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Lost but Not Forgotten - 4.4 Written by Superspleen


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Foamwander, Dac

Cilgahl stood next to her patient, who was standing beside her with his eyes closes. On the other side of the viewport was an expansive reef overflowing with fish and marine plants. Kam's breathing was steady, his hands open and at his sides. Her presence was a calming one, just like usual.

Cilgahl had met him right the landing pad when he was dropped off and had been a constant companion of his from that very moment. She never spoke unless he'd finished and her insights were as deep as the oceans of her home world. Ackbar's niece was putting him on the path to getting a firm grip on himself after years of service to Palpatine.

Kam wondered what he'd do without her.

"I want you to reach out with your mind," Cilgahl told him from her spot on the couch. "Take in everything." Kam took a deep breath and shuddered a little.

"It's cold but there' much movement. So much life. I can feel the sun a little."

Colgahl nodded. They were maybe three meters beneath the surface so sunlight was easily penetrating the surface of the water.

"I can feel the movements of the fish."

"How many?"

"Two schools at the moment. Wait, no, three."

"How do they move?" the Mon Calamari asked.

"They're darting behind some weeds. I think they can tell a predator is nearby but they're not sure where." Cilgahl smiled.

"Anything else?"

"Too much to focus on, to be honest." She giggled.

"Alright then. Open your eyes." Kam did so and took in the sight of the reef.

"I remembered what you told me about being near Palpatine. About how there was no warmth when he entered a room. How there was no warmth in your surroundings." Kam sighed.

"Palpatine was like a black hole, a force of pure cold darkness. It was..."


"Yes. My quarters when I served the Empire were just colored white, grey and black. They felt lifeless."

"In that case, do you know why I had you do this?" Kam nodded.

"The water outside is cold but it's a natural cold. There is light in it, life in it. It's vibrant." Kam smiled.

"I could feel a bit of warmth from you as well. I take it that means we've gotten satisfactory results."

"You could say that." Kam looked at her oddly.

"I don't know if it's just because I'm still processing what I've felt just now or me going back to a normal sleep schedule, but you're somewhat more attractive than I first noticed."

Cilgahl blinked and her whiskers quivered with embarrassment. She put a hand on her head.

"I think it's just you." Thankfully, her com link chirped and she answered it.


"The Falcon has arrived in system," Gial told her. "They should be here in a half hour."

"Thank you uncle."She looked at Kam, who was now somewhat red in face.

"I' to continue with the exercise if possible."

"Of course." The Mon Cala smiled.

"Try not to let my beauty distract you."

"I will try my best," he said bashfully.
Lost but Not Forgotten - 4.5


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Foamwander, Dac

- - -

Leia was tensed up from the moment they'd left Coruscant. But as they landed on the landing pad at Foamwanderer Hospital on Dac, Han could see her knuckles turn white as she gripped her dress. He held out a hand, and rested it on hers gently. She started, and looked up at her husband.

"Sorry," she murmured, "I'm just..."

She glanced at the holocommunicator. Han followed her gaze, and nodded.

"I know," he said softly, "I've been resisting the urge to call back all flight, too."

Leia smiled warmly.

"I know Winter and Chewie will look after them," she said, "but... Still..."

Han nodded. He touched the flimsy of the twins he kept in his jacket. Leia watched him, and beamed.

"Come on, let's get this over with so we can go back and see 'em," Han declared, standing up and guiding his wife out by her hand. She graciously accepted as they walked out of the Falcon's cockpit. Threepio was waiting at the entrance, polished and fretting as usual.

"Ah! Apologies, Mistress Leia, Captain Solo: I came out of my recharging cycle right as we landed! I hope I'm not jumping the blaster, as it were?"

"Not at all, Threepio," Leia said with a fond smile, "we just had to make some checks as we landed."

"Oh, naturally, naturally!" Threepio said, as the landing ramp descended. They headed down slowly.

"By the way, Captain Solo," Threepio said cheerfully, "I again must thank you for the Cybot Galactica Model P0 Recharging and Maintenance Alcove! Oh, I've needed sooo much maintenance! I was completely wrong about you!"

Han smirked softly.

"Not at all, Threepio," he said, "I'm a man of hidden depths."

Leia covered her own smile. The fact of the matter was, Han had bought that elaborate recharge station for one reason only: It ensured Threepio was silent whenever he was aboard the Falcon. And as fond as she was of the golden droid... He did have a bad habit of blundering into places at the most inopportune times.

Han squeezed her hand, his smile mischievous. He knew what she was thinking, all right. She returned the smile, as they met their guide at the hospital entrance.

Yes, they would definitely be enjoying Threepio's recharging station on the way home...

- - -

The interior of the hospital was like most modern Mon Calamari architecture-Pristine white corridors with soft, organic lines. Ever since Dac had joined the New Republic as a founding member, it had been getting a lot more offworlders. So they'd begun to expand their presence on the surface of their world to accommodate all the new traffic.

Some people had trouble telling Mon Calamari apart. But it was easy to identify Cilghal, with her dark orange skin, and peppy attitude, as she talked with several interns.

"Cilghal!" Leia cheered, waving her hand.

Cilghal looked away, and beamed happily.

"Princess! Captain!"

Cilghal nodded to her interns, and they headed off. Cilghal then walked over and hugged Leia and Han. Han accepted it in good humor-Ackbar's niece was just too nice to push away.

"It's so good to see you!" Cilghal said happily. She nodded to Threepio. "You too, Threepio! I'd hug you, but, you know-"

"Oh no! You are free to hug me as well!" Threepio said cheerfully, "I have recently been upgraded with a full system waterproofing! Thanks again, Captain Solo!"

"Don't mention it," Han said, as Cilghal gamely hugged the droid. She pulled back after he awkwardly embraced her back, and beamed.

"Do you want to get to business immediately? Or can we socialize first? There's a great new restaurant that opened up near the hospital!"

"Business first, then we'll have more time for leisure," Leia said cheerfully, much to Han's faux horror. She smirked at him, as he sighed and nodded.

"As the Princess wishes," he said.

Cilghal led them down several corridors, until they reached an office area. She led them to a conference room, the door of which shut tight behind them. The beautiful ocean was on full display before them, overlooking a gorgeous reef teeming with thousands of aquatic creatures, lit by Dac's ever present sun. Cilghal sat down at the table, as Leia, Han and Threepio took some seats.

"Sorry, I don't have my own office yet," Cilghal apologized, "I just use this room for private chats. Anyway! I've begun doing the tests as you asked. Just with volunteers, mind you. People are touchy about invasions of privacy, given the Imperial years..."

"And?" Leia asked.

"Well, I have found a few potential candidates for Force Users," Cilghal said carefully, "using Kam's responses as a baseline. But they're almost all within the margin of error." Cilghal sighed and bowed her head.

"I'm really sorry, Leia," she said, "I wish I had better news."

"It's all right," Leia sighed, "the Jedi Temple's records were all destroyed or confiscated. Having to start over from scratch was never going to be easy."

"I guess it wouldn't be as easy as someone just floating a cup over their head, huh?" Han asked. Cilghal smiled wryly.

"It would be nice if it was that easy, but apparently it's very rare for telekinesis to emerge in untrained Force Users," she said. "Still, I-Oh, Captain Solo? You might want to move to another chair?"

"Why?" Han asked... Just as the chair creaked, and gave way. Han's reflexes were still on point, so he was up on his feet in an instant before the chair would have sent him falling down to the floor. He stared down at it, and then back at Cilghal, eyebrows raised.

"... Thanks," Han managed, grabbing another chair and slowly sitting in it. Cilghal nodded.

"Yeah, we got a big shipment of lousy chairs last week. They've been doing that all-Threepio, you'll want to-"


Threepio fell hard to the floor, his reflexes not as sharp as Han's. Leia and Han looked over at the struggling droid, and then over at Cilghal.

"How did you know that was going to happen?" Leia asked slowly.

Cilghal shrugged.

"Like I said, we got a really lousy shipment of chairs! The owner of the company is Quarren, and our administrator began buying them as a gesture of goodwill but he just... Oh hang on a second."

Cilghal tapped her communicator.

"Alosa? Check on Mister Gadus please?"

An annoyed huff came over the communicator.

"I checked him twice today, Doctor, he's just... Oh no wait, he's crashing! Get the cart!"

"Try 30ccs of Razzopam, that should do it," Cilghal advised. She waited, tense. It took a few minutes, before a response came over.

"He's stable. He'll be all right, Doctor. One of the newbies accidentally gave him Dialaphin, which mixed with his post-op meds and-"

"I know, I passed my first year at med school, thank you," Cilghal growled, "tell the newbie his patient should be dead! And he'd better be more careful next time!"

"Yes Doctor," Alosa replied, before Cilghal closed the channel. She turned back to her friends, smiling.

"Sorry about that," Cilghal said, "it has been hectic."

Leia and Han very slowly looked at one another, communicating silently. They then turned to look at Cilghal.

"Cilghal," Leia began, "did you by any chance test yourself for Force Sensitivity?"

Cilghal blinked, as Threepio awkwardly got back up to his feet.

"Why? Do you think I might be a candidate?" She asked.

"You're not just doing all this to mess with us, are you?" Han asked, eyes narrowed.

"Doing what?" Cilghal asked. The two humans and droid stared at her. The doctor stopped, and looked thoughtful. Her whiskers quivered with embarrassment.

"Oh. Ohhh..."

"Yeah," Han quipped.

"Oh my," Threepio muttered, "how embarassing."

Cilghal held her head in her flipper-like hands.

"Oh Stars... I did all this research into what I could find of Jedi Mind Healing and the Force to help Kam, but... Ohhh..."

"You do have a tendency to hyperfocus," Leia said consolingly.

"Look on the bright side," Han grinned, "you found another candidate for Luke's Jedi School."

"I just became a resident," Cilghal groaned.

"You don't have to join if you don't want to-" Leia tried, but Cilghal dropped her datapad loudly on the table.

"No!" Cilghal cried.

At Leia and Han's surprised looks, she quickly shook her head.

"I-I mean, honestly, I would love to! I don't know if I could, but..."

Her face became wistful, like a child staring up at the stars for the first time.

"I've read legends about Jedi healing people with their powers. If I could learn that... All the beings I could help? It would be amazing! It's just... It's a lot to take in, all at once."

Leia reached out and squeezed the Mon Calamari's hand. Cilghal immediately felt a lot less tense, in the Force and elsewhere.

"It's all right," Leia said soothingly, "let's go get dinner, huh? We can bring some to Kam too. It'll be a celebration."

Cilghal's whiskers fluttered again in embarassment.

"I... I hope he'll be happy to know he's not alone," she murmured.

Han and Leia's holocomms went off. Han got his first, as Leia felt something strong through the Force.

"This is Solo?"

"Han," Ahsoka's worried face came into view, "there are bounty hunters after Kam. I don't know when they'll get there but-!"

A alarm went off overhead. Leia, Han, Cilghal and Threepio looked out to see doctors and nurses begin rushing about, as security Mon Calamari began running down the hallway.

"Kam!" Cilghal gasped.

"Yeah, we know," Han stated, "how far away are you?"

"Maybe an hour?" Ahsoka winced.

Leia unclipped her lightsaber, as Han pulled his blaster.

"Get here as soon as you can, we're gonna need the back up," Leia ordered.

- - -

Cilghal can come off as a tiny bit of a ditz because she gets so into what she's doing, but she's a wonderful, kind and very smart person. At least that's how I am characterizing her. Just a fun little quirk for her.
Lost but Not Forgotten - 4.6


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- - -

No sapient in their right mind would ever choose to live on Felucia. It was a harsh, hostile jungle world, ruled by creatures that fed from the Force itself. What colonies had been established were few and far between, heavily guarded and walled.

In all honesty, Bariss had no idea of where to start. The bounty hunter report Ventress had given her wasn't too specific-Just a set of grid coordinates where someone with a lightsaber had been seen.

She was sure showing up in an Imperial corvette would spook them. And a Lambda shuttle to boot, that Mynar piloted with his expert skill over the gigantic flowers and trees of the steaming jungle world.

Or maybe it would let them see her coming...

Bariss closed her eyes. She reached out through the Force, as far as she could.

The world was teeming with life, so rich and strong... And yet...

There was a source of darkness here. Something strong, and unnatural.

Nearby was something just as strong, unnatural... But bright.

Bariss opened her eyes. She looked at the navigational computer screen. She pointed to a location beacon.

"There," she said, "land there."

"Are you sure, Mother?" Mynar asked. Bariss nodded.

"Absolutely," she stated, "go."

Mynar punched it, and out of the colorful jungle top rose a tethered mining platform. It floated above the jungle, covered in rust and grime visible even from here.

Mynar made a face, but slowly came in for a landing on one of the landing platforms. The wings folded up the landing gear lowered, and the lumbering shuttle settled down. The landing ramp lowered, and Bariss and Mynar walked out slowly.

Discarded bins of rusty supplies dotted the area around the landing platform. A few structures, providing shelter, towered over them like the rotting remains of a great beast. Bariss frowned deeply, scanning about.

"It still has power, despite however long it's been online," Mynar commented, "I don't like this."

"Neither do I," Bariss murmured. The Force flashed through her mind, and she held up her hand. A rocket flew at her from one of the abandoned buildings. She reached out with the Force, and the rocket hung in midair, its thruster burning loud and hard against the energy holding it back. Bariss grit her teeth as Mynar ignited his lightsaber.

"Mother!" He shouted.

Four more rockets burst from another building. Mynar switched to his blaster, and fired-He hit one, and it exploded with a deafening bang! The blast caught the other rockets, but the follow up blaster bolts forced him to rely on his saber.

"Nngh...!" Bariss threw both hands forward, and twisted the rocket around. It flew right back at its sender, exploding on impact and sending several troops flying. Bariss' eyes widened as she recognized the armor they wore.

"SCAR Troopers!" Bariss cried, pulling out her own lightsaber to deflect blaster bolts, "make for the shuttle-!"

Another flash in the Force, and Bariss yanked her son down. The shuttle exploded, the force of the blast knocking Bariss and Mynar into the center of the floating mining platform. They were on their feet in an instant, back to back, blue lightsabers humming loudly.

Out of the shadows, a man in scarred Stormtrooper armor with a bandolier and a heavy repeating blaster walked out. Alongside him walked... A Zabrak woman, with black hair and burning red lightsaber tonfas. Her short black hair waved slightly in the breeze, as she approached with a smirk.

There were dozens of troopers all around them. That they were acting this openly didn't bode well for what they thought of Bariss and Mynar's chances against them.

A distant memory tugged at Bariss's mind... Someone...

"My name is Maris Brood," the Zabrak woman introduced herself, "Bariss Offee. I remember the day you bombed the Temple... My best friend died that day."

Shame and guilt ate at Bariss, even as she tried to retain her composure.

"You were a Padawan?" Bariss whispered, horrified. Maris nodded.

"I tried... I tried to stay on the lightside," she admitted, "but my old master... She's gone now. Can't help me." Pain filled her features briefly, before she grinned back at them. She fixed her glowing yellow eyes on Bariss.

"My new master saved her. Can't let her out yet, but when she's ready... We'll save the galaxy from itself," Maris went on. She held up her sabers, but the trooper rested a hand on her shoulder.

"Brood. Remember," the trooper stated. Maris scoffed.

"I don't have to do everything-!"

The trooper just stared intensely at Maris. Maris scowled, then turned back to Bariss.

"You and your handsome son should join the winning side," she said, her grin slowly returning as she looked Mynar up and down.

"And whose side would that be? A Sith's?" Bariss asked calmly, "don't be ridiculous."

"You fell to the Darkside before," Maris chuckled, "it wouldn't take much to fall again... Maybe then you'd understand..."

"You'll have to kill us!" Mynar growled. Maris licked her lips.

"Mmm... Handsome and stupid? Just my type," she hissed.

"Brood," the trooper stated coldly. Maris sighed.

"Fine," she huffed, "I've got the kid though."

Maris raced forward, swinging her lightsaber tonfas right for Mynar's head. Mynar parried the two strikes, but a loud sonic wail screamed and he fell back, trying to cover his ears. Bariss winced, but focused on using the Force to block out the noise.

The trooper charged her, wielding an electro baton. Bariss swung to slice it in half... But the electro field repelled her strikes. They came hard and fast, as the trooper swung the weapon around with expert finesse and brutal strength.

Bariss slammed her hand down into the floor, unleashing a Force Wave in all directions-But the trooper, anticipating this, leaped over and threw flashbangs. Bariss closed her eyes, focusing entirely on the Force, as she deflected the trooper's next brutal strikes.

Mynar was still fighting against Maris, but the former Padawan clearly had more experience-She was toying with Mynar, letting him think he had control over the fight, before she resumed dictating the pace easily. She knocked his feet right out from under him, and tried to slice his lightsaber in half!

Mynar reached out with the Force, and threw a flurry of metal shards and shrapnel into Maris' face. The Zabrak screamed, and unleashed a Force blast right back. He was sent flying back into a hard bulkhead.

"Mynar!" Bariss shouted. The trooper swung his electro mace hard, and launched an electrowhip at her. Bariss tried to catch it with the Force, but it wrapped around her wrist. Electricity screamed through her, ripping a shriek of pain from her mouth.


She blocked the next strike by the trooper, but she was slammed into the deck. She rolled away, back onto her feet, facing Maris and the trooper.

Maris grinned, holding up Mynar by his collar.

"It's really for the best," Maris said, almost consolingly, "he'll never make it under your tutelage... But under my master's...?"

"Mother! Don't!" Mynar shouted, "Keep fighting!"

Bariss sucked in a breath. The trooper shook his head.

"You should never have had a son, if you couldn't sacrifice him when it was necessary," the trooper intoned.

A presence in the Force erupted behind her. Several troopers screamed and fell out of the nearby building behind her, their limbs in pieces. Maris and the trooper looked up, shocked.

"What in the hell-?!" Maris tried, as the second level soon erupted with screaming Stormtroopers and droids.

The lone doorway to the building slowly opened. A figure stepped out, wearing metallic heels that clanked against the metal deck.

Whoever it was wore a deep blue cloak over her face and body, but Bariss could sense her... Her presence in the Force was strong... And bright.

"It's been a while since I've had visitors," the woman spoke, "certainly not here."

"Who the hell are you?" The trooper demanded, as Maris growled. She held her burning lightsaber against Mynar's throat.

The woman tilted her head slightly.

"I came to the Temple with just one word on it... And that's what they called me," she said. She lowered her hood, revealing a woman only a little younger than Bariss, with deep black hair and dark blue eyes. A scar decorated the underside of her chin. She took a careful stance, and ignited her yellow lightsaber.

"Call me Eff," she introduced herself, "and holding hostages isn't the Jedi way... Wouldn't you agree, Lady Pelaeon?"

Bariss smiled, and settled into her own combat stance.

"I agree, Master Eff," she said. She charged!

Bariss fell upon the trooper, casting debris into his face with the Force. He deflected some of it with his electro baton, but Bariss was getting strikes in now. He tried the sonic blaster again, but Bariss lashed out with the Force and crushed it.

Maris laughed as Eff pointed her lightsaber right at her.

"You really think you can move faster than me? At that distance?" Maris laughed mockingly.

Eff's eyes narrowed. Her heels unlocked.

"My master trained me in his technique," Eff explained, "simple... But effective."

"And what's tha-?!"

Eff moved. Maris barely dodged out of the way as the yellow lightsaber blade passed scant centimeters from her stomach. Mynar got back on his feet, reigniting his lightsaber, as Eff stood next to him.

"The battle is over," Eff stated.

"What the kriff do you-?!" Maris gaped-Her lightsaber tonfa had been cut in half. "Wha-How-?!"

Mynar used the Force, and blasted Maris Brood back into the nearby building. She fell down, limp and unconscious. He panted hard, trying to stay on his feet. Eff rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Take it easy," she said gently.

"Can't," Mynar grunted, as his mother continued to fight the trooper. He clicked his communicator, "Rally Gren, now!"

TIE Fighters soon screamed overhead, one blasting the nearby building to pieces. The trooper looked up at that, at Eff, Mynar, and Bariss as she threw a rusty droid at him.

He ducked down, ran for Maris, scooped her up, and sprinted for the edge of the platform. He jumped off, and ignited a jetpack he used to fly down into the jungle. His surviving fellows followed, soon leaving the platform deserted as TIE fighters circled overhead.

Eff raised her lightsaber, but Bariss shook her head.

"They won't attack you, I promise," Bariss said.

"The Empire has been hunting me a long time," Eff stated.

"I know," Bariss sighed, "but... I'm trying to create a new Jedi Order. One that will make the Empire... into what it was supposed to be! Not the monstrous abomination Palpatine made it into!"

"I've heard," Eff said warily, "but... Your past is a bit worrisome."

Bariss bowed her head.

"I know," she said softly, "I won't pretend otherwise... But if I can come back from the darkness..." She looked up, determined, "then so can the Empire. We can't end this war by choosing sides. We can only do it... By making both sides able to come together. In peace!"

Eff stared back at Bariss for a long, silent moment. She then sighed.

"And you want... Me to help?" She asked.

"Please," Mynar said, "the only alternative is that Darksiders will take over the Empire... And the war will never end, that way!"

Eff sighed softly. She then nodded.

"I'll go along... On the condition," she held up her hand, "that I can leave at any time."

Bariss nodded slowly.

"Agreed," she said. Eff nodded back. She smiled and offered an arm to Mynar, who gladly took it.

"Now then... Let's get back to your ship. I think we have a lot to talk about...

- - -

I know Eff is spelled "F" in the Star Wars Visions short "The Village Bride", but that doesn't really work in the Aurabesh alphabet. So she's "Eff".


Her master's, and now her, signature skill is the lightning dash strike. One fast strike, guided by the Force, virtually unstoppable.

And yeah, I know you were expecting Shaak Ti... But I've got other plans for her.

The trooper will be gone into more in a later chapter, but Superspleen is the one who created him.

Ash's Boomstick

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Actually I was expecting Lumyia for some reason, I gather this is the Maris Brood from The Force Unleashed? If so maybe a few others from that game might still be around, after all we never had an actual ending for those characters.
Interlude: Mods


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SS Daybreaker, In hyperspace to Yavin IV

- - -

Luke emerged from his cabin, yawning a bit. He looked over the general recreation and meeting area of the ship, which contained the holoterminal, the eating and meeting area, and a few other odds and ends.

Including Streen, who was examining Artoo alongside one of his modified probe droids.

"Streen?" Luke asked.

The older man looked up, grinning a bit in embarassment.

"Ah, sorry. Couldn't help looking over your R2 unit," he said, "the modding work on him is incredible!"

"Yeah," Luke said with a grin, walking over to kneel next to his astromech, "he's an amazing piece of work."

Artoo beeped smugly. The probe droid hovering nearbly scratched and beeped a response. Streen hummed.

"Apparently he's got all sorts of modifications that aren't working anymore," Streen said. Luke glanced at Artoo suspiciously.

"Oh yeah? Like what?"

"Well, his rocket jets apparently haven't worked in decades," Streen said. Luke stared incredulously at Artoo.

"Rocket jets?! You have rocket jets?!"

Artoo beeped a quick explanation.

"I get that they're illegal, but we were literally fighting against the government!" Luke shouted. "You could have told me sooner!"

"Now now, not his fault," Streen soothed, "a lot of it was data locked by his previous owner. An Anakin Skywalker, I believe?"

Artoo blooped in the affirmative. Luke sighed.

"All right, I get that. Still! I like tinkering with you, Artoo. I want to make you the best I can."

Artoo hummed, then beeped a possibility.

"All right," Luke said, "how do I unlock it all?"

Artoo beeped out a more lengthy explanation. Luke made a face.

"I have to what? How is that a requirement?!"

"Guess your dad didn't want you to have all options available until he was sure you were going to carry on the family line," Streen chuckled. Luke sighed.

"I'll... Definitely ask Aphra on a date."

Artoo blooped.

"Or Mara! Fine! Not that she'll go for it," Luke sighed, "now please grant me full access?"

Artoo hummed... Then beeped happily. He projected a full list of modification options via holo. Luke's eyes widened and he grinned. A similar grin emerged on Streen's face. His probe droid whistled, impressed.

"Micro missile launchers?!" Luke gasped, "you have any idea how amazing that is?!"

"And an ion blaster mount? Man, thought those were outlawed!" Streen grinned. He turned to Luke.

"Let me see what I've got in my luggage! Maybe we can get some of these things online before we come out of hyperspace!"

"Kriff yeah!" Luke cheered.

Gantoris, who was meditating in his quarters, held in a sigh.

Maniac sky people with their killer machines...

- - -

Because Anakin and Luke would absolutely trick Artoo out with as many cool and dangerous features as possible.

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Why would they want him to have a vocorder? They understand astromech beep language just fine.

How though is the main question, I can see force users getting it to an extent but everyone else? Even Luke used a translator in TESB aboard the X-Wing (and yes I know he couldn't hear the beeps in vacuum but it would be simpler just to use a comlink than a computer.


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How though is the main question, I can see force users getting it to an extent but everyone else? Even Luke used a translator in TESB aboard the X-Wing (and yes I know he couldn't hear the beeps in vacuum but it would be simpler just to use a comlink than a computer.
How is technobabble and doesn't bear investigation. Why is because it's funnier that way.

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How is technobabble and doesn't bear investigation. Why is because it's funnier that way.

You're not wrong.

Ok so is the author looking at the list of surviving Jedi from both Legends and new Canon as well as those from later on, or does he know just how many are out there... hmmm?!?!?
Lost but Not Forgotten - Final by Superspleen


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Foamwander, Dac

Cam raced through the halls of the hospital, past patients asking doctors and med droids what was happening. The rooms were a menacing mixture of red and black, reminding him too well of where he was trained when he served the Empire. His lightsaber was in his quarters, leaving him his wits and the Force.

"Cilgahl, what's happening?" he asked into his comlink. There was only static on the other end. Kam grit his teeth and tried to find his 'therapist' through the Force. She was still a ways away but he got a slight fix on her position. Kam forced a security door open and made his way up a stairwell that led to an outdoor garden. When the door opened, he saw himself looking at men in red and black armor aiming their weapons at him. The pattern on their helmets looked like that of the heads of target dummies.

"Hands up Solusar," said one of the men. He pointed a blaster pistol at Kam's head. "We don't need to make an ugly scene here. We're at a hospital, there's already enough injured here."

Kam slowly put his hands up.


"May I ask who I'm speaking too?"

"I'm Razor, and you're a prisoner of the Guavian Death Gang. Well, until Y'ull Acib gets you. He really wants you gone. He already had enough on his plate before you tore apart his data center. Keeping Xizor's niece out of power takes enough of his resources without having to put down one of Palpatine's lapdogs."

"I don't serve his regime anymore."

"You think he cares?" Razor asked. "Really, after all the damage you caused, do you think he cares? We bring you him, the Guavian Death Gang becomes one of Black Sun's elite formations."

Kam snorted.

"You think we're a joke, do you?"

"Not quite. I just think you'd like to be working for Savan is all. The poor girl could use strong men like you as her trouble shooters." Kam sneered.

"Or maybe even her bedmates." Razor tried to smack Kam in the head with the butt of his pistol but Kam sent him flying into a boulder with a Force Push then swept the leg of the soldier closest to him. The former Inquisitor grabbed the soldier's rifle and fired it into the torso of another one. The rest of the squad starting shooting at him. Their aim was eerily accurate, almost like they had some sort of targeting computer in their heads. Whatever the case, their shots were too close for comfort. Kam clipped another one in the forehead after setting the blaster rifle to full auto.

The rest of the Guavian soldiers took position behind the rocks and plant life, with Razor taking shots at Kam whenever he could get the ex-Inquisitor within his sights. Kam sent a boulder flying at one of the soldiers, sending him flying down the durasteel stairs. He used the Force to fell another tree to serve as a barrier. Still, the Guavian soldiers were getting closer and closer.

But before one of them could aim at his stomach, he heard the sound of a lightsaber igniting followed by shots from a blaster pistol. The soldier went down and Razor was thrown against a tree by something invisible. He fired at another soldier when he saw a man and woman in spacer garb jump down near him followed by Cilgalh and a group of Mon Cala soldiers that immobilized the rest of the Guavians with some sort of electrified net.

"Arrest them immediately!" shouted the officer in charge. "Once they're in cuffs, make sure no other civilians have been harmed!"

Kam looked at the two humans near him.


"Wow, looks like the party got pretty far without us." Leia said.

'Ya did pretty damn good," Han said with a chuckle. "You're made of some really stern stuff."

Before Kam could reply, Cilgahl had him in a near death grip as she looked over his injuries.

"No signs of serious burns from blaster bolts," she said as she scurried from side to side. "No bruises. You're lucky. You got away completely unscathed."

"That wasn't luck," Han told her. "That was skill. You and Luke are gonna do a lot of good. You and your doctor."

- - -

If I'm honest, I'm not entirely satisfied with this bit. But I'll rewrite it later. Just wanted to get this over with, I guess, before the arc began to drag.
Settling In - 1


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- - -

Kam Solusar looked down upon the wide jungles of Yavin IV. The rich green rainforests spread out underneath him like a living carpet. He could feel the strength of the lifeforms on the world the moment they dropped out of hyperspace. It was almost overwhelming, like being exposed to the sunlight after years underground.

"You okay?"

Kam turned and nodded to his hostess, the woman flying him here in her own personal starship. The green Twi'lek captain smiled warmly at him, as he looked out the forward windows.

"I'm all right, General Syndulla," he said, "it's just... Incredible."

"Captain," Hera corrected him gently, "I retired. And yeah... It is that."

"I really like it," Jason Syndulla, the captain's son, said happily as he looked out over the great jungles from the copilot's station. He looked over at his mother briefly. "I'd love to stay here and learn the Force, you know."

"I know," Hera says, "and I'll be happy to let you..."

The young man with green hair grinned and threw his fist into the air.

"When you're fifteen," she said.

"Aww! Mom!" Jason whined, "come on!"

"No backtalk!" Hera huffed.

"You're not even old enough to fly a speeder legally!"

"But I'm sitting here," Jason said smugly, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned back in the copilot's chair. Hera twitched her hand, and the ship pitched starboard. Jason yelped, having to hold onto the console tightly.


"You're sitting there with locked controls for a reason," Hera said, chuckling.

"A stupid reason," Jason grumbled.

A memory bubbled up out of the cloud of Kam's past. Words from his father.

"Don't be in such a hurry to grow up," he stated, "childhoods are a luxury."

Jason looked up, a bit shocked. Kam cleared his throat, and looked back out the windows.

"Or... So I've heard," he managed.

He could feel Hera's smile through the Force. Jason was a bit disappointed, but didn't rebel again as they came in for a landing. The moment the Ghost settled down in the Yavin IV hanger, Jason leapt up and ran out.

"I'm gonna go see Ezra and Sabine!" He shouted, "I bet she's as big as a Star Destroyer now!"

"Just don't let her hear you say that!" Hera called after him. She looked up at Kam, an apologetic smile on her face.

"Thanks for putting up with us," she said, but Kam shook his head.

"No, no... It was all right," he bowed, "I... I know you've had issues with... Inquisitors-"

"You were an Inquisitor," Hera said gently, "but you broke free. You have nothing to apologize for."

Kam chuckled softly, wringing his hands a bit.

"I... Thank you," he said, nodding to her, "for everything. Letting me near your son is... That is a lot of trust you're giving me."

"Luke said you were better, and so did Doctor Cilghal," Hera replied, looking him over carefully, "and... Well... I'm a good judge of character."

Kam felt a strange relief at that, and nodded.

"Thank you, once again," he said.

Her small astromech rolled up on his wheel, and blurted out a string of binary. Hera sighed, and grit her teeth.

"I told him not to take the speeders!" Hera growled.

Out the window, Jason shot past on one of the Ghost's speeder bikes, laughing loudly.

"If you'll excuse me, I need to go discipline my son, Kam," Hera said, heading out fast. Kam nodded.

"I understand..."

- - -

Kam took his duffle bag of a few things the Hospital had donated to him, and headed down the ramp. He regained his cautious smile when he saw Luke and Tionne waiting for him. As well as the blue astromech R2-D2.

"Welcome to Yavin IV, Kam," Luke said, holding out his hand. Kam shook it eagerly.

"It's good to be here, Master," he said.

Luke shook his head.

"You don't have to call me that if you don't want to," he said gently.

"It... Just felt right," Kam mumbled. Tionne walked up and hugged him tightly.

"Ooh! It's so nice to see you!" She chirped. "You look much better!"

"Ah, well, thank you!" Kam chuckled. "It's all thanks to Doctor Cilghal-"

"Now now," said Mon Calamari doctor said, walking down the Ghost's ramp with several articles of luggage, "remember? You can just call me Cilghal. I prefer it, Kam."

Tionne's pearly eyes fixed on Cilghal, as the Mon Calamari doctor walked up to shake Luke's hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you at last, Commander Skywalker," Cilghal said happily, "I'm sure Kam and I will learn a lot from you!"

"I'm hoping that's the case too," Luke said with a beam, "Tionne can guide you to your quarters."

"Yes," Tionne said, all smiles, as she wrapped her arms around Kam's large right bicep, "I'd be more than happy to!"

Cilghal blinked her large, yellow eyes. She still smiled, even as she wrapped her own arm around Kam's left bicep.

"Wonderful! I can tell we're going to be fast friends!"

"Oh, the very best," Tionne replied brightly. The slightly confused Kam was led off by the two women, who kept smiling tightly at one another the whole way. Luke watched them go, and shook his head.

"Poor guy," he muttered.

Artoo chirped something snarky. Luke scowled at his loyal droid.

"What do you mean I'm no better off?!"

- - -

The Millenium Falcon

Somewhere in Hyperspace

Leia had taken an ambassadorial flagship back home for Coruscant-Apparently some emergency had sprung up that only she could deal with. He would have gone with her... But then Lando had sent an emergency message. And honestly, if it was something involving Lando? Han didn't want Leia involved.

Which suited her just fine.

Chewbacca had hoped to go back with Leia, but Han had pointed out that whatever trouble Lando was in would probably get Han killed without him. Chewbacca had pointed out that the same could be said for both of them, but... Well... Better odds together.

Besides, whatever trouble Lando had gotten into this time could at least be entertaining.

Han looked upon the face of his best human friend... Next to Luke... On the holo. Lando looked appropriately ruffled and dischevled.

"So, ex-lover looking to settle the score again, Lando?" Han quipped, as Chewbacca chortled. Lando shook his head.

"Nothing like that, come on man! I solve that myself... Now," he amended, at Han's dubious look.

"No, remember that Jedi I thought I'd found-?"

"Who turned out to be a fraud? Who could forget?" Han asked dryly.

He didn't think his favorite jacket would ever smell right again after that.

"Well, I got a lead on the real thing this time," Lando said. Han raised an eyebrow.

"Let me guess: He's a magician at a casino on Nar Shadda."

"Close," Lando said dryly, "if by Nar Shadda, you mean Spice Mines of Kessel. And by magician, you mean escaped slave."

Lando widened the gain on the holoreceiver. Han was treated to the sight of a teenaged boy with curly, messy brown hair and ragged clothing. Said boy was holding Lando at blaster point.

He was wearing the rags that the prisoners of Kessel were issued, this was true. And that look of fear and desperation in his eyes... Han had seen it plenty of times before.

"I got a lead on a kid who could crush guard's heads with his mind," Lando said carefully, "so I snuck in to take a look... And got taken hostage."

"Look: I don't trust anything, damnit," the kid growled, trying to sound tough, but breaking Han's heart a little more, "I-I can't trust anyone... So you get me onto a ship, off here, and then I'll think about trusting you!"

"And you couldn't make it back to your ship because...?" Han prompted.

Lando sighed.

"He staged a jailbreak and the security is now out in force," he explained.

"Of course it is," Han sighed. He leaned in, and looked the kid right in the eyes.

"We're going to come in, and get you out of there," Han said, "and take you someplace you can get help. I promise. Just don't hurt my friend there, okay?"

The boy trembled, but held the blaster steady. He nodded.

Han tilted his head slightly.

"At least not too much."

"HEY!" Lando squawked.

- - -
Interlude: Bariss and Daala


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Imperial Star Destroyer Hydra

ABY 10

Near the Maw Cluster

- - -

Bariss had actually become good friends with several Imperial Officers, as well as with their spouses. Granted, she'd had "alliances" with the more politically savvy spouses and some of the female officers, but they just saw her as a means to an end. An 'alien charity case'.

It was very hard to be a Jedi again, and to not take pleasure in the fact most of those people were now dead, or in jail. Or on the run from the New Republic and Imperial law enforcement agencies.

Still, while she had kept up with the social calendars of the Imperial register, Admiral Natasi Daala had not come up in them often. Maybe once a year or two she would appear, mainly to politic alongside other flag officers for funding. She did recall Daala's fury when her projects were sidelined in favor of Tarkin's Death Star. The redheaded woman had stormed out of the palace, everyone clearing a way for her to get out.

Bariss had actually had the termerity to ask her if she was all right. If she needed help. It was a reflex, one she hadn't been able to tamp down entirely...

Daala had simply paused, given her as polite a "no, excuse me," as she could, and continued storming off. And that was it. She hadn't seen or heard from Daala for nearly a decade after that.

To be asked by Daala personally to see to anything was... Quite unusual. But her husband and Ardus had both assured her that they were confident she would be safe. Which was good: Mynar was still recovering from the fight on Felucia. And Eff... Well, she was quite kind, but her motives were suspect.

Then again, Bariss mused, as she walked down the shuttle ramp to the flight deck of the Hydra, my own motives could be considered the same.

The Empire had been founded by murdering the Jedi Order and declaring it illegal. Yet it had still employed Force users, Sith, as enforcers.

Now she was trying to re-establish the Jedi Order... As part of the Empire.

Sometimes, she questioned her own sanity.

Eff followed, keeping a respectful distance behind the Lady. Bariss bowed to the officer who greeted them, and to the Stormtroopers serving as an honor guard.

"If you would come this way, my Lady," the lieutenant asked respectfully. Bariss nodded, and followed him and the guard. Eff kept pace with her, still quiet and watchful.

Numerous droids, some of recognizable makes, others of unrecognizable type, were working and zipping about the hallways as they walked through them. Several large, ominous Dark Troopers marched behind human troopers in similar powered armor.

"Increased automation, ma'am," the lieutenant explained, "cuts down on the need for manpower."

"I can see that," Bariss observed. She tried to put any thoughts of the Clone Wars out of her head as they reached the lift. They ascended several levels, travelled down another corridor, and finally made it to a meeting room. Bariss could sense Daala within, though her emotions were quite controlled.

They entered, the lieutenant and his troops taking their leave.

Daala looked up at the two Jedi, and nodded with a respectful smile.

"Lady Pelaeon, Master Eff, it is a pleasure to meet you," she said, getting up from the table and reaching out her hand. Bariss respectfully shook it, while Eff was a bit more reluctant about it.

Daala took in Eff's reluctance, and shrugged.

"I suppose that's only to be expected," Daala stated calmly, "but rest assured-I have not utilized a mind control drug on either of you. I was forbidden to by Grand Moff Kaine."

"That's... Great to know," Eff said slowly. Daala hummed.

"Although," she said, "it would be interesting to see the effects of such a drug on a Force User. I haven't had a lot of opportunities to..." She trailed off at Bariss' unamused look, "ah, yes. Sorry, I do have a tendency to ramble on. Please, sit?"

Bariss and Eff sat at the table, on one side. Daala sat at the other. A droid came out with food and drink, and set it down before them. Daala steepled her fingers.

"Allow me to get right to the point," she said, "you are trying to create a Jedi Order for the Empire, correct?"

"Yes," Bariss said, in as neutral a tone as she could manage. Daala nodded.

"Good," she said, "if one is going to have a group of Force Users, the Jedi would be a far safer bet than Sith."

"Oh?" Eff asked, arching an eyebrow. Daala nodded, sipping her wine.

"But of course. I have read a great deal of history, as part of our research efforts at the Maw. The Sith Empires were all far too self destructive. It's a wonder they managed to match the Republic-Most likely the influence of their Emperors, using a form of Battle Meditation to maintain their fighting ability. And a few key Sith managing to retain control of key areas of logistics, military planning, and so forth. But they were still a barely controlled pack of wild kathhounds. The New Sith Empire was even worse-That brought about a galactic dark ages. No, the Jedi have a great deal to admire. An Imperial Order of Jedi would be far better for the galaxy than the Sith."

"So you're willing to aid me?" Bariss asked. Daala nodded.

"I am. I honestly think the project is wonderful. All I really ask in return is scientific data."

Bariss' expression became very cold, as she glared at Daala.

"I am not letting Imperial citizens become your guinea pigs," she said, stern and hard.

Daala shook her head.

"Not what I meant," she said, "there's so little legitimate scientific study of the Force available after the Emperor destroyed all public records of the Jedi. It wouldn't be anything invasive, mind you. Just fitness reports, blood scans, that sort of thing. Nothing that regular check ups wouldn't look for. And far less invasive than the experiments done on Force sensitive inmates."

"You've been experimenting on-!" Bariss held her temper in check. Daala slowly nodded.

"Yes," she said, "it's a fascinating area of scientific study. The prisoners who showed it were afforded better quarters, food, and other things to encourage them! What, I'm not a monster! Not like Tarkin."

She hissed, suddenly lost in memory.

"Ooh, that lecherous old moron! 'Fear will rule the galaxy!' And what do you know? His monstrosity caused more problems than it solved!" She sipped her wine again. "Honestly, we should be grateful to Skywalker for destroying that waste of resources and manpower! Twice! Now we can be sensible about bringing order to the galaxy."

"Yeah, sure," Eff said, both eyebrows very high. Daala slid over a datapad to Bariss, who read through it.

"These are thirty individuals with Force Sensitivity I have identified in the Kessel Prison Camps," she said, "twenty-nine are aboard. The final one was suffering from injuries due to an accident during an experiment and has been held back. You, naturally, can offer them anything you think will help with gaining their confidence. The prison warden has assured me they are all in good health. I haven't had a chance to look over them myself yet, but he's been generally reliable."

"I see," Bariss said quietly. Daala smiled.

"I am honestly glad to be working with you, Lady Pelaeon. I didn't forget your kindness at the Imperial Ball. I'm afraid I was much too upset to appreciate it at the time. But I have a holographic memory, so I can appreciate it now."

"Yes, well," Bariss managed to retain her diplomatic smile, "I am humbled. I would like very much to see to these inmates?"

"Of course," Daala said, almost cheerful. Several droids swooped in, scooped up the untouched plates and food, and flew back to the kitchens, "there's too much work to do to sit around blabbing! I knew I would like you, Lady Pelaeon."

"Thank you... I think," Bariss managed, as she rose and followed the excited Daala to the door.

You want to work with these people? Really? Eff asked telepathically. Bariss sighed over the link, keeping her Lady's Smile up.

I know. It is terrible. But now we have thirty people we can save from this situation... And maybe a means of helping this lady redirect her ambitions in a better direction.

Eff looked extremely dubious. Bariss again held in a sigh.

It was never going to be easy, she said, but Jedi do not back down from challenges.

I hope you're right,
Eff thought back.

- - -

Ash's Boomstick

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Daala was a waste of a character that could have been an interesting recurring villain, but all versions of her (Imperial Lt, Admiral, Warlord and politician) was just useless and incompetent (and really with her known brain damage, should never be anywhere near power).

And poor old Kam, he'll be second only to the farmboy with his own harem at this rate.
Interlude: Ezra and the Possibilities


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Yavin IV

- - -

He saw them through the door, plain as day. Alive, and well. And waiting for him, around the dinner table. The light was so warm, so wonderful. He raised his hand towards it, as a warm, deep timbred voice spoke in his head.

"If you go through the Door... They shall live... Your life will be your own... You will be happy... Who would ask for more...? There are infinite possibilities... But you must open the Door..."

"Ezra? Where are you? Ezra?"



"Ah! Haaa...!"

Ezra woke up, covered in sweat. He took deep breaths. He felt a warm, familiar body next to his, holding onto him. He looked over to see Sabine, eyes wide in concern next to him.

"Ezra? Are... Are you all right?" Sabine whispered.

"I..." Ezra nodded. "Y-Yeah... Yeah, I'm all right... I'm all right..."

He squeezed her hand, and wrapped an arm around her waist, reassuring her as much as himself. She cuddled up to him, still worried.

"You sure? You want to talk about it?" She asked quietly.

He did... But... He closed his eyes.

"Just... Let me blow off some steam first," he said softly. He kissed her lips, and rubbed her round belly with a soft smile.

"Okay," Sabine said, her voice neutral. Her mood was confused, slightly hurt... But understanding.

Ezra got up and exited their quarters. He went for a walk, out of the temple. He found a bench and sat on it, and stared up at the stars. He took deep breaths, letting the Force flow through him, as he listened to the chirping of the various insects in the night of the jungle.

"You okay?"

Ezra looked up. Luke walked up to him, and sat down on the bench next to him. Ezra nodded.

"More or less," he admitted, scratching at his beard. He returned to looking up at the stars, and Luke did the same. Neither said anything.

"... When Palpatine tempted you," Ezra started, "I mean... On the Death Star... How did that go?"

Luke was silent for a time. He didn't look at Ezra. His mood was unreadable, even through the Force. Finally, he spoke:

"For me? He basically put me in the perfect trap," he admitted quietly, "hundreds, thousands of Rebels were dying. My friends were going to die on the moon below us. The Rebellion was going to die. The whole... The whole mission was to kill the Emperor, and he had made it so I could. All I had to do... The only thing I had to do, was give in to my anger. To my rage."

Luke let out a soft, humorless laugh. Ezra didn't make a sound, just listening.

"On the face of it, it sounds like... I should have done it, doesn't it?" Luke asked. "Just end it... But the Darkside is a rush. My father, when he fell... He was carried away by his rage, his hatred, his fear. He rushed headlong, nothing else but the quickest way to his goals, as it utterly consumed him. If I had struck down Palpatine or my father out of hatred... I would have become a monster. Just like him."

Luke shook his head.

"I wouldn't have saved anyone. I... I nearly went over."

Ezra's eyes widened.


Luke smiled wryly.

"Don't act surprised," he said, "we're all mortal. We can all fall. It's... Understanding that. Being honest about that, that can keep us from crossing over."

"So... What kept you from doing it?" Ezra asked.

Luke looked down at his artificial hand. The one he always wore a black glove over. He closed it tightly.

"I realized... That I was going to end up just like my father," Luke said. He unclenched it, and turned a smile over at Ezra.

"And then I realized... I didn't have to be. I could choose."

Ezra nodded slowly. Luke looked probingly at the slightly older man.

"And you? Thinking about when you were tempted?"

Ezra nodded slowly.

"Yeah... It... Wasn't the same," Ezra admitted, "the Temple on Lothal... I could have opened the Door. To the World between Worlds, I mean. I'd done it once. Saved Ahsoka that way."

Luke nodded, but said nothing else. Ezra rubbed the back of his head.

"I could have gone through again... Back in there. Gone back in time and had everything I wanted. My parents alive again... But..."

He shook his head.

"If I'd done that... Palpatine would have had access to that world. He could have remade all of time and space however he wanted."

Ezra sighed, and looked up.

"Everyone told me afterwards that... That I was so brave for turning it down. For destroying the temple, denying Palpatine that power... But I..."

"You wanted to," Luke said softly, "so badly. It screamed at you, pulled on you."

Ezra nodded.

"Yeah," he murmured, "but I keep having dreams about it, sometimes. I... I look at Sabine, at Hera, Zeb... At all we've done. I feel my daughter, and..." He covered his eyes with a hand.

"Why?" He whispered, "I made my choice. I thought I had made peace with it...?"

Luke rested a hand on Ezra's shoulder. He looked up, startled.

"You have any idea how many times I have dreams about joining my father? Or Palpatine?" Luke asked. He frowned deeply, and shook his head. "Sometimes, dreams can mean we're seeing the future through the Force. But other times? Well... Like I said... We're mortal. We hurt to make those choices. We wanted to make the wrong one, so badly. And just because we made the right one? Doesn't mean we're free of the emotional consequences of those decisions."

Luke smiled warmly.

"I think though," Luke went on, "that being aware of the now... The Living Force... Our friends that we have here? Focusing on that? Is what keeps us grounded. That's what we fought for, after all." He looked up at the stars again.

"The present... And the future."

Ezra smiled, and nodded as he looked back up too.

"... That helps a lot," he said.

"In the end, if we're gonna be a new Jedi Order," Luke said, "we need to do things differently. Or else, we'll end up like the past order. And I don't want to end up some old hermit on a poodoo planet in the middle of nowhere, do you?"

"Nah," Ezra chuckled, "that would suck."

"Absolutely," Luke said with a nod.

"So, how'd you get so wise anyway?" Ezra asked. Luke shrugged, rubbing the back of his head.

"I've been reading all about the Jedi, everything I could find," Luke admitted, "but more than that? I've been talking to people who knew my father. Fought alongside Jedi in the Clone Wars. And well... I've made plenty of mistakes of my own."

"Same here," Ezra admitted.

"But as long as we learn from them? We will continue on," Luke said.

Ezra nodded. He then grinned.

"Sorry Luke, but uh..."

Luke sighed, and pulled out some earplugs. He put them into his ears. Ezra groaned.

"What's with you and these stupid jokes, huh?"

"Rex and Ahsoka," Luke grinned.

"Figures," Ezra snorted, standing up, "just for that? I'm banging my wife extra loud tonight!"

"Oh, that'll be a change," Luke chuckled, as Ezra headed off back into the temple.

- - -

Sabine had been trying to sleep, a pillow tightly tucked underneath her arm. She woke up blearily as Ezra walked back into their room.

"Ezra? What's-Oh!"

Ezra pulled her up into his arms, and kissed her soundly. She returned it eagerly, only breaking it long enough to ask the obvious question:

"What's gotten into you? Not that I'm complaining-Ooh!"

Ezra grinned.

"I love you. And that's all the reason I need."

Sabine couldn't disagree with that. And while they had to put up with a lot of ribbing the next morning at breakfast? It never dampened their smiles.

- - -

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