Ukranian NGO Hate List

It wasn't.
So do you think Musk promised them eternal internet for all time until the sun burns out, or Ukraine stops being a country?

Or do you have proof he made a contract with Ukraine to give them internet for only a certain amount of time and he cut it off early?

Because the first option is unreasonable. And you have no proof of the second.
You just made the point. We're discussing what the US wants vs what Russia wants, instead of what Ukraine wants, and you hadn't even realized it, because no one actually gives a fuck what Ukraine wants. They're just in the middle of the conflict of the US vs Russia.
What Ukraine wants is to be free.
To get there they will gladly take the support of the west
To be clear, it's not just US vs Russia and never was.

It's definitely Anti-Commie vs Commie. US, almost all of Europe, Canada vs Russia, China, Iran, & North Korea
And this.
It is in some ways, a precursor to the next world war