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Spec Ops: The Line is to be delisted from all major retail platforms though apparently will still be available to download and play if you already own it. This is due to some sort of rights or expiring licensing issues with some of the content.

It came out only in 2012.

This has happened before and it's usually due to music rights issues.


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It has cool, city buried in the sand, setting. Warhammer room shootout FTW.

Every villain thinks he is the hero. Including you.


LOL, Capcom

TL DR, Crapcom's latest action in their war against modders saw them stealthily add DRM apparently made by a questionable Russian company into their catalog of games...said DRM then proceeding to completely fuck up said games, as well as add malware. The DRM's maker also proceeded to respond to customer complaints with "LOL, fuck off cheaters"

As of the current time, the result: negative review bombs and Crapcom hastily reversing the updates (but you know they'll be back with more anti-consumer shit).

EDIT: LOL, ninja'd by Rejectionist

How many years later are we on now from Gaben's "It's a service issue" statement regarding people going the Yarr, me mateys! route and the corpos still don't get it? Absolutely bonkers.


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It looks like the Suicide Squad game is so bad it will tank the Rocksteady Studios (known for the Arkham triology).


It looks like the Suicide Squad game is so bad it will tank the Rocksteady Studios (known for the Arkham triology).
Well they killed off the entire Justice League in the most disrespectful way and went from customer-focus-game to whatever-corporate-demands-ESG-focus-game.

And they say it is canon to the Arkham trilogy.


Ни шагу назад!

They are broke and currently interest rates are higher than they have been for over a decade and a half.

Their stock price tanked and they keep pushing woke shit no one wants to watch.

Who was criminally stupid enough to give them this much money?

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