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The Whispering Monk

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Aug 19, 2019
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But anyway, I would love this story to progress too. Only good Minbari is a dead Minbari.
Meh, they were made up of their past. Faced extinction at the hands of the Shadows, only to be saved by the Vorlons delivering their Prophet (Valen) and a star base to anchor their fleets.

I'd like to see the Minbari get back their own, and, frankly, I'd like to see Jha'dur get her just desserts. Never liked her as a character even as authors try to give her some relateable reason for all the genocide. She still needs a PPG to the back of her head.


I should have expected that really
Aug 9, 2019
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For a long time the final scene was going to be Jha'dur chatting with Admiral Hamato who thanks her for her help and then shoots her :p

With more of this AU planned in the Shadow War she serves a useful role telling people how wrong they are. But yeah she's not a good person and if she seems more chilled in later years its only because diplomacy serves her ambitions best at that given time. Earthforce knows it but the politicians want to make nice.
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