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    Serious question about anti-Semitism.

    On my end, I think it's the "why are whites more prosperous than us, we're God's chosen people" concept.
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    Serious question about anti-Semitism.

    Given the recent Nick Cannon bullshit, I have to necro this topic and ask an important question. Where do we draw the line between criticism of Jewish power and influence and actual anti-Semitism? Because to me, sometimes the former is interpreted as the latter.
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    Appropriating fanfic

    I've gotten some creative writing work, and I'm going to use some of the fanfic passages I've used here (namely scenes) for it. Is this okay, or should I delete the fanfic passages before using them?
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    A Brave New World (Harry Potter/OC)

    As an aside, John Doe also has a hit list of people he will be preemptively giving the Lockhart treatment during his Death Eater career. Most of those targets are social justice-oriented academics and elites, those who remind him of Hermione Granger in her full Knight Templar worst. If you can...
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    Books Western Novels you would like to see turned into Anime/Manga

    I want to see a seinen manga depiction of Trevanian's "Shibumi" or "The Eiger Sanction".
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    Religion Religion, Atheism and Relation to Basis of Morality

    More people should have picked up on Hanlon's Razor.
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    Religion Religion, Atheism and Relation to Basis of Morality

    Or an ideology. That's how we got these nutjob Atheism+ moonbats running around.
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    What are you playing currently?

    Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. Currently at 4m+ Soul Memory, and hanging out at the bottom of Brume Tower helping others face the Fume Knight.
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    Religion Religion, Atheism and Relation to Basis of Morality

    Well, the way I see it is that most (militant) atheists nowadays can't distinguish between what they know to be true and what they believe in, and want to impose this on everyone else. This seemingly-paradoxical mindset (what I know and what I believe do not have to have perfect overlap) is...
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    Resolved Creative endeavor thread?

    So with all the "but muh orks r' racist n' shieeeet" bleating by the coastal shithead elite social justice activists, I was thinking of brainstorming a card game or RPG that specifically lampoons SJW's, whether they come from the religious right (liberation theology is a thing, mind you), or the...
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    Five minutes of hate news

    The question now becomes, what CAN we do against this nonstop onslaught of woke hate?
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    Religion How does anger at God factor into Atheism?

    The thing about religious people thinking that atheists hate God is, I think, due to the fact that they can't process the possibility that there might be more to the concept of God than their anthropomorphic depiction makes God out to be. It's also why most atheists say they don't hate God...
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    Five minutes of hate news

    And this is why the "woke" are winning. One thing you can count on: You push a man too far, and sooner or later he'll start pushing back.
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    Five minutes of hate news

    This was the exact outcome I was hoping in #gamergate: the anti-academic snapback would hit hard enough that entrenched "gaming" academics would just fucking stop or it would be their heads on the chopping block. Because FUCK DIGRA with a rusty chainsaw. Anyway, as long as those fuckers are...
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    Gundam Gundam Discussion Thread

    That's well and good; it's also why the Gundam franchise has lasted for so long, they've branched out into other universes to experiment with other ways of telling a giant robot story. Sometimes it's okay to have moral ambiguity and sometimes it's okay to watch a clear-cut good versus evil...
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