1. VictortheMonarch

    Lincolnian (or, "America the Free")

    Fort Sumter, South Carolina Damn himself to a million hells. How could he have missed such an open shot? Just mere feet away, only to accidentally wound an innocent child, Samuel Seymour. Luckily the child survived, though he would have scars on his head and a disfigured ear to account for...
  2. VictortheMonarch

    Anima Christi (Or Louis IX fuckery)

    “... and for that we must take Cairo! Without it it shall be impossible to ever end the Ayyubid threat! You do not kill a snake by caution, only by stamping it’s head does it die!” Robert’s speech invigorated me, and had I not been here before, I too would have given him leave, which would leave...
  3. Sergeant Foley

    Alternate History Secrets of the Republic

    COMING SOON December 2, 1984 Somewhere in the Indian Army HQ It had been barely two months since the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on October 31st and the country was still trapped in political turmoil with anti-Sikh sentiment rising in both political and other ventures...
  4. VictortheMonarch

    Alternate History Why Not?! (A historical Self Insert)

    Before I start let me simply state this. To those of you who find; Religious conversion, Forceful annexation, Murder, Assassination, Conquest, Literally anything else a Liberal would cry and pout over! This is not the story for you. I'm sorry, and no, I won't change it for you. I've got anger...