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Rule 0 – Terms of Service incorporated into Rules by Reference.

The Terms of Service must be followed by all posters. Participation in the forum is contingent on acceptance and observance of the TOS, which are authoritative in the event of any conflict with other rules or applications of the rules. Sunhawk Online Media, LLC is the sole authority to determine compliance with the TOS and no appeal is possible from a decision made under that authority. Crucial points of the TOS include but are not limited to;
  • a) You agree not to post material classified by the United States government even if such material has been reported on or disseminated in the news media.
  • b) You agree not to advocate or organize for any violation of the laws of the United States or the state of Arizona.
  • c) You agree not to post links or detailed guidance to pirate copyrighted material.
  • d) You agree not to interfere with the technical functioning of the website.
  • e)You agree not to sue Sunhawk Online Media LLC or its agents for any cause regarding the website.

Rule 1 – Unacceptable Material

Sunhawk Online Media, LLC presents this website as a place to post discussion and material by users. Certain material is categorically unacceptable for this website and will be removed as soon as Sunhawk Online Media LLC and its agents become aware of it. Violations of this rule will result in severe punishment under the infraction system. Unacceptable Material includes, but is not limited to;
  • a) Genocide advocacy.
  • b) Sexually explicit material outside designated NSFW zones.
  • c) Extreme gore or explicit sadistic violence.
  • d) Any sexually explicit material involving minors.
  • e) Encouragement of suicide or bodily harm by others.
  • f) Threats of violence directed at specific individuals, groups, or institutions.
  • g) Discussions of affairs and news from other forums outside of designated threads in NSFW politics, including chan memes and other 4chan cultural aspects and /pol content.
  • h) "Soft-doxxing", or revealing a poster's connection to an old or still-active screenname on other communities against that poster's will.

Rule 2 – Civility Rules

The purpose of this website and forum is to promote the exchange of ideas in a civil manner, upholding the value of freedom of speech. In order to fulfill this purpose certain exchanges between users which are unproductive are prohibited. In addition, material very likely to provoke such exchanges may not be posted on the boards. This includes, but is not limited to;
  • a) Racial, ethnic, religious and other slurs solely intended to demean a person for a group identity. A non-exhaustive set of examples includes “Nigger”, “Kike”, “Spic”, “Faggot”, “Slant”, etc.
  • b) Entering a thread solely to insult another poster without addressing the topic at hand.
  • c) Posting inflammatory content in an attempt to bait other users to violate the rules.
  • d) Coordinated efforts to overwhelm a single poster (eg ‘dogpiling’) by a group of other posters.
  • e) Accusations of being or belonging to a political extremist group or holding an extremist ideology, unless the poster self-identifies as such or can be proved to be such, with the accuser having the burden of proving their accusation.
  • f) Drastically derailing a thread from the topic established by the original poster.
  • g) Attempts to organize harassment of posters, individuals, or other websites.
  • h) Harassing behaviour toward another member.

Rule 3 – Obey the Staff

Sunhawk Online Media LLC will designate certain users as forum staff to enforce the rules of the website. These moderators, super-moderators, and Admins have delegated authority to issue infractions, directives, policies, and otherwise act to the end of enforcing the rules and upholding a positive user experience. Failure to comply with staff will be considered a violation of the rules as such.

Administrative Rules

Violations of Rules 1 -3:

Infractions – Moderators issue threadbans and recommend points and infractions. Supermods confirm points and infractions and issue tempbans or permbans.

Appeals – Supermods review Moderator action and either escalate, reduce or eliminate, or confirm the action. Admins handle all appeals of Supermod decisions. A final summary appeal (it may be dismissed or reversed without explanation) may be made to the Empress.

Violations of Rule 0:

Any violation of Rule 0 may be infracted by any member of the staff. The Administration will review and confirm a permban if appropriate, and provide a summary explanation to the boot, who may or may not review at His pleasure. Since Rule 0 includes the TOS by reference, Rule 0 violations encompass all aspects of the TOS related to on-forum conduct.

Violations of the Terms of service: Shall be handled by the Empress or Technical Admin.

State of Exception: If the Boot declares a State of Exception, the moderators, supermods, and admins may issue points, infractions, and threadbans for the duration of the emergency (inclusive of but not limited to low moderator staffing or a forum invasion). After the emergency is over this will be given summary review by the Boot, only. A State of Exception will be clearly and publicly posted directly by the Boot or the Technical Admin.

Administrative Volunteer Policy: The Administration may adopt policies by which these rules are administered by the volunteer staff.
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Terms of Service

These Terms of Services are an Agreement between the User, being anyone who has posting privileges on this service, and Belter Alliance Media LLC, the LLC being the sole owner and operator of The Sietch Webforum. If a User does not agree to follow these terms of service or revokes their adherence to the Terms of Service by statement or action, their use of The Sietch Webforum and any Belter Alliance Media LLC Service is immediately and automatically terminated at the discretion and ability of the Staff. Use of the service constitutes voluntary and unequivocal acceptance of this agreement in full.


Any word capitalized outside of usual grammatical rules in this Terms of Service agreement is held to have a specific definition.

Services – Any provision of time and effort by Belter Alliance Media LLC to Users, including the fruits thereof, such as but not limited to content creation platform services, message board and webforum services, personal communication services, and social networking services.

Belter Alliance Media LLC, the LLC, and BAM LLC – These terms and names collectively refer to the company owning and operating The Sietch Webforum.

Content – this term includes anything submitted or posted including images, text, videos, music posts, chats, and PMs.

User – This means anyone using a service provided by BAM LLC, whether or not they have registered for The Sietch webforum.

Rules – This covers all policies, regulations and procedures adopted for the safety and arbitration of The Sietch webforum community.

Use of the Sietch Webforum Service

1. Content Ownership. The Sietch is a content creation and social media platform. You retain sole ownership of every text post, image post, video, audio file, creative work, and commentary which you post to The Sietch. You permanently retain life-long sole ownership regardless of posting these materials on The Sietch or elsewhere. You also grant a permanent, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable, royalty-free license for The Sietch and Belter Alliance Media LLC to use your content as defined above. This grant is automatic upon using The Sietch.

2. Copyright. By posting material to The Sietch, the User is certifying that the User has worldwide legal rights to whatever material you post or upload, including under American Fair Use provisions, and you give The Sietch rights to display, aggregate, reproduce, incorporate, edit, and distribute your material at our sole discretion.

3. Banned Content. The following content, advocacy, speech, images, audio files, or any other form of interaction with The Sietch webforum is explicitly prohibited:
a. Anything illegal under the laws of the United States of America.
b. Anything illegal under the laws of the State of New Hampshire.
c. Hardcore pornography.
d. Anything that may be construed as child pornography, even if not already banned under 3.a. or 3.b.
e. Any kind of erotic literary work involving children, even if not already banned under 3.a, 3.b., or 3.d.
f. Encouragement or incitement to violence.
g. Links to or reproduction of any material classified by the U.S. Government, even if reproduced in a major mainstream media or other media source.
h. Incitement of communal tension.
i. Threats, harassment, and doxing of any member, for any reason.
j. Any material that disrupts the operation of the service or causes negative market feedback for Belter Alliance Media LLC.
k. Commercial messages not explicitly permitted.
l. Coordination of “invasions” or other activities.
m. The Endorsement, Promotion, or Advocacy in favor of Nazism (aka Hitlerism) or support for the NSDAP and the policies and practices of the Holocaust.
n. The Endorsement, Promotion, or Advocacy in favor of Mao and the Maoist regime or practices and policies of the Cultural Revolution.
o. The Endorsement, Promotion, or Advocacy in favor of Stalin and the Stalinist regime or practices and policies of the Red Terror and the Great Purge.

4. Liability Limited.

Users are responsible for their own content. They are the owners of that content, and The Sietch and BAM LLC do not endorse any User content. No User generated content is ever approved or endorsed by The Sietch or BAM LLC.

No Warranty or Guarantee. The Sietch is offered without warranty or guarantee and no such warranty or guarantee may be implied or inferred from any statement of The Sietch, BAM LLC, or its staff or volunteers.

Data Storage. The Sietch is not a data storage service and the User freely commits that anything they post, upload, or create on The Sietch or a service of BAM LLC is backed up elsewhere and that they understand that The Sietch will not protect their data from loss. They abandon any claim against The Sietch or BAM LLC resulting from the loss of any content.

The User agrees that by using The Sietch or any service of BAM LLC that they have waived any right to bring any legal action of any kind against The Sietch, BAM LLC, and the agents, owners, members, managers, and volunteers thereof.

Forum Rules and Arbitration Process. By using The Sietch, the User hereby commits that they have no legal right to enforce or dispute our Rules for The Sietch in any kind of legal action or proceeding. The Rules are not a legally binding contract.

Release. By using The Sietch or any service of BAM LLC, the User hereby releases from any claims The Sietch, BAM LLC, and the agents, owners, members, managers, and volunteers thereof.

Indemnify and Hold Harmless. All Users, by use of The Sietch or any service of BAM LLC, agree to hold The Sietch and BAM LLC and the agents, owners, members, managers, and volunteers thereof harmless in any claim which arises from the User’s use of the services thereof as a result if illegal, libelous, copyright infringing or violent content.

Arbitration. The User agrees to abide by The Sietch’s internal arbitration process and acknowledges by using the service that you have no right to any claim by defamation, negligence, dereliction, or any other source, as a result of any decision of the internal arbitration process.

Remedy. The User’s sole remedy for the violation of these Terms of Service is to immediately cease using The Sietch and any other service of BAM LLC.

5. Service Provided As-Is

This service (The Sietch) and any service of BAM LLC is provided as-is and may be changed or modified at any time, without notice or warning. The Rules may be modified without prior warning. Any User content may be removed and/or referred to law enforcement any time without notice to the User. Nothing any User submits is private or confidential and all submittals are subject to monitoring at all times. All Sales will comply with law, and refunds for changes in service (due to this provision as-is) are at the discretion of BAM LLC and its Managers and authorized agents. If the User engages in behavior that the Sietch, BAM LLC, and/or the agents, owners, members, managers, and volunteers thereof deem abusive, libelous or inappropriate in any way, service to the User may be immediately terminated.

6. General Provisions

Any claim or dispute arising out of the use of The Sietch or a service of BAM LLC shall be governed by the laws of the State of New Hampshire, of the United States of America, and you agree to be subject exclusively and solely to the jurisdiction of the Superior Court of the County of Rockingham, the state of New Hampshire, United States of America.
Severability. All provisions of these Terms of Service are severable.

Waiver. A failure to enforce these terms shall never be a waiver of the ability to enforce these terms at a future date.
Revision. The Sietch and BAM LLC reserve the right to modify these terms of service at any time, without prior notice.
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