Philosophy The Technological Society is in Conflict With the Human Body

Hmm - just noticed this thread.
I'm seeing a common element with the more recent discussion about the Cultural Marxists or Intersectional Left, aka the "Woke":
A group of people who regard everyone else as an enemy, who act as if they think that all of us are wronging them merely by existing.
Man, does anyone else miss when the cybermen were fictional?
I’d argue the Cybermen are the lesser evil here. At the very least they genuinely think that it’s a good thing and aren’t discriminating based on wealth. They’re only doing what they’ve already done to themselves.

Compare that to our modern overlords.
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I haven't read the entire thread yet, but I noticed this

"Every tool is an extension of the body. Transhumanism, therefore, is the quest to produce a body with all the tools it needs to survive in a technological society built-in. Of course, this does not mean that we'll be able to run a hundred miles per hour, weld metal with our fingertips, solve impossibly difficult math equations in our heads, or shoot lasers from our eyes. No. That's much too dangerous, allowing people to have liberty-enhancing augmentations like that. With such enhanced capabilities, every individual's body would pose an even greater threat to the stability of the technological system itself. By tools, I mean the ability to voluntarily suppress cravings, to dampen misery, to ward off tiredness. The technological society doesn't want or need people of the servant class to be transformed into unstoppable, unpredictable supermen. Rather, it needs alert, obedient workers who seldom eat or sleep and require little in the way of entertainment."

I would however contend that a few elites could do this in the not-so-near future, for the express purpose through privileged access to advanced technology and funding of colonizing a different planet. The masses will still be stuck here on Earth, but give it a few centuries and we could be living alongside the descendants of a transhuman breakaway civilization in the moons of Saturn or on Mars (Venus could easily be colonized by cishumans due to the conditions of its upper atmosphere with no real severe body modifications however), the offspring of the dozen or so elites that decided to enhance their bodies to be able to live on different worlds. Dunno if they'd be able to survive here on Earth though.

Sort of? The main thing preventing this would be intercorporate conflict.

There is very little incentive for Disney, Microsoft, Apple, etc. for the proles to no longer need entertainment or cravings.

I think we'll definitely see cybernetics in the mid range future. Direct-PC control through a brain reading device, permanent cybernetic cochlea replacements, etc.

Most of them will be focused on decreasing the distance between humanity and hardware to increase productivity.