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Assuming he resided at Quinta de Olivos (Residence of the Argentine Republic President)?

No he stayed at various apartments and mansions he embezzled unless he had to pose for photo ops.

He had a place in Pinamar he governed from for most of the holiday season which is the summer. Mostly because he thought the Casa Rosada was the proper house and if he couldn't stay there then fuck security procedure I guess.

I used to see him ordering milanesas from the same place we ordered from and he would just be there while his body guards flailed.
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I legitimately hold his family's ascent to power as the day Argentina died.

It's over, it won't even be called Argentina by century's end. Him and his terrorist wife murdered it.

It will take an act of extraordinary political will to reverse that.
In other words: The Kirchner's fucked up the Argentine Republic so BIGLY.

Longest-serving couple to live in Quinta de Olivos.

Casa Rosada is the Government Office.

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