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Settling In - 2


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Yavin IV

- - -

Mara's alarm went off... And reflexively, she pulled her blaster and shot it. It fell to the ground in pieces, and she snuggled back into her covers.

She'd had to deal with a crisis Karrde was having with a smuggler's contact and it had taken all night. Now? Now she just wanted sleep...

Some time later though, her rest was interrupted.

Mara groaned as she felt disturbances through the Force, and in her ears. The sound of loud banging and mechanical drilling screeched in her ears. She got up, threw on some clothes, and stormed out of her quarters.

She headed into the main hanger bay, where an old man wearing a helmet with a visor was working with a laser drill, and several droids, on a power junction.

"HEY!" Mara shouted. The man took no notice, yelling at his droids.

"HEY!" Mara tried again.

Still, nothing. The man didn't seem to be able to hear her. Imagine that.

HEEEEYYYYYYYY! She screamed through the Force, and the old man turned in shock. He quickly hit his control panel, and the droids slowly stopped their work, the sound dying.

"Yes? Ah! You must be Mara Jade," the old man said, "sorry, Miss Mara Jade?"

"Yes, and you are?" Mara growled.

"Streen's the name, miss," Streen introduced him, saluting to her, "new member of the Jedi Order! Just doing some repairs. You have any idea how close the sewage pipes are to rupturing?"

"I don't-"

"No, no! This stuff was all installed by the Rebel Alliance, and they didn't have the parts to do it properly," Streen intoned, "so I'm fixing it all up! Along with the water, power, communications-"

"Do you have to be so loud about it?" Mara groaned. Streen chuckled, and handed her some ear plugs.

"Sorry, thought you would be out of here," he said, "rest o' the class is. I was just finishing up some last minute things before joining them."

"The class-KRIFF!" Mara took off at a run. Streen shook his head, watching her head out.

"Hmph... Not good manners, that girl," he muttered, "gonna have to watch her. Hey, P3, finish up for me, will you?"

The droid chirped happily in the affirmative, and Streen headed out.

- - -

Mara didn't need to run far. Luke had gathered all the students together in a nearby clearing. Mara slowed, and casually strolled into sight. She was back to her usual confident stance, giving Luke a challenging scowl. He returned a smile and nod, as Streen filed in after her.

"Thanks for coming," Luke said cheerfully. Mara sat down on a log, cut for the purposes of a bench. The others were all sitting on similar benches around Luke, who was standing. Except for Rotta, who simply sat and watched attentively.

"It hasn't been an easy start," Luke admitted, "but we're all gathered here for the same reason: To learn the ways of the Force, and to make the galaxy a better place. Some of you already know eachother, but I'm thinking we can all go around and introduce ourselves for the benefit of everyone. I'll go first."

Oh shavit. Was Skywalker really going this far?

"My name is Luke Skywalker. I was a moisture farmer, then a commander in the Rebel Alliance, and now I'm a Jedi Knight. I'm from Tatooine," Luke said, "and I hope to be a great Jedi like my father, and make the galaxy a better place."

Yup. He was. Mara covered her face, hiding a groan at how corny this all was.

And he told her this wasn't a job interview!"

"Now, go on, you do it," Luke said encouragingly.

A tall, heavily muscled man with a beard and long wild hair looked around, before he started.

"I am Gantoris. I am... Was a chieftain from Eol Sha. I hope to be a strong Jedi, and bring justice to the galaxy."

He then sat down, resuming his act of impersonating a block of stone. Tionne went next, standing up and smiling a tad nervously.

"Hello! I'm Tionne! I was a singer and musician-Well, still am," she admitted, "but my real love has always been for Jedi history and lore! I'm from Rindao originally. But I've moved around a lot. My dream is to become a great Jedi historian! And archaeologist!"

She sat down, blushing slightly. Mara grimaced mentally.

Yes, the woman was kind, but... Her upbeat attitude could be a tad grating, at times.

A muscular blond man in plain gray clothes stood up. His hair was close cropped in a buzzcut, and he looked a bit haunted.

"I am Kam Solusar. I... Was an Inquisitor for the Empire, but Luke and Tionne freed me," he said, and both Luke and Tionne beamed, "and Doctor Cilghal helped me recover."

The Mon Calamari female smiled at him, her whiskers twitching. Mara raised an eyebrow at the Mon Cal-Was she swooning over Kam? With their different biologies, how would that even...?

No. Don't go there. Bury that in the same place with the memory of walking in on Palpatine in the 'fresher. Forever.

"My hope... My hope is to become a good man, a good Jedi, like my father," Kam said softly, "and make up for all I have done."

He sat down. Tionne squeezed his shoulder as she sat next to him, and he nodded to her gratefully. Cilghal stood up, and not at all obviously walked over to Kam's other side before she began to speak.

"I am Doctor Cilghal. I'm a doctor. I worked for the Rebel Alliance, then the Freewander General Hospital," she said cheerfully, "I'm from Dac, obviously. And my hope is to rediscover ancient Jedi healing techniques, and heal people all over the galaxy!"

She sat down next to Kam, and beamed at him. He returned the smile awkwardly, even as Tionne's own smile became a bit frayed.

Mara rolled her eyes. Geez. You'd never see her competing for a man like a love struck teenager-

"Hi!" Chirped a familiar voice, "I'm Chelli Aphra!"

Mara scowled as the archaeologist went over to Luke's side and glomped onto his arm with a beam.

Shameless little...

"I'm a doctor of archaeology! Also a mercenary. An agent for the Empire... Then the Rebellion..." Aphra hummed and shrugged, "and I'm from Bar'leth! My hope is to help rebuild the Jedi Order by rediscovering Jedi history, even though I'm not Force Sensitive! If only because it's awesome!"

"So awesome!" Tionne echoed. She blushed at everyone's looks, but still smiled back at Aphra. Aphra snuggled up to Luke, who was trying not to look fondly exasperated at her.

"I also love assassin droids!" She said happily.

"Thank you Chelli," Luke said with a chuckle. Aphra snuck a kiss to his cheek, which made Mara grit her teeth as the archaeologist flounced off to sit on another log.

Bridger stood up from his sitting spot, next to his wife. He cleared his throat.

"Hey, I'm Ezra Bridger," he said, "I was a thief, then a rebel, and now I'm a Commander in the New Republic Fleet... Or was. I think I'm just a Jedi now? Anyway, I'm from Lothal. And my dream is to make the galaxy a safe place for everyone... Especially my family."

He sat down and nuzzled Sabine, who beamed right back. Mara, who thought she was desensitized to their unbelievably sappy displays of public affection, grimaced as they nuzzled each other. She was a bit heartened to see some of the other students were equally grossed out, though she hid it best.

"I'm Sabine Wren-Bridger, a Lady of House Wren of Mandalore," Sabine introduced herself, "I was a weapons designer for the Empire, then a Rebel, now I'm a consultant for the New Republic military. I was born on Krownest, and my hope is the same as Ezra's."

She went back to snuggling with him. An older redheaded human stood up next, one Mara didn't know very well. He had been sitting with a pregnant Dathomirian woman, and a seven year old girl who was clearly their daughter.

"I'm Cal Kestis," he said, "I'm a Jedi too. I do a lot of work as a rigger, though I also worked with the Rebellion," he introduced himself, "and still do. I don't know where I was born, I was taken into the Jedi Order when I was a baby. My hope? Is to restore the Jedi Order, and restore peace and justice to the galaxy... As well as be a good dad and husband."

He sat down and nuzzled his wife, who giggled a bit. Their seven year old daughter made a face, and Mara agreed with the sentiment. The Dathomirian woman stood up, beaming.

"I'm Merrin Kestis. I was a Nightsister, one of the few survivors of the Separatist massacres," she said, "I was born on Dathomir. My hope is to rediscover the old Force Witch Magics, and use them for the good of the galaxy and my family. And uh, I also want to be a good mother and wife."

The seven year old stood up on the log, and cleared her throat.

"I'm Trilla Kestis! I'm seven! I was born in space! And I wanna be a super awesome Jedi and rescue princesses and blow up Death Stars and stuff!" She declared proudly. Her eyes widened as she watched a familiar YT-1300 freighter fly overhead, and land in the hanger bay of the temple.

"And I wanna fly that ship!" She finished.

Much indulgent laughter ensued. Trilla was pulled into a hug by her parents, Cal ruffling her hair affectionately.

"Thank you Trilla," Luke said with a grin, which made Trilla beam like a sun, "okay, who's next?"

"Uh, ahem," Rotta cleared his throat nervously, "I'm Rotta Desilijic Tiure. I am... Well... I'm the son of Jabba the Hutt. But I'm not his heir. I was born on Tatooine."

He paused, and narrowed his eyes in determination.

"And I want to be a great Jedi. Free the people my family abuses and enslaves. And make up for what my family has done."

Luke nodded respectfully, as Rotta settled down a bit more. Lop hopped up, and beamed all around with her buck teeth.

"Hi! I'm Lop of the Yasaburo Clan! I was a slave, but I was adopted by the Yasaburo clan and became the heiress to the family! I'm... Well I don't know where I was born, but my home is Tao! And... And my dream is to make my world a beautiful place again, and... Find and save my sister."

She looked down a bit, flushing, but sat down back on the log. Luke nodded once more. Mara stared intensely at the Lepine girl.

A Tao crime family heiress? Huh... That was interesting...

"Yeah, I'm Streen," the old man spoke, standing up and holding up his hand, "I was a tibanna gas miner on Bespin. I was born on Nar Shadda. I... I just want to learn how to control my powers. They isolated me from anyone for ages! And well... Maybe I want to help the galaxy some, too. We'll see."

He sat back down, still looking nervous and shaky. Mara increased the shielding around her thoughts.

Not out of concern for the old man. Just to keep him from being more annoying that he already was.

Kyle Katarn finally stood up with a big grin.

"I'm Kyle Katarn. I was a Stormtrooper, but I defected to the Rebellion and worked as a mercenary for them for a while. I don't really think of myself as a Jedi, even though my dad was one-I'm just a guy with a lightsaber and some questions."

Mara snorted. She was somewhat pleased to see Luke hold back his own laughter.

"Anyway," Kyle said, rubbing the back of his head, "I was born on Sulon, and I just wanna learn how to use these powers properly. Responsibly. Most of the time."

His partner Jan Ors rolled her eyes as he sat down, but she smiled briefly at him. Mara smirked. There was no hiding their mutual affection.

"I'm Jan Ors, New Republic Agent. I was born on Alderaan. My hope is to destroy the Empire once and for all, and helping you guys out seems like a surefire way to do it," she said. She then added: "Well, one way."

A tall, quiet Kaminoan woman in spacer gear stood up, like a tall willowy tree.

"I am Kina Ha, Jedi Master. I was a member of the Old Order as well... Part time," she allowed, "I was born on Kamino. I have wandered far, and seen much. And I hope this will be worth my time."

She looked intently at each of them. Streen winced. Gantoris was a bit flummoxed, but hid it well. Mara tried not to meet the old Jedi Master's eyes.

Weird old nomad, she thought angrily.

Ahsoka walked up to the front, standing next to Luke.

"I'm Ahsoka Tano," she said, "I was a member of the Old Jedi Order, like Cal and Kina. I stayed underground for a long time, before I joined the Rebel Alliance. Now I'm just a Jedi Knight, really, though I do jobs for the New Republic too. I was born on Shili. And well... Honestly? So far, my hopes are coming true."

She gave them all a wink.

"Keep it up, huh?" She suggested, to scattered laughs.

Mara sighed, and stood up. She knew it was her turn.

"I'm Mara Jade. I work for Talon Karrde and his Smuggler's Alliance," she said, "I... Used to be an Imperial assassin. I was born on Coruscant, I think? I don't really know. And I'm here because my boss made me."

"Mara," Luke said, looking disappointed. Mara snorted.

"Fine. I wanna learn how to use the Force. Maybe... Make up for some debts," she admitted softly. Kam looked at her briefly, as did Rotta, but they cast their gaze elsewhere. Good. She couldn't stand pity... Or empathy. Whatever.

She sensed Solo, Chewbacca, a very strong and young Force presence, and...

She slowly turned around, as did the rest of the group.

Han Solo arrived, looking a bit cut up and burnt but smiling. He was accompanied by Chewbacca, who looked a bit worse for wear but seemed calm. A young man with dark curly hair and intense green eyes was between them, wearing some hastily bought new clothes. Behind them, looking wary, was Boba Fett himself, in his full armor.

"Hey kid," Han muttered to the teenager, "go ahead. You heard the spiel."

The teenager sucked in a deep breath, and looked around. He spoke quietly.

"I... I'm Kyp Durron," he introduced himself, "I... I was a prisoner, on Kessel. Where I was born. I..."

His eyes narrowed.

"I wanna blow up the Empire... Like a proper Jedi should!"

Ezra raised an eyebrow at that. Luke sighed, but smiled and nodded to Kyp.

"Welcome Kyp," he said gently, "it's good to meet you. As for you, Han, Chewbie... Fett... You have an explanation for all this?"

"Yup," Han said cheerfully, "but it'll require a lot of alcohol to get through."

"Yeah, I figured it was one of those," Luke sighed.

Mara did not laugh at that. She absolutely did not.

- - -

And that's our nascent Jedi Order introduced! It's a strange mix of various Force Users.

I haven't included Dosk 81 or Kirana Ti because we have so many characters now and I wanted to consolidate things a bit. They can join up later.

So! We will work on Han, Lando, Fett and Chewie's daring rescue of Kyp Durron in flashback form! But we finally have the gang all here for hijinks and shenanigans and adventures!
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Just a few things

Merrin was Zabrak/Dathomirian not Rattaki
Streen’s name is spelt wrong

On the plus side I still find the idea of a rabbit Jedi fun, reminds me of Usagi Yojimbo (TMHT edition) and I gather his version of Fett is closer to current version, because right now in old canon they wouldn't have gone near each other.
Interlude: Chopper


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Yavin IV

- - -

Chopper cruised around the hanger, burbling in annoyance to himself.

"Fix the fucking engines, Chopper. Fight the monsters in the pipes, Chopper. Bah! Can't believe I still have to put up with this Bantha shit."

He rolled up to a power junction and linked in with his SCOMP probe.

"Geez, they sure didn't leave this place in good condition when they ran, huh?" Chopper mused as he interpreted the computer systems.

"Hey hey! A C-1 astromech!"

"Eh? What?" Chopper rotated his head. The human Jedi-in-Training, Streen, walked over and patted him on the dome.

"I haven't seen one of you in years! A classic model!" Streen laughed, "in great condition, too! Your owner must love you a lot!"

"Sure does," Chopper said proudly, "Mom tricks me out with the best gear... Mostly. So does my loser little brother. But he's annoying."

"Little brother?" Streen chuckled, "Aw. What's his name?"

"Jason," Chopper said, projecting an image of his mother's second child, "he's irritating and squishy, but he grows on you. Kind of."

"Heh, he looks like a good kid," Streen said. He frowned and examined Chopper's dome more closely.

"Hmm... You could use a new radar eye," he said, "it's about to fail."

"What the hell are you blabbing about, you fucking old timer-ACK!" Chopper's radar eye did indeed fail, "what the fuck?! HELP!"

"Now calm down, calm down," Streen said gently. He rummaged in his toolbox, and pulled out a new radar eye.

"Hold still, I got it..."

"I swear, you mess this up I'm kicking your ass so hard," Chopper warned. Streen slipped the eye out, and slid in the replacement in a moment. Chopper reactivated his radar eye, and looked around in wonder.

"Woah! Okay, that's a major improvement! Thanks, Old Fart!"

"Any time, little guy," Streen chuckled, patting him on the top of his dome, "now, run along, I've got some work to do on the power junction."

"Okay, that guy's actually kind of cool... For a human," Chopper mused to himself, rolling away. He bumped into Ezra, who beamed at the little droid.

"Hey Chopper! Nice new radar eye!"

"Oh, you noticed?" Chopper asked, spinning it around, "it's pretty cool. Got it from that Old Fart."

"You really need to stop giving people insulting nicknames, Chopper," Ezra said, a light smile on his face.

"What? I do it for everybody, Blueberry," Chopper protested, "You've got a fucking kid on the way, man up Jedi Wuss."

"And speaking of my kid, you really need to watch your language."

"No I fucking don't."

- - -

What can I say? I love Chopper and had to write some more for him.
Liberation Front - 1


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Millennium Falcon

Kessel System

- - -

Han frowned deeply as he looked over the data from the Falcon's sensor arrays. The run through the blackholes to Kessel hadn't been much of a challenge-It was old hat to him and Chewie.

However... Getting to the planet itself? That was trickier.

The ominous shapes of four Star Destroyers, with a mass of support ships, loomed on the screen. Chewbacca growled his distaste.

"You said it Chewie," Han muttered. He shook his head. "Looks like whoever's running security here isn't as stupid as the last time."

Chewbacca made a crude observation about evolution. Han nodded.

"I guess we did kill all the dumb ones, only leaving the smarter ones around, yeah," he said.

The holocomm flickered to life. Leia appeared.

"Han? Chewie?" She asked.

"Sweetheart, now's not a great time," Han said quietly, double checking the encryption. Too much electronic noise might tip off every ship in the system, given the surveillance around it.

"Are you crazy? Trying to rescue Lando in the Kessel system all by yourselves?!" Leia demanded.

"Leia, do you even have to ask?" Han deadpanned. "Besides... Lando found a Force User. He's just a kid... Name's Kyp Durron."

Leia frowned deeply. She mentioned the name to an aide off holo. A moment later, she was given information on a datapad.

"There are records of Dar and Arina Durron. They were prominent protestors of the Empire on the planet Deyer. They lead marches in the streets, flooded the HoloNet with urges for peaceful protests against the Empire's actions after Alderaan."

"Yeah... I remember that," Han said grimly. Chewie growled.

They'd done a recon flight of Deyer in the Falcon back then. Just long enough to slice into the Imperial networks, and then get out. Hundreds were gunned down in the streets, arrested, and imprisoned or conscripted.

"The records say their son Kyp was sentenced with them to hard labor for life on Kessel," Leia went on, glaring at the datapad, "he was only five years old."

"And he's lived in this hellhole ever since?!"

Han grit his teeth. Leia's fury was burning in her eyes. Chewie snarled in fury.

Even after all this... The Empire still disgusted him. On some level, he was glad. It meant he wasn't getting used to it.

"We need to try to get him out," Leia said, "but it won't do us any good if you get captured too. Hang on, I'll try to find you a way in."

"Don't take too long, gorgeous," Han warned, though he smiled.

"And don't you do anything reckless," Leia stated.

"Hey, it's me!" Han grinned crookedly.

"That's what I'm afraid of," Leia deadpanned, just as the transmission went off.

Chewbacca chortled. Han rolled his eyes.

"I wasn't going to go in half cocked," he protested, "hmph. Not as young as I used to be."

"Ain't that the truth?" Chewie chuckled.

Their wait wasn't as long as Han thought it would be. Leia appeared on the holocomm once again, her expression conflicted. Han leaned forward.

"Leia? What's the news?"

"I got you some help," Leia said, "Ahsoka's got a line with the Scorekeeper. She's sending an agent to assist."

"The head of the Bounty Hunter's Guild?" Han asked in disbelief. "You couldn't just call in Luke?! Kid could demolish this place!"

"One, he's still at Bespin, he'd never make it in time," Leia stated, "two, this bounty hunter already has a way in that doesn't involve blasting. Three? He'll be there in two minutes."

Han sighed.

"We sure about this bounty hunter?"

"Ahsoka says the Scorekeeper has a tight leash on him," Leia said, "she didn't go into any more detail than that. But... Han... I've got a bad feeling about this. Watch yourself. I'm not becoming a single mother."

"I'm not letting you become one," Han growled. Leia blew a kiss, before the holocomm went off.

The sensors beeped, and Han and Chewie checked the scopes. A ship dropped out of hyperspace alongside them. Han's jaw dropped.

"Oh... No... No kriffing way," he muttered. Chewie growled in agreement, as a Firespray-31-class patrol and pursuit ship came alongside them.

The ship docked at the airlock, locking on with a loud series of chunks and whirrs. Han and Chewie got up, and headed to the corridor. They took up positions on either side of the airlock, weapons ready.

The hatch opened... And Boba Fett stood there, his inscrutable helmet tilted slightly at the blasters pointed at him.

"Well, well, well... Captain Solo, and Chewbacca," Boba stated, "it has been a while, hasn't it?"

"The hell do you want, Fett?" Han sneered.

"Now... is that any way to talk to the man here to get you into Kessel to rescue your best friend?" Fett asked, a smirk in his voice.

- - -

Coruscant Orbit

New Republic Star Destroyer

- - -

"SHE SENT WHO?!" Leia bellowed.

Ahsoka winced over the holocommunicator.

"She says he's going to be professional!" Ahsoka insisted, though she didn't sound very certain.

Leia sighed in disgust.

"Why is he even-HOW did he survive?!" She demanded.

"It's apparently a long story," Ahsoka admitted, "but Fett has a relationship with the Pykes! The Scorekeeper says he'll get them in!"

"Oh, I don't doubt that," Leia sneered.

"Cal and I will be back up," Ahsoka promised, "but we can't just let Lando and a Force user languish there, can we?"

"No, but this? This is the worst idea in the history of bad ideas," Leia declared.

Ahsoka shrugged and smirked a little.

"The day is still young."

- - -

Kessel Arc, BEGIN!
Interlude: Lop's Project


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- - -

"Urgh," Streen grumbled, walking through the underbrush near the Temple. He examined his datapad, as his probe droid, PE-JR842 (Or "PeeJay" for short) floated alongside him. His probe droid, painted orange and white, twisted around to beep a question.

"It's just that these stupid Rebel charts are outdated," Streen huffed, "the jungle grows so fast around here, all the paths are different now! It's easy to get lost in all this brush!"

PeeJay beeped and chirped.

"No, I don't think setting fire to it all would make things better," Streen hummed, "too much smoke."

PeeJay whined.

"No, no. I know you're fascinated by burning things, but you're not going to experiment on the whole planet," Streen scolded. PeeJay looked down, and Streen patted his droid on the top of his head.

"Now now, you know I'm not scolding you for anything other than keeping you out of trouble," he consoled. "Tell you what: I'll let you light up the campfire tonight. How's that sound?"

PeeJay blurped a question. Streen chuckled and patted him.

"Yeah yeah... Extra lighter fluid-"

He froze, and looked to the side. He frowned, as a Lepine face poked out of the brush. Along with her little droid, who floated after her.

"Oh! Sorry, didn't mean to startle you," Lop apologized, walking up to him. She beamed. "I just wanted to check on you! You've been alone a lot!"

"Yeah, I... Prefer it that way," Streen stated, turning back to his datapad, "still not great at blocking everyone's thoughts."

"Oh. Sorry. Again!" Lop said, bowing. Her droid beeped in apology as well. Streen grimaced, then sighed.

"There's no need for that," he said, "besides, I could use the practice."

"Great!" Lop cheered, instantly smiling. "Oh! This is TeeDee!"

"Huh," Streen narrowed his eyes, "a Shira-Saki TD-series maintenance droid?"

"Oh yeah!" Lop said, her smile widening, "you know 'em?"

"Tao's new to the droid market, but they build decent stuff," Streen said. He frowned at the little droid, then grabbed him and pulled him close. "Hey, PeeJay? Hand me the hydro spanner, will you?"

"Eh? What are you doing?" Lop asked, confused. TeeDee chirped in confusion, and squirmed. PeeJay beeped out something soothing, and the little droid calmed down. He beeped something comforting to Lop, and she relaxed as Streen fiddled with his circuitry. Streen closed the access panel, and TeeDee immediately used his repulsor to do a loop dee loop. Lop laughed, as her little droid flew back into her arms. She hugged him.

"Wow! He's never done that before!" Lop giggled.

"He just needed some adjustments," Streen said modestly, "now..." He studied the datapad again, frowning. Lop peered over his shoulder, looking intently.

"What are you looking for?" She asked.

"Well, according to the maps," Streen said, "there should be a natural hot springs around here, But I don't see any-"

Lop immediately pressed herself up against Streen, her grinning, eager face right in his. He yelped in shock.

"Hot springs?! Oh wow! I love hot springs!" Lop said happily. "Where are they? Do you know?!"

"W-Well, uh, I'm trying to find them, but the survey maps aren't very accurate," Streen stammered. Her emotions about this subject were very intense.

Lop immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him along, the datapad in her hand. She scanned the screen, humming thoughtfully as she pulled Streen along. PeeJay and TeeDee followed along, PeeJay burbling in mild amusement.

"Ah! Hey! We can't just barge in, miss!" Streen protested.

"Let's see... The elevations aren't too different," Lop muttered, "so we go through this crevasse..."

She led Streen through a crevasse, several rocks only held up by weak soil and roots dangling over their heads. Streen winced.

"Miss! Maybe we oughta-!"

"Over through these ruins," Lop murmured, still single mindedly leading Streen through vine covered ruins. PeeJay stopped outside the roofless walls, and used a SCOMP probe on an ancient input. Several defense droids that were slowly awakening immediately went back to sleep as Lop and Streen passed them. TeeDee hurried ahead, beeping a warning. Lop shook her head.

"I know, I know, we'll be fine, TeeDee! Hot springs!" She said happily, leading them to a dense field of vines that was relatively treeless.

"We could at least slow-!"

The vines began to crack under their weight. Lop and Streen's eyes widened just before the canopy gave way-


And they fell with loud splashes into piping hot water. Streen emerged first, coughing and sputtering angrily. Lop came up next, waterlogged, but grinning in triumph and delight.

"HERE THEY ARE!" Lop said happily. "AHHH! Hot springs! So refreshing!"

Streen grabbed the young woman by her shirt, and dragged her out of the hot springs onto the stony shore. She yelped in shock as he glared at her.

"You kriffing crazy?!" Streen demanded, "you could have gotten us killed!"

Lop shrank back.

"I..." She looked down. "I'm very sorry... I guess I lost my head a little-"

"You certainly did!" Streen huffed, "what's so important?!"

Lop's ears drooped, as TeeDee and PeeJay floated down. Lop tapped TeeDee's control panel, and a hologram was projected of... Streen squinted.

A younger Lop, with an older scarred man and a human girl just a bit older than Lop, posing happily outside of some business in Tao-style architecture. The Aurabesh on the sign said 'Kanako Hot Springs Resort'.

"It's... Kind of a Tao thing," Lop admitted, "hot spring resorts are a very big part of the culture. And, well... A lot of happy memories I have of my family, and..." She sniffled a little.

"And... And I'm really sorry," she murmured, "I... I got carried away..."

Streen sighed heavily. He reached out. Lop winced... Then opened one eye as he patted her on the head.

"Next time? Listen to me, huh?" Streen asked. "I may not be much of a Jedi yet, but I do know how to survive dangerous worlds."

"I... Yes sir," she murmured.

PeeJay warbled something. Streen smiled.

"And... We should get some vibro cutters," he said, "and Gantoris."

"Huh? Why?" Lop asked.

"Well," Streen sighed, "we won't be able to use these hot springs if there's all this foliage surrounding it. Folks'll get killed-URK!"

Lop charged over and hugged him tightly around the ribs.

"Oh, thank you Mister Streen!" She cried happily.

"You're welcome, you're welcome, now get off me!"

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Well Streen has a friend for life it seems, or at least someone who can understand him a little. That should be fun for them both, although nothing romantic, just friends I think. I have to wonder what will happen once he gets hold of C3PO though.
Interlude - Mustafar


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Mustafar Castle

- - -

The planet was all dry heat, making the very air you breathed feel like it was roasting your insides. Maris Brood was thankful for the extensive cooling systems installed in the great castle. They made things far more bearable, despite the depressing views offered by the castle windows.

She had spent much of her life in a jungle, and to be on such a dead world... It was like being struck down blind.

Not that the scenery was the only reason to dread coming here... Especially empty handed.

Ervex Sheel, her "partner", stood stoically in his SCAR Armor as they rode the lift up to the main meeting room of the castle. His emotions were controlled, and very well hidden. His other biological reactions all told her the same thing: He was calm.

Despite them failing their mission.

The lift doors opened, and Maris reluctantly walked out after Ervex. She didn't want to appear cowardly, but... Their mistress wasn't going to be happy about this.

If she was any kind of Sith... She should be furious.

There she was, training against remotes with her incredible light whip. Cortosis links allowed the energy bands to be connected and flexible, as the cybernetic woman lashed out and sliced a droid in half. She quickly drew the whip in and it stiffened, allowing Lumiya to use it as a traditional lightsaber and deflect blaster bolts from the other droids. She threw out a hand and used the Force to smash one of the training droids, before she yanked the other one in close and swung her light whip.

Its bits and pieces unlocked, back into a whip, and she lashed the droid in half. The two pieces fell onto the hard, black metal floor, sputtering a few sparks. Maris eyed the destroyed droids dubiously.

Lumiya looked upon them, her face hidden behind her combat breather mask. It linked into horn-like projections from her helmet. Her face mask snapped open, revealing her mouth and pale skin. A scar was over her right eye, and on her left cheek-Burns and cuts. Her eyes burned yellow, as Ervex kneeled before her. Ervex looked at Maris through his helmet, but Maris stayed standing.

"My Lady," Ervex said, "I regret to inform you that we failed in our mission to capture Bariss Offee and her son. Another Jedi interfered."

"Oh?" Lumiya asked. Even without the mask, her expression was unreadable. Maris scowled up at her.

"Some Jedi who survived Order 66... She moved fast, struck with high speed movements in a single blow. Her lightsaber was thin, very thin."

"Droid recordings, please?" Lumiya asked. Maris' eyes narrowed, as Ervex pulled out a datapad and handed it to his mistress.

She'd only received her orders via holo... This was the guy's master? The new Dark Lady of the Sith? Ervex was barely Force Sensitive, and yet... This woman...?

"I see," Lumiya stated, eyes scanning them dispassionately, "that is a shame. They would have been useful. Still! It is good you returned unharmed, with most of our forces."

"Yes, My Lady," Ervex stated. Lumiya eyed Maris.

"And you have brought us a strong recruit," she said, looking Maris over, "very good. You are to be commended."

"Thank you, My Lady," Ervex said again. Lumiya studied Maris a bit more.

"Maris Brood, I believe?" She asked.

"That's me," Maris sneered, "you're the Dark Lady of the Sith, huh?"

Lumiya smiled softly. It almost looked comforting, save for the glint in the cyborg's eyes.

"I have declared myself such," Lumiya replied mildly, "you have doubts?"

"Hmph," Maris grunted, "all I see is some cyborg with a bit of Force abilities, and a neat weapon. Not enough to impress me."

"I see," Lumiya said, a smile now on her face, "Ervex? Kindly step away, please."

"Thank you, my Lady," Ervex murmured, moving smoothly but quickly away from the arena. Maris snorted, watching him go with contempt, before glaring back at Lumiya.

"Just because you've got my master on ice and promise to help her doesn't mean I have to follow you," Maris sneered, "and don't the Sith practice 'whoever's strongest rules'?"

"That is the Sith tradition, yes," Lumiya said, again calm. Maris growled, a feral grin on her face as she ignited her lightsabers.

"Well! Maybe I should see how strong you really are-!"

Lumiya moved, and Maris was immediately on the defensive, blocking blows from Lumiya's lightsaber! They were strong, and fast-She was backing up, parrying and deflecting almost frantically.

Maris leaped back, and Lumiya switched her saber to whip mode. She lashed out with a harsh strike, but Maris, thinking quickly, held out one of her shotos to capture the whip. She tugged back on it, trying to yank the weapon out of Lumiya's hand with a Makashi counter...!

The Sith Lady blurred, and snapped the whip back. Maris's shoto was yanked out of her hand, and in an instant, she was fending off Lumiya's light whip and her own shoto with just her remaining weapon!

She switched to Ataru, trying to strike aggressively. Lumiya caught her with the Force and slammed her up into the ceiling, before slamming her back down onto the floor. Maris, enraged, rolled up to her feet and charged Lumiya!

The cyborg lashed out with her whip, and Maris's entire body was shocked. She fell to her knees, dropping her remaining lightsaber with a scream. Lumiya cracked her whip again, and it was wrapped around her neck. Maris gagged, struggling with the whip with her fingers on the metal bands.

Lumiya calmly walked behind Maris, and put her foot on her back between her shoulder blades. She shoved her down, face first onto the floor.

Fear seemed to fill every vein in Maris's body, as she tried to get some air into her lungs. Panic took over, as though a monstrous predator was looming over her, gleeful over her struggles. It was dark, animalistic, and brutal. It had been there from the start, but lurking in the shadows until it came out...

The source of that presence sent another shock through her whip, as she looked down upon the gagging Maris.

"It seems," Lumiya said, sounding almost kind, "that you are not strong enough to truly challenge me yet."

Lumiya laughed softly, the cheerful sound in complete contrast to how she tightened her lightwhip. Maris' vision began to black out, as she struggled frantically.

"I can change that, but only if you're going to show me the proper respect," Lumiya cooed, "can you do that for me, Maris? Can you?"

Maris nodded frantically, as her lungs screamed for air. The whip loosened from her, and Maris was left gasping desperately for breath on the metal floor. Lumiya smiled, striding with her long legs past Maris before turning around.

"Oh wonderful! You see, I was going to help your master anyway," Lumiya said, "but having you help will make things go much more smoothly. Don't you agree, Maris?"

"Y-Yes... My Lady," Maris wheezed hoarsely. Lumiya hummed thoughtfully.

"Now where did I put that...? Oh! Of course!"

She waved her hand, and a cryo cylinder hovered over from the back of the room. It came to a stop in front of Maris. The Zabrak Fallen Jedi looked over into it, her breath slowing. She stared into the face of her master, Shaak Ti. She seemed so... At peace, even here.

"As promised, here is your master, safe and sound," Lumiya said, "it will take a great deal of work to revive her, but... It will be well worth it. You can accompany her to the medical bay, Maris! I'm sure she would like that."

"Y-yes, My Lady," Maris murmured, her head down. Lumiya smiled.

"Now Maris... Understand. You are alive because I find you useful. If I stop finding you useful, well..."

The cheerful smile became predatory, the yellow eyes burned in delight of her pain and promised more.

"I don't think I have to tell you what happens, but just to be clear? You will die. But not quickly," she stated, "that is where I differed from my master. He killed quickly. He just wanted to get on with things. Me? If you have truly failed me? Death... Will be your release. And you will be very, very grateful for it by the end. Clear?"

Maris trembled, and nodded quickly.

"Y-Yes... Yes, My Lady," she whispered.

Lumiya took hold of Maris's chin, and stroked her cheek, almost adoringly. It sent chills down Maris' spine.

"Now now... That fear is useful!" Lumiya cooed, "don't let it go to waste~! Oh! Oh, Vaneé! Vaneé~!"

A pale old human male in dark robes walked up, past the still silent and stoic Ervex.

"Yes, Lady Lumiya?" He asked in a soft, wavering tone.

"Do please convey Master Shaak-Ti and her apprentice, Maris Brood, to the medical bay! Now, enjoy this time with your master, Maris! Tomorrow your training begins!"

She grinned almost hungrily.

"I'm looking forward to it."

Maris managed a nod.

"Y-Yes, My Lady," she murmured, as she followed the hovering cryopod and Vaneé to the lift. She chanced a peek over her shoulder.

Lumiya was smiling happily at Ervex, as he went into more detail on his report.

"Oh, I'm sure we can find out who this Jedi is, Ervex! And I am sure we can kill her! Don't you worry!"

"The mistress likes you," Vaneé said quietly, as they walked into the lift. Maris stared at him.

"How... How do you-?"

"You are still alive," Vaneé said, giving her a grave expression, "for now."

Maris looked down at the peaceful face of her master. She grit her teeth.

"I suppose... That's good to know," she muttered, as the lift doors closed on them.

- - -
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Liberation Front - 2.1


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- - -

Millennium Falcon, Slave 1

Kessel System

- - -

"Lord Fett? Is there a problem?"

A pretty blue Twi'lek girl poked her head in through the airlock, sizing up Han and Chewie warily. Fett shook his helmeted head.

"Just part of the negotiations, Din. Don't you worry."

"'Lord'?" Han quipped.

"Well, they needed to call me something when I took over from Black Sun," Fett said, shrugging his broad shoulders, "seemed good as anything else... General."

"Why are you here?" Han growled, a sentiment echoed by Chewbacca. Fett held out his hands.

"You needed a way into Kessel to rescue Calrissian and a Force Sensitive brat, right? I'm your way in. I took over the spice operations for Mos Espa, the Pykes deal with me."

"And you're going to risk that out of the non existent goodness of your heart?" Han asked, voice dripping with sarcasm. Din glared at him.

"Don't you bad mouth Lord Fett! He's a hero! He rescued me from Bib Fortuna! Let us choose where we wanted to go! I chose to follow him!"

"Oh yeah, his girlfriend's opinion: That'll sway me," Han snorted

Din puffed up indignantly, already stepping forward to lambast Solo with all her righteous anger...

Boba held up his hand, and Din stopped. She still glared at Solo and Chewbacca.

"Holding grudges is a bad habit in my business," Fett stated, "you guys sent me into the Sarlacc Pit. That was a horrific experience... But! If I hadn't clawed my way out, I wouldn't be the daimyo I am now."

Boba hummed.

"Being isolated like that... Losing everything, having to start again... You re examine a lot of your life. You can't escape yourself."

"So now you're at peace? A Jedi?" Han scoffed.

Boba lowered his hands.

"Believe what you want," Fett stated, "but I'm your ticket into Kessel and saving your friend. I'm leaving in two minutes. You can come with me, or not. You choice. Me? I've got a job to do. Din?"

"On it, Lord Fett," Din beamed, heading back into Slave 1. Fett turned and headed back in, smooth and calm as though Han and Chewbacca didn't have weapons trained on his back.

Han and Chewbacca exchanged looks. Chewie growled, and Han nodded.

"Yeah, I know it's a bad idea," he said, "you got a better one?"

The Wookie grumbled, and shook his head. Han sighed.

"Yeah, me neither," he admitted. He headed into the airlock. "Keep your eyes open, huh pal?"

Chewbacca assented, joining his best friend on the bounty hunter's ship. Han sent a remote command to the Falcon, just before the hatch shut. They walked up to the flight deck, where Fett and Din were in the pilot and copilot seats. Fett nodded to them.

"Glad you could join us," Fett said dryly.

"Just remember," Han said, shaking a finger in Fett's visor, "you betray us? You're going back in the Sarlacc."

Fett snorted, as Din detached the Slave 1 from the Falcon and accelerated for the prison world.

"And if I mess this up? What the Score keeper will do to ne will make me want to jump right back in."

- - -

Short update but hopefully still decent.

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So no Djarin but someone with a similar name? Or did she take the name in honour of the other Mando?

Maybe Han should end up taking over Kessel and running it himself, that would be fun to mess with him and make him the 'respectable one' of him and Lando :p
Interlude - Peaceful and Boring


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Well anyway.

Rotta was peacefully chilling out and meditating by the stream. He opened his large eyes, looked around carefully... Then held out a hand above the stream.

Rotta: "Come on... Come on..."

He lifts a one eyed frog-like creature out of the water. He directs it to his mouth... only for it to abruptly fly away from him.

Rotta: "What the-?!"

Grogu smugly catches the frog, and gulps it down happily.

Rotta: "Hey! That was mine!"

Grogu burps at him.

Rotta: "Hrmph..."

Rotta summons another frog... And Grogu again steals it.

Rotta: "I'm warning you... Try that again and I'll eat you next!"

Grogu stares. Rotta stares back. After a moment, Rotta summons another frog. He grasps it in his hand, brings it to his mouth...

And Grogu summons it to his hands.


Kyle was meditating some distance away. Jan was lounging nearby, looking a bit pensive.

Kyle: "You okay?"

Jan: "It's just... A little too peaceful, you know? It's great for focus, study and all that, but... Also really boring."

Kyle: "Oh trust me, it's not that boring. I'm here, aren't I?"

Jan: *snort* "I've gotten used to your antics, actually."

Kyle: 'Really? That's a shame-You'll want to move back a meter or two."

Jan: "Why?"

Grogu Force Speeds by, holding onto a frog for dear life. Jan only has a moment to be confused when Rotta barges by like an out of control hover train.


Which knocks Jan off her feet and into the dirt next to Kyle. She groans as Kyle smirks.

Jan: "... I'm going to kill you."

Kyle: "Why? I warned you!"
Liberation Front - 2.2


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Imperial Star Destroyer Hydra

Near the Maw Cluster

- - -

Bariss, Eff and Daala had gone down to check on the prisoners. Despite her fears, they were all quite healthy, clean, and dressed in simple prison jump suits. As Bariss entered, all of them were staring at her.

They were an eclectic mix, mostly teenagers and younger. Her heart clenched as she saw a little Mirailian girl, no older than four, being held between a young Twi'lek male, and an Ithorian.

"They have all tested high for Force sensitivity," Daala stated, flanked by two stormtroopers, "if they will be useful... Well, that's up to you."

Bariss sucked in a deep breath. Eff was silent next to her, her keen eyes sweeping over the prisoners. These children.

"My name is Barriss Pelaeon," she said, clear but gentle. She stayed calm, and open. "I'm a Jedi Knight. I want to offer you the chance to join our Order. The Imperial Jedi Order."

A Caitian male scoffed, glaring at them defiantly.

"Imperial Jedi Order? You're kidding!" He growled, "why would any of us do that?!"

Eff was staring intently at her. Barriss could feel it, even without the Force. She took another breath.

"The Empire under Palpatine was trying to bring order to a chaotic, wartorn galaxy," Barriss stated, "and it went too far. The Empire didn't have the guidance needed to use mercy. To be kind and to forgive. The Old Republic fell into darkness, as did the old Jedi Order."

She locked eyes with the youth, not breaking eye contact. He held on, only by sheer teenaged nerve, and stared back.

"That's why the Empire needs a Jedi Order," Barriss stated, "one that will temper their strength and peace... With justice and mercy. I know the Empire has treated you all badly. I can't blame your mistrust... But I'm giving you all the opportunity to change it. For the better. So that what happened to you? What happened to me? None of it will ever happen again."

"What if we don't want to join?" A young female Zabrak scoffed. Barriss locked her eyes on her, and she flinched away.

"Then you get to leave," Barriss said, "go anywhere you want."

Daala tensed up behind her, but Barriss ignored it. The Zabrak girl stared at her.

"Really? Anywhere?"

"Anywhere," Barriss confirmed, "but if you want to learn the Force? Unlock your potential? Make something of yourselves? You come with me. I will teach you the ways of the Force."

She reached out, and focused. There wasn't much in this bay save for the cots the prisoners slept on-But Barriss lifted them all off the deck, and made them float in the air. The kids gasped and stared in amazement. Even the Caitian boy.

Barriss lowered the cots back to the deck.

"I have taught my son the ways of the Force," Barriss said, "and we can teach you how to do that... And more. For the good of the Galaxy. You'll be well paid, get training... Respect and power. Help your families."

Most of the eyes turned to the Caitian male. He was the oldest, and the strongest, so he'd gained a following. She could sense his protective feelings towards all of the children... And concern for the one who wasn't there.

"And if we don't like it... We can leave?" The Caitian boy asked again. Barriss nodded.

"As long as you won't go off to hurt the Empire? Yes," she said.

The Caitian narrowed his eyes. He was plotting, scheming. He had no real noble goals involved... He was a pragmatist. He spoke to the other kids in hushed voices, as Barriss waited.

She had never been a great public speaker, in her mind. But she had opened herself up with the Force. Praying it would convey the truth of her words, her conviction.

All she needed was a chance... A chance to make up for everything she'd done.

At long last, the teen Caitian strode forward, glaring with distrust at Barriss.

"Fine lady," he stated, "we'll hold you to it."

And it seemed she was going to get it.

Barriss nodded, smiling gently. She favored the Mirailian girl with it. The little one hid shyly, but peeked at her from the grasp of the older children.

"Admiral Daala," Barriss stated, "please take these new recruits to my ship. My pilot will take them to Orinda."

"As you wish, My Lady," Daala said, nodding to her troopers. They moved forward. The children cringed away, but were herded out. Barriss turned to Eff.

"Take care of them, get me all their names," Barriss murmured to her, "and keep them calm, all right?"

Eff nodded.

"Not bad," she admitted softly, "that speech, I mean."

"It's just one step," Barriss said softly, "and it helped that the strongest one of them wasn't here. Helped make their decision easier."

"And you're going to handle that one?" Eff asked. Barriss nodded.

"I am," she said. "Take care. I'll be back soon."

Eff allowed herself a smile, and nodded to Barriss.

"May the Force be with you," she said, heading out after the children. She found her way to the little Mirailian girl... Who, after some hesitation, took her hand and let herself be pulled along. They disappeared around the corridor. Barriss let out a breath, and turned to Daala.

The Admiral still stood at attention, her gaze calculating.

"We should head to the Kessel System now, Admiral," Barriss stated, "I want to meet the Force Sensitive left behind."

Daala nodded.

"Of course, My Lady," she said. She relayed the orders via the comm, and the two women soon walked down the corridor towards the lift, troopers escorting behind them.

"Nicely done," Daala said, "that level of emotional manipulation is difficult without a connection. But given how bereft they've been of parental figures, you slid into that role effortlessly. In your hands? The gentle approach works very nicely."

Barriss bit back her disgust at the phrasing of that statement, and nodded slowly.

"True order and peace will only come to the galaxy with multiple approaches, not just brute force," Barriss stated.

Daala actually smiled.

"I absolutely agree," she said, as they stepped into the lift, "and I had a few ideas for that. Would you like to hear them?"

Barriss really didn't... But she was hardly going to alienate the admiral.

"I would love to," she said, putting on her best diplomatic smile.

It was going to be a long flight to Kessel, that was for sure.

- - -

In truth, I'm slowed on this series because I want to rewrite the bit with Cilghal, Han and Leia. Anyone have any ideas for how to improve that whole bit?
Interlude - Morning People


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Tionne: All smiles, a veritable ray of sunshine as she whisks into the dining room "Good morning all~!"

Aphra: gasp "Tionne! Good morning!"

Tionne: "It's so wonderful to see you!" She hugs Aphra "Good morning, Mara!"

Mara: glares, sipping her caff "Hmph."

Rotta: "Morning Tionne!"

Tionne: "Morning Rotta~! Oh, today's going to be great! We're going to learn so much about the Jedi and the Force! Did you get enough to eat, sweetie?"

Rotta: happy "Plenty!"

Tionne: "Oh! Mara! You really should stop shooting your alarm chrono! We're going to run out!"

Mara: "I could start shooting you."

Tionne: laughs "Aw, Mara... I know better than to wake you up like that!"

Tionne heads off. Mara glares over at Luke, who is all smile and sunshine too.

Mara: "Why did you have to bring in more morning people?"

Luke: "They came that way. Not my fault."

Mara: "I am going to shoot her."

Luke: "You do, and no more caff."

Mara: "Nnnngh...! You don't fight fair!"

Luke: "Never did."


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One of Disney star wars biggest sins is axing mara, though that might just count as an addition to the character assassination of Luke they were doing. After all its easy to make him seem like a pathetic loser if he never had a love interest.

Apparently George Lucas didn't like Luke having a love interest because he felt that Jedi should be celibate... Despite the entirety of the Prequel movies. But even then, Disney could have included her. But I suspect I know why Kathleen Kennedy would have axed that idea.

A woman who isn't a perfect, smug Mary Sue bitch, who is turned to the lightside thanks to Luke, falls in love with him, marries him, bares his child, and becomes a Jedi Master through hard work?

She'd never fit in with the SJW female characters of the Sequel Trilogy.


Ah I love the smell of missile spam in the morning
Apparently George Lucas didn't like Luke having a love interest because he felt that Jedi should be celibate... Despite the entirety of the Prequel movies. But even then, Disney could have included her. But I suspect I know why Kathleen Kennedy would have axed that idea.

A woman who isn't a perfect, smug Mary Sue bitch, who is turned to the lightside thanks to Luke, falls in love with him, marries him, bares his child, and becomes a Jedi Master through hard work?

She'd never fit in with the SJW female characters of the Sequel Trilogy.
I suspect we'll see Daala being brought back into canon before Mara.

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