Silva was involved with the opposition and working with the collaborators "I see we've got a traitor in our midst. Why did you do it Dr. Silva?" Silva explained "Because you and your buddies over there took great pleasure in torturing this man to death, so I ended it peacefully. What you're doing: killing innocent men, women and children as well as athletes and celebrities who are opposing the Junta government, will catch up with all of you. As for my own fate, I will pack up and walk back to my car and driving back to the office. Good day Captain!"

"Get your bumbling ass back here Dr. Silva!" Captain Salhuez demanded as First Lieutenant Olivier handed him a loaded gun while three other Army soldiers watched.

Dr. Silva was almost heading to his car when Captain Salhuez fired three shots at him, all of which struck Silva in the back causing the doctor to bleed out before dying on the ground face down. I was completely horrified by what I just saw.....

One of the neighborhood women asked what was going on and Salhuez angrily growled "Get your old asses back to work or you'll get shot too" as Salhuez's sadistic Army associates forcibly shoved them back to the fields to work......
Events happening in India
National headlines of 1985 in India
Spring/Summer 1985

*January 16, 1985: Coomar Narain, who worked at SLM Manekal Industries and certain personal staff of the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India were arrested by law enforcement authorities in connection with leaking of classified documents to foreign agents under the Official Secrets Act.
*March 10, 1985: India wins the inaugural World Championship of Cricket held in Australia, defeating Pakistan in the final.
*March 30, 1985: The Special Protection Group is created.
*April 10, 1985: The Chakravarty Committee is established by the RBI in reviewing the working of monetary system. Its recommendations had far reaching ramifications and consequences, which resulted in India being removed from the 500-year-old Silver Standard.
*May 24, 1985: The Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Prevention Act comes into effect after Indian President General Arun Shridhar Vaidya assents.
*June 23, 1985: Air India Flight 182 (Boeing 747) explodes midair 31,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean south of Ireland killing all 307 passengers including 22 crew-members including the pilots.
*Texas Instruments, a multinational corporation, begins their India operations in Bangalore and helps create infrastructure to exporting software via satellite communications from India for the very first time.
*September 2, 1985: The Indira Gandhi National Open University is established by an act of Parliament.
*November 14, 1985: Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act is passed by Parliament, comes into force and enforced.
Personal PoV's (Part II)
...."This young lady had some intriguing potential. She was beautiful, sexy and intelligent! Yameesha Alejo was a very secretive and mysterious woman for anyone to figure out.

Not bad that she had racially-mixed background: Argentinian father and an Indian mother, Yameesha being one of twenty nine siblings due to her father's out of control womanizing, could've made her life chaotic. And for awhile it was, but she was determined to make a name for herself. Eager to get into the entertainment industry, Yameesha hoped on a train and moved to New Delhi all by herself where she settled in a penthouse apartment with her cousin, Rashi, who was a semi-actress and beauty pageant contestant.

Yameesha began doing modeling work, photoshoots for magazines, movies, soap operas and so forth. She was also photogenic: dying her hair reddish-brown. Her light-skinned features were super bright including showcasing her beauty aggressively and flexing her sex appeal to those who watched her in theatre plays, movies, etc., "

---"Behind Closed Doors: True Self"
Excerpts Summer 2007

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The Dirty War 2.0 escalates
Targets of the Dirt War 2.0
Summer 1985

Besides the aggressive nature of the Military Junta's vicious policies against opponents at all levels in exterminating any group who oppose them, the details of how the Junta and their accomplices included the following: targets of the Junta believed to be associated with activist groups, including trade union members and college students. The victims of the Dirty War 2.0 included underage students, such as those tortured during the Night of the Camps, an operation directed by Rahmir Alcazar, General and head of the New Delhi Provincial Police Department from December 1984 to March 1985.

Other targets of the Junta included people, who uncovered evidence of corruption inside the military government and those accused of holding progressive views, which included two American nuns, both of whom were kidnapped by Joaquin Astiz. Alcazar told the Deccan Herald in 1985 that he had used torture as interrogation methods and also orchestrated 7,000 forced disappearances. When asked about other controversies surrounding the forced stealing of newborn babies from imprisoned mothers, Alcazar strongly doubled-down and justified this controversial action "because these subversive and outside agitating parents will spew their socialist ideologies into those children".

In the case of Dubalza Singh, who was detained while walking to her vehicle on January 14, 1985. According to witnesses, Singh was kept at an Army military base where she would eventually give birth to a baby girl. The newborn girl was taken away from her, and she was reportedly transported to a Naval military airfield. Her fate remains unknown to this day, but depending on whom you ask: detainees were stripped naked, blindfolded, chained together, put onboard cargo Naval planes, which were known as the "Flights of Death". These Naval planes would fly all the way over to the Indian Ocean at night and groups of prisoners, would be pushed out to their deaths.
The first stages of the plot to take out Vaidya
First stages of the plot in Operation Rage
Summer 1985
Somewhere in Pune, India

Sunset over the skyline in South Pune.

With the Dirty War escalating over the past several months since the Military Junta took over the Indian government during the December 6, 1984 coup, Sikhs were angry at being used as a typical scapegoat, which the Junta's subordinates instigated in the forced disappearances of 16,000-32,000 people; deaths of closed to 1.3 million due to the heinous illegal and deadly methods the Junta's subordinates (mostly younger commissioned officers) used such as electric cattle prodding, torture, whippings, forced teeth pulling, nail pulling, violent beatings, vicious, Night of the Camp helicopter deaths, rapes, etc.,

One person was especially disturbed at the direction of how far the Junta would go into killing opponents, but also killing extended family members of the opponents. "This monstrous atrocity needs to be exposed before the entire world. These psychos are making the likes of Videla, Viola, Galtieri and Bignone in Argentina look like choir boys when it came to exterminating opponents, forced disappearances, kidnapping babies, etc.," quipped Kajal Singh, who was bothered by what was going on.

It was common knowledge depending on whom you ask that some Sikh militants were putting together a hit-list of those whom they deemed solely responsible for Operation Blue Star. With then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassinated by the two Sikh bodyguards on October 31, 1984 and then-President Zail Singh killed in a violent coup d'etat on December 6, 1984, the South Asian country was on the verge of plunging into total and utter chaos in some parts of the country. Those inside the Indian government knew that President Vaidya was on the hit-list due to his role in supervising the Indian Army's controversial raid that resulted in the deaths of countless people at the Golden Temple in June of 1984.

Doubling-down on defending his role in Operation Blue Star and the aftermath that followed, Vaidya was also strongly critically harsh with Sikh military officers and soldiers, who abandoned their military duties, by calling their actions "a matter of shame" and "disloyalty."

Despite the controversy and disturbing human rights violations, Presiden Vaidya visited the following countries during his presidency: Zimbabwe, Bulgaria, German Democratic Republic, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Oman, Zambia, etc.,

Chapter 3: International Headlines (Summer 1985)
Good afternoon. I am still busy researching information on the craziness of India: politics, entertainment, etc., but here are some international headlines that I've created from the Summer of 1985:



Louisiana Governor Edwin Washington Edwards bombshell announcement confirming he will not seek reelection to fourth term in 1987.

*July 14, 1985: At 12:36 PM CST, reporters were summoned to the conference room of the Louisiana State Capitol in downtown Baton Rouge for a major announcement by Louisiana Governor Edwin Washington Edwards. There was no specific information being given on what exactly the three-term Democratic Governor would be saying and the gathering was just announced several hours in advance.

Speculation rose that it might've had something to do with the federal indictments against Edwards and several of his associates which occurred in February 1985 based on charges of mail fraud, obstruction of justice, and bribery brought by US Attorney John Volz. The charges had been centered around a scheme in which the Governor and his associates had been receiving almost $2 million in exchange of granting preferential treatment to companies dealing with state hospitals. During a press conference on the day of the indictments, Edwards proclaimed his innocence and called the allegations politically motivated by Volz and the Republican Party, particularly indirectly blasting US President George HW Bush and accusing those in the Bush Justice Department of launching the indictments because "those over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue see me as a political threat to their sinister plans, so they want to put me in prison. That's NOT going to happen ever!"

Governor Edwards came to the podium and delivered the following remarks: "Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the press and citizens of the great State of Louisiana: I would like to apologize for the abrupt scheduling of this major announcement and that many of you in the press corps didn't have enough time of preparation and potential discomfort coming from this development. However, the decision that I've made and about to announce is one that I haven given through deep and thoughtful consideration and one that I believe is necessary for myself and my family. This process of reflection and consideration has been considered for quite awhile over the past few weeks.

Today, as we speak, the State of Louisiana is facing some difficult circumstances ranging from a budget deficit shortfall that has engulfed our economy, difficult budget cuts on basic services, programs and unfortunate, tough measures that had to be made due to the oil boom going bust in the early 1980s which has devastated the Gulf States such as Louisiana. However, over the course of the most recent months and weeks, I have been engaged in an exhausting long-dragged out legal process regarding the federal indictments against myself and several associates in my administration as well as having to go to trail to fight these baseless politically-motivated charges, has caused the people's business being distracted with this federal trial.

And while I am grateful to have served as your Governor in this third term and guiding Louisiana through the difficult economic problems facing our beloved great state, it has become evident that all Louisianans' needs are being distracted with the so-called federal trial being led by a politically-motivated US Attorney, whose taking orders from the Republican Party and the longer the trial drags on, the more difficult its has become on doing the people's work.

Now, therefore, I have made a decision and that is I am announcing that I will not be a candidate for reelection as your Governor in 1987.

Neither do I take this decision lightly, nor do I shrink from the task to earning your trust and confidence. But I strongly believe that the State of Louisiana needs a full-time Governor in getting us moving toward a new decade called the 1990s. As I have carefully weighed in various factors over most recent days, I came to the point where I had to decide whether I spent months and months fighting to clearing my name in a politically-motivated courtroom trial or whether I'll continue, with all my heart and mind and the help of the almighty, to serving as a full-time Governor in this third term, working to fulfilling the people's business. And that's exactly what I intend to do. Until March 14, 1988, when a new Governor will be taking the solemn oath of office right outside on the steps of the State Capitol building.

I'm incredibly proud of what we've achieved in 12 amazing years after earning Louisiana's trust three times in 1971, 1975 and again in 1983, all by landslide margins. The Edwards years were a time of renewal and incredible progress. Today, Louisiana is more respected in the nation than it ever was in its history. And still, a lot of business remains to be done, to forming a beloved state for all Louisianans in all 64 parishes. Every single day, step by step, minute by minute. That's exactly what I strongly intend to do in the time I've got left and beyond my governorship. I shall always be a humble dedicated servant of the people of Louisiana. I love Louisiana and I always will.

Thank you all very much for listening. As for questions, I will be taking your questions at another appropriate time. God Bless you and God Bless the Great State of Louisiana."
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Chapter 3: Polls
Gallup: Opinion of US President George HW Bush (July 16, 1985)
Approve: 64%
Disapprove: 16%

Opinion of US First Lady Barbara Bush
Approve: 76%
Disapprove: 20%

Opinion of US Vice President Howard Baker
Approve: 60%
Disapprove: 28%

Opinion of US Secretary of State George P. Schultz
Approve: 70%
Disapprove: 21%

Opinion of US Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger
Approve: 56%
Disapprove: 29%
Chapter 3: Operation Dog Whistle (Part I)
"Operation Dog Whistle: was the Indian military operation pushed by the Military Junta of India, which led to the systematic kidnappings, torture and murders of Pakistani citizens in the early morning hours of January 21, 1985. This was the first combat phase of the Dirty War 2.0, commenced during and after the inauguration of US President George HW Bush, the Indian military troops attacked the Kashmir region with regular and irregular forces starting at 10:00 AM and escalated operations at dawn taking advantage of confusion on the Pakistani side.

Diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan had been quite known as sour, hostile and downright openly distrustful due to previous political and military events.

US military intelligence as well as the CIA didn't have any forewarning by the Indian military government on plans to launch the military operation in the weeks before. It had been regarded by analysts as "one of the missed opportunities by President Bush in terms of using diplomacy to resolve conflict between the two South Asian nations."
---Wikipedia, "Operation Dog Whistle"
International impact

..."Vaidya was a strong military man with loyalty within the Indian Armed Forces. He doubled-down on having the Indian Army troops rampaging on the Golden Temple in Operation Blue Star in the Summer of 1984 and was proud to have defended his role in the operation despite backlash.

Critics suggested Vaidya upon taking over the Presidency via military coup d'etat in the 12.06.84 Incident, not only sidelined his fellow military generals, but quickly used the playbook of Chilean President Augusto Pinochet had done: consolidated power so aggressively, naming himself Supreme Commander of the Republic of India and declared that the military government wasn't going to transition back to democracy anytime soon.

Rumors had been swirling that Vaidya was lining his own pockets and critics accused him of using populist measures such as land reform and infrastructure in keeping the people happy, while he and his close allies kept themselves wealthy. But he had his eyes directly focused on humiliating Pakistan because both countries were engulfed in the middle of the Siachen War and Vaidya was aware of what was being said about him in other countries. "
---George P. Shultz
US Secretary of State
Summer 1985
Personal Diary

..."Operation Meghdoot (Siachen War) escalated between India and Pakistan over the dispute 1,000-square-mile (2,600 km) Siachen Glacier region in Kashmir. Next phase of the military operation continued when Indian troops positioned themselves at critical passes, while the Pakistani Army had attempted to seize heights overlookin the passes. Indian troops successfully launched strikes on Qiad Post and easily captured it from Pakistani forces.

American observers said the military and political conflicts between Pakistan and India over Siachen Glacier didn't make sense politically or militarily."
----Excerpt from The War that Almost Destroyed South Asia
Personal PoV's (Part III)
....."The Military Junta of India kept upping the ante even further against their rival neighbor with escalating Operation Dog Whistle by sending private contractors assisting Army crackdown troops to violently wipe out anything and anyone in sight inside the disputed Kashmir region for over the past five months since its inception on January 21, 1985.

Military observers and foreign policy analysts couldn't grasp the justification for the controversial military operation by the Junta. President Vaidya was determined to focus on severak key objectives: humiliating the Pakistanis; breaking the will of the Pakistani people both physically and psychologically; the ugly war continued when air strikes had been launched into small towns in Northeastern Pakistan killing an estimated 12,000 people including women and children.

Despite calls for diplomatic efforts in an attempt of resolving this escalating conflict, Vaidya rebuffed such efforts as Operation Dog Whistle continued into the Fall of 1985. Using false-flag operations with some assistance from the Soviets, some aggressive hardliners in the Military Junta of India pushed for more firepower against the Pakistanis, who had some recent success in pushing back the Indian Army forces.

Here in the States, President George HW Bush was watching the situation escalating back in Washington, DC wondering how this war between two neighboring countries in South Asia will drag other countries into a long-dragged out escalating conflict with the potential of months and possibly years. Coming off of a massive landslide victory with 60 percent of the vote in 1984 securing his first full four-year term against former US Ambassador to Canada Walter Mondale, the Bush foreign policy team had assumed the chaotic events of October 31, 1984 would blow over and things would calm down..... Bush was rudely mistaken: the bloody coup d'etat of December 6, 1984 occurred which led to Vaidya' rise to the Presidency.

Another ongoing problem which was occupying Bush's time was the ongoing Cold War which escalated with the assassination of then-President Ronald Reagan at the Republic of Korea Army 1st Corps Headquarters on November 13, 1983 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. To this day, we still don't know who was involved in the assassination which remains unsolved sadly.

Anyway, I wondered if these recent events was part of some international cabal-like conspiracy as we were in the midst of Bay of Pigs 2.0 because everywhere we looked in the globe: there was another fire to put out. The US State Department had one helluva job trying their best to calm their counterparts down as French President Francois Mitterrand warned Secretary of State George P. Shultz "This is turning into World War Three. What the fuck is going on?"
----Former Vice President Howard Baker
Excerpt from "The Second-in-Command: My years of public service"
Spring 2004
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Chapter 3: Secret life of Natasha (Part I)
Personal PoV's: Natasha's secret backstory
11:27 PM, July 16 1985
Somewhere in India

[Part I]: While everyone was distracted with the ugliness of Operation Dog Whistle being instigated by key egotistical members of the Military Junta of India in their campaign to exterminate any opposition against the military government by any means necessary, there was one female secret agent who was secretly torn about the methods of her mission....

Nicknamed "Natasha", who was from Brazil and of German and Portuguese descent, her family hailed from Sao Paulo. Her father, Heinrich Muller was the German Ambassador to Brazil during the height of World War II and following the downfall of the Axis Powers, several Nazi government officials as well as German military officials fled with their families in escaping criminal prosecution. Countries such as Brazil gave refuge to Nazi soldiers and their families which included Heinrich who appealed to high-level officials of the Brazilian government for safety and protection from criminal prosecution even though he wasn't involved in Hitler's heinous evil deadly crimes against humanity.

While he was just following orders, Heinrich was NOT anti-semitic. Long story short, after things died down, Heinrich became a naturalized Brazilian citizen and worked in the Brazilian government working on infrastructure projects and building roads, etc.,

One day, Heinrich nicknamed "Wilson" met a beautiful woman named Juanita Arias, who was of Jewish descent during a picnic in the outskirts of Sao Paulo. When she discovered he was a former German Ambassador to Brazil during the height of World War II and finding out he was a former Nazi intelligence Army officer, she at first was enraged at him. He explained to her that he wasn't involved in Hitler's heinous evil deadly crimes against Jews and other religious groups including minorities. After about five months, Heinrich and Juanita met face-to-face again, this time at an undisclosed location where they fell in love and engaged in sex escapades.

They got married and became the parents of thirteen daughters: Natasha was one of the thirteen children in a union that lasted for decades. It also included seven additional daughters from Heinrich's extramarital affairs with an Afro-Brazilian woman and an Argentinian woman, totaling 20 daughters with three different beautiful women.

For Natasha's backstory: she attended primary and secondary school in Sao Paulo. Interacting with many people of different faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities, she was extremely accepting and embraced it all. Graduating from high school, she continued her education at the Brazilian Air Force Academy, where she excelled in Women's Gymnastics: participating in the Brazilian Women's Gymnastics Team during the Summer Olympics; later graduated with full academic honors at the age of 21 and waa commissioned as a Second Lieutenant serving in the Brazilian Air Force Reserves.

She was also recruited into working with the Brazilian Federal Police, where she was in the BFU's National Intelligence Unit. Later, Natasha was employed by the Brazilian Embassy in New Delhi working in Public Relations Division as her cover on part-time basis.

COMING UP: Part II of Natasha's secret backstory
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Chapter 3: Secret life of Natasha (Part II)
Personal PoV's: More of Natasha's secret backstory
10:28 PM IST, July 19, 1985
Somewhere in India
[*The following installmemt will be quite erotic. Viewer discretion advised]

[Part II]: Natasha was hiding a secret appetite that she couldn't resist the urge or control herself because she just couldn't help it.

On the evening hours of July 19th, she was naked and barefoot, laying on her back on the bed, being thoroughly penetrated by her secret lover, whose large penis aggressively stretched her vagina extremely wide causing her to moan uncontrollably "I can't stop it! Keep going baby." Her secret lover kissed her in the mouth and replied "Almost there, just getting into that juicy spot" while breathing heavily hard as they engaged in a steamy sex escapade.

Natasha continued moaning uncontrollably until suddenly they stopped and presumably feel asleep: both naked and barefoot and drenched with sweat on the bed. The time was 10:29 PM IST when she tried to wake her secret lover up "Baby, wake up" while kissing him; then struggled for awhile to get out because she was pinned underneath him, until she reached down carefully removed his large penis out of her vagina, pushed him on the left side of the bed, then checked for a pulse, "Oh no, he's not breathing. He cannot be dead! I gotta call for help and getting a cover story to keep it secret".

At 11:00 PM, Natasha pressed one of the secret buttons: when Mariana (who was in the adjoining room next to hers across the hall), opened the door by walking inside the bedroom, walked over to see what happened: She checked the vital signs and told Natasha "Checked for any vital signs, he's dead, but we have to clean up first." Mariana picked up a small green towel and thoroughly wiped clean the large penis of Natasha's secret lover due to ejaculation all over the lower part of his body.

Next, Natasha found a large dark red bedsheet by covering up her dead secret lover. While Mariana was removing any incriminating evidence, Natasha went to take a shower for several minutes; coming out of the bathroom only wearing a robe, she was thinking about how to calmly cover things up "Once the incriminating evidence is destroyed, we will call for help after getting the cover story straight."

Mariana noticed some of the incriminating stuff all over her pajamas, then removing her clothes and walking into the bathroom naked and barefoot, Mariana also took a shower. Getting out wearing a towel, both Mariana and Natasha placed the large bag of incriminating evidence into a secret tunnel underground somewhere. The time was 11:48 PM IST and Natasha snuck back across the hall going back to bed while Mariana calmly went back next door, went to bed.

It was 12:40 AM IST Saturday morning, July 20th when one unsuspecting person noticed a gold button blaring, she decided to check it out.

Hannah Bartli was a young 20 year-old gymnast with the Indian Women's Gymnastics Team, who worked part-time during the Summer. Opening the door, she noticed the fans were blowing hard, "Everything going ok?" while she unknowingly placed a blanket on the bed. "Your eminence? Your eminence?" trying to wake him up, noticing he was not breathing after checking for a pulse.... Horrified, she pressed an emergency button as security detail agents arrived.

After attempts of resuscitation efforts, they realized he was dead........
COMING UP IN CHAPTER 3: The Aftermath and International fallout of the shocking breaking news alerts
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Chapter 3: Shocking News
*Pope Carlos I, stricken by stroke. Pronounced dead at the scene according to doctors.
*Details uncertain; privacy warranted.
*The world is stunned by the shocking news.

*Saturday, July 20, 1985: Winfred Silvestre Oliviera, known as Pope Carlos I, who was elected as the 265th Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church since Summer 1983, was found dead in his bedroom while at his private vacation retreat in the outskirts of New Delhi, India. He was 58 years old.

Oliviera, who previously served as Archbishop in Brasilia and served on the College of Cardinals before his shocking election as Pope following the assassination of then-Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1983 changed the course of Oliviera's career and the Vatican. He also served in the Brazilian Marine Corps Reserves in the Chaplain Unit for six years.

International condolences have come from all over the world: Argentine Republic President Raul Alfonsin, Brazilian President Jose Sarney, US President George HW Bush, British Prime Minister Geoffrey Howe, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, King Bhumidol of Thailand, Philippine President Imelda Marcos, Republic of Korea President Chun Doo-hwan, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Haitian President Jean Claude Duvalier, King Juan Carlos I of Spain and countless others.

COMING UP IN CHAPTER 3: The Secret Cover-Up and detailed plans in funeral arrangements for Pope Carlos I.
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Chapter 3: Secretive cover-ups
The Secret Cover-Up: Mariana's Personal PoV
8:00 PM IST, Saturday, July 20, 1985
Somewhere at an undisclosed location in the outskirts of New Delhi, India.
*The following installment will be quite grisly and graphic. Viewer discretion advised.

It was hours after Pope Carlos I died under mysterious circumstances, some close aides to the late Pontiff decided to begin their cover-up story upon finding out he died during a secret sex escapade. So first, they had to put together a secret cover-up in order to getting their stories right: while giving approval for a secret private autopsy at an undisclosed location.....

At the undisclosed location with sound-proof (as you can't hear anything outside) in the outskirts of New Delhi, Mariana (who worked as a part-time medical examiner and used intriguing techniques with embalming methods in her spare time). From Mariana's personal PoV with an audio recording she used during the secret autopsy: "Now this is going to be an easy process to do. I am slowly going to be using an incision knife to open up the late Eminence's body just to check and see some of the organs, but first, let me use the incision knife across the backside first to get a more closer look (squishing sounds happening).

Let's begin by opening you up, as I sewed up the entire body from head to toe. After walking back to the steel slab, let me deeply and thoroughly examine the lower parts of the body as I thoroughly pressed the lower parts of the body including the large penis to make sure no other ejaculation is present. Turning the body over, I thoroughly examined the entire backside as well as the buttocks, legs, feet by stretching the hands and feet after I turned the body laying on his back, I opened his mouth: everything was shining white and I carefully massaged the body to make sure nothing was amiss. Next I began to use an extra-large washing-rinse to thoroughly wash the entire body from head to toe.

In the early morning hours of July 21st at 3:00 AM IST, I used a special embalming "secretive medicine" to make sure the body looked angel-like and sleeping. Upon making sure everything was spot on, I then placed traditional Papal attire on the late Eminence including socks, black boots, etc.,

Once I got dressed, I had Florence (one of the medical examining assistants) carefully placing the late Eminence's body into a makeshift-style coffin before sealing it shut for the trip back to Vatican City for the funeral festivities once announced.....

COMING UP IN CHAPTER 3: Arrangements announced for the late Pope Carlos I as plans are underway to anticipate multiple foreign dignitaries in attendance at the Papal Funeral.
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Chapter 3: Funeral arrangements announced for Pope Carlos I
*Private viewing inside Apostolic Palace set for July 23rd-24th
*Public viewing set for July 24th-26th inside the Saint Peter's Basilica.
*Requiem Mass to be held on the grounds of Saint Peter's Square on Friday, July 26th
*300 foreign dignitaries expected to be in attendance.
*Late Pontiff's body to be flown to Brasilia, Brasil following the Papal Funeral service.
*Requiem Mass to be held inside Cathedral of Brasilia on Tuesday, July 29th.
*Entombment to be in the outskirts of Brasilia at a later date.

*Monday, July 22, 1985: Spokespersons for the Vatican announced the following funeral arrangements for the late Pope Carlos I. There will be a private viewing of the late Pontiff's remains inside Clementine Hall set for July 23rd-July 25th on the second floor of the Apostolic Palace; the body will be guarded by the Swiss Guard, where officials from the Vatican and high-profile figures in the Italian government will pay their respects.


*Condolences from all over the world on the shocking sudden death of Pope Carlos I has ranged on who'll be attending the upcoming Papal Funeral on July 26th at Saint Peter's Square in Rome, Italy. Among those likely to attend: US President George HW Bush; Argentine Republic President Raul Alfonsin; Brazilian President Jose Sarney; Mexican President General Oscar Robles; French President Francois Mitterrand and countless others.

The anticipated growing number of foreign dignitaries likely to attend the service will require heavy security presence.
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Chapter 3: Papal Funeral of Pope Carlos I

*Friday, July 26, 1985: The televised requiem mass of the late Pope Carlos I was held on the grounds of Saint Peter's Square. It was officiated by Carlo Confalonieri, the Dean of the College of Cardinals. Foreign dignitaries in attendance included 16 sovereigns; 83 past and present elected Heads of State; 67 Heads of Government and numerous dignitaries from 20 multilateral organizations; 16 religions including 119 countries.

The Brazilian government was allowed to have ten people in their delegation as well as the Italian government.

Following the Requiem Mass, the late Pontiff's coffin was carried back inside Saint Peter's Basilica and taken to an undisclosed location where he was then placed in a new casket (which was sealed), draped with the Brazilian flag and placed into a hearse outside of the Apostolic Palace where it was driven through the streets of Rome and upon arriving at the airport: pallbearers from the Italian Armed Forces placed the late Pontiff's flag-draped casket into the Papal plane, which took off for the final destination in returning Pope Carlos I back to his homeland of Brazil.

In the late evening hours of July 26th, the Papal airplane arrived at the Brasilia International Airport with Arrival Honors that included a 21 Cannon Salute and playing of the Brazilian National Anthem. Following this, the late Pontiff's flag-draped casket was placed into the hearse and accompanied by sixteen automobiles including the Brasilia Metro Police Department drove all the way down towards the Palacio do Planalto in downtown Brasilia. From July 27th until the early morning hours of July 29th, an estimated 3,000,000 paid their respects to the late Pope Carlos I by filing past his flag-draped casket inside the Rotunda of the Palacio de Planalto.


Honor Guard of the Brazilian Armed Forces carrying the flag-draped casket of the late Pope Carlos I out of the Cathedral of Brasilia following the State Funeral services.

On Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM BST, July 29th: the State Funeral festivities was held at the Cathedral of Brasilia; an estimated crowd of around 3,000 were in attendance including Brazilian President Jose Sarney as well as senior high-profile figures in the Brazilian government. Also in attendance were foreign dignitaries of the Diplomatic Corps.

The service lasted two full hours, which concluded with trumpeters of the Brazilian Armed Forces performing the Brazilian version of "The Last Post" before pallbearers from the Brazilian Armed Forces slowly carried the late Pontiff's flag-draped casket out of the Cathedral of Brasilia: they stopped on the steps of the cathedral, where a final Cannon Salute was fired followed by the playing of "Taps" then it concluded with a flyover. Next, the Brazilian flag which had covered Pope Carlos I's casket was folded. Brazilian President Jose Sarney then presented to the late Pontiff's sister, Jessica Oliviera.

At the conclusion of the Departure Honors, the late Pontiff's bronze casket was placed into a hearse; accompanied by six motorcyclists from the Brasilia Metro Police Department, the hearse carrying the casket of the late Pope Carlos I left the grounds of the Cathedral of Brasilia and slowly drove through the streets of the Capitol City until arriving in a secluded undisclosed location. News reports stated that the late Pope Carlos I will be entombed in the outskirts of Brasilia at a later date upon completion of a mausoleum.

COMING UP: Mariana uses her mysterious preserving techniques.
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