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"Puerta de Hierro, ex exilio de Peron" 2012 movie


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They can't, because they have already spent their credibility by 1983, and have been deliberately shat on for more than 2 decades now.
In other words: Videla, Viola, Galitieri & Co., fucked it up for the entire Argentine Armed Forces as well as the fuck up from the Falklands War of 1982 when the British kicked their asses.

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@The Immortal Watch Dog Star+ has an intriguing miniseries based on the book Santa Evita 😎

SMH they always either leave my family members who were involved in historical events out of these type of things (which I'm totally fine with), or they turn them into woke caricatures.

In the case of this quasi necro porn nonsense I'm glad I see no names I recognize personally :ROFLMAO:

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