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Sports! Working out and weight training


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Anyone else into working out and training to build muscle and strength? I got into training about six years ago, started with group fitness classes then picked up weight training. I trained on and off but dropped training during the pandemic. I got back into it last August, and over the last year I've been the most consistent I've ever been. Really enjoying it, getting my lifts higher than they've ever been. I like to train with the big barbell compound exercises - squats, deadlifts, presses, rows, etc - with assistance dumbbell and machine exercises, and focus on progressive overload. Been doing a four days per week upper/lower split program, switching to a three days per week full body program now.

For those who like to train, what have been some of your favorite sources online for training strategy? Early on I really liked the "Stronglifts" program. Nowadays I watch a variety of strength training and body building sources on Youtube, like Untamed Strength, Jeff Nippard, Renaissance Periodization, and the Mind Pump podcast.

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