The presidency of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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In 1960.
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy with running mate Lyndon Baines Johnson defeated the ticket of vice president Richard milhouse Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge/ Two factors possibly contributed to Kennedys victory in 1960 was calling Martin Luther kings wife. When Doctor king was in jail and president Eisenhower replying to a reporters inquiry on vice presidents Nixon contribution to his administration ."He would need a day to think about it."Theodore Roosevelt was America's youngest u.s. President but John Kennedy was America's youngest elected president first elected president. In the early 1960s
there were racial in differences in the south .Soviet Union competing with u.s. all over the globe. Military and in space. Kennedy had the first secret service agent of African American ancestors two weeks prior his Dallas trip.
President Kennedy also suffered from loss of still born son Patrick in 1963.

Despite a 43% approval rating in 1963. A Year away from his future election bid.both Arizona senator Barry Goldwater and New York Governor Nelson both though president Kennedy was beatable in 1964.

Walter Cronkite. We interrupt this program for a special announcement . There has

been shots fired at the motorcade.

the United States came close to losing the 35th

President of the United States on this date in history. Many Americans were

watching "As the World Turns." Ten minutes in, at about 12:40 p.m.,the show was interrupted

Interrupting a moment of excitement, the Texas residents had gotten

at viewing their charismatic President. Shots ring out from the Dallas Book Depository, causing
people to run for cover.

"To pass through downtown Dallas, a route west along Dallas' Main Street, rather than Elm Street (one block to the north) was chosen, because this was the crowds would be
see the president.maximal building and crowd views. The president was due to make a speech at the Dallas the Trade Mart,

The planned motorcade route thus included a short one-block turn at the end of the downtown segment of Main Street, onto Houston Street for one block northward, before turning again west onto Elm,

in order to proceed through Dealey Plaza before exiting Elm onto the Stemmons Freeway. The Texas School Book Depository was situated at this corner of Houston and Elm.Three vehicles were used for secret service and police protection in the Dallas motorcade. The first car, an unmarked white Ford (hardtop), consisted of Dallas police chief Jesse Curry, secret service agent Win Lawson, Sheriff Bill Decker and Dallas field agent Forrest Sorrels. The second car, a 1961

Lincoln Continental convertible, consisted of driver agent Bill Greer, SAIC Roy Kellerman, governor John Connally, Nellie Connolly, President Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy.

On November 22, after a breakfast speech in Fort Worth, where President Kennedy had stayed overnight after arriving from San Antonio, Houston and Washington, D.C. the previous day,[19] the president boarded Air Force One, which departed at 11:10

and arrived at Love Field 15 minutes later. At about 11:40, the presidential motorcade left Love Field for the trip through Dallas, which was running on a schedule about 10 minutes longer than the planned 45 minutes, due to enthusiastic
crowds estimated at 150,000–200,000 persons, and two unplanned stops directed by the president.

By the time the motorcade reached Dealey Plaza they were only 5 minutes away from the presidents scheduled destination.

Shooting in Dealey Plaza["taken from

A Secret Service agent, by the name of Abraham Bolden, very quickly, jumped out of the car that followed the President's car and grabbed a hold of the President. After the President is shot in the shoulder, the next shot hit the

Secret Service agent in the shoulder as well. he would recover after some time in intensive care unit and given highest medal of honor bestowed to a secret service agent. Next shot hit the drive of the presidents car. saving everyone's life. Texas Governor John Connolly jumped out of his seat and heroically took the steering wheel changing direction to parkland memorial hospital/
hat would have fatally struck the President, had he not been present.Sadly The brave secret service agent died for the president

that day. Now the search for the shooter or shooters began! one was found by the grassy knoll and quickly apprehend. by Dallas authorities.

He was a communist sympathizer like Oswald. Oswald confronted Police Officer J.D.
and shot Tippet but the shot only wounded him and the police officer shot Oswald in the left knee and arrested Oswald Oswald cursed at tippet all
the way to the police station.uttering words nearly incorrect. something about a free Cuba.

President Kennedy would awaken after a successful surgery.

Dr. Kenneth Salyer was a 27-year-old resident at Parkland Hospital on call for head injuries when he got word a new patient was being rushed to the ER.

"A nurse ran into the room and said, 'The president's been shot,'" Salyer says.

Dr. Kenneth Salyer was a 27-year-old resident at Parkland Hospital on call for head injuries on Nov. 22, 1963.But nothing prepared him for what he saw.
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J.f.k live's¹
The president's motorcade storms through the streets of Dallas, Texas, like a "comet flying through outer space". Unknown to the world at large, the United States would come very close to losing its 35th President of the United States.that fateful day Interrupting a moment of excitement, the Texas residents had gotten at viewing their charismatic President. Shots rang out from the Dallas Book Depository, causing people to run for cover.

President kennedy in the left shoulder entering Governor Connolly shoulder wounding him.

Now the search for the shooter or shooters began!

Many believed there was a shooter in the bushes aiding Oswald but onlookers rushed to the Grassy Knoll and no one was found. About two hours later, Oswald was confronted by Police Officer J.D. Tippit on main street while oswald was walking to his hotel room
. Oswald would

have a trial . tell his side of the story after Tippit confronted him , they had a shootout and was shot by Tippit later that evening.


Vice President Johnson would act as President of the United States, talking to Senators or the heads of state in foreign lands.

Soon afterwards Walter Cronkite announced president Kennedy
was recovering after just barely escaping death.

1964 Presidential Election

Despite New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller winning the California primary, Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater had won the Republican nomination for President. Governor Rockefeller had won many delegates over the course of the primary season, but the "Happy" Scandal ruined any chance of a credible run for the Presidency. In the 1964 Democratic Primary, there were no major challengers to president Johnson except for Governor George Wallace of Alabama who only won South Carolina and his home state. President Johnson placed his arm around his wife ladybird Johnson as he took the stage at the Democratic National Convention ."I wish Jack Kennedy sucess I his reelection campaign and when I return to the senate in two years. Want him as my president and in his 2nd term".

Lee Harvey Oswald dropped his Marconi rifle in a garbage can. On the way to main street Dallas J.D. Tippit stopped him on his journey to a local motel room.
Tippit see's
a pistol in Oswald's pocket as he pulls off his jacket.

Tippit immediately pulls out his service revolver and shoots Oswald in the knee.he immediately fall's to the floor cursing the officer and mumbling something about freeing Cuba.

Spot where Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in after JFK assassination  identified after 48 years | Daily Mail Online

vice president Johnson cried out "No you Gober" to a secret service agent pointing gun at him as he points gun at him in nearby Dallas Hotel. Vice President Johnson says "we may lose president Kennedy

"tonight."Lyndon Johnson cried out to the secret service agent" lets not make John MCormack president of the United States."

Elsewhere at parkland memorial

Jacqueline Kennedy stands outside with agent Clint Hill praying her husband will pull through.

Elsewhere in Dallas Texas.A middle-aged woman hops into a Taxi,she says to the driver

"Did you hear the president had been shot"

The driver nods his head and it is that moment she turns her head and see s former vice president Richard Nixon. They stare at each other without saying a word and she turns her head a way.
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November 23 1963
After several months of no contact.Nasa receives new footage of the planet venus from the mir 2 satellite which was thought to have been lost since February of 1963.

February 1. 1965
Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X assassinated.
FEBRUARY 24.1965
Former British prime Minister, Winston Churchill pass s away.
World series

February 28. 1965
Congress approves state hood for District of Columbia.
Los Angles Dogers win world series defeating Minnesota Twins 4 to 3.
1965 worlds
In new York new York IBM computers are introduced .

Superbowl 1965
.The Green Bay Packers are the winners of the Superbowl this year in 1965.
.Tokyo become worlds largest city.
.Northeast Black out affects many eastern states like Vermont.
.University of Irvine opens its doors.
March 14 1964
After closed door meeting with president Kennedy .Lyndon Baines Johnson resigns to run for senator of Texas.Florida Governor LeRoy Collins accepts President Kennedy offer to be his running mate.
March 30.1964
Vice president Johnson announces he will not be on the presidential ticket in 1964.

April 2.1964
Senator Stromm Thurmond announces he is changing party alliteration From Democrat to Republican.
1964 Democratic nomination
President Kennedy runs for nomination unopposed except for Alabama Governor George Wallace. His support is limited to his state of Alabama.we may lose the south president Kennedy tells his brother Robert.
1964 Republican nomination
Margret Chase Smith was more an novelty candidate then serious candidate. Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton entered the race not being able to gain much traction. Henry Cabot lodge was only a write in candidate.
New york Governor Nelson Rockefeller was winning primary after primary and it looked like he could win the nomination .just before the Republican California primary. His wife Happy gave birth to Nelson Jr causing rumors. The New York Governor cheating on his first wife Todd Rockefeller.
"If he cant be a faithful can he be a faith full president.?" Cried out Connecticut senator Prescott Bush.
Goldwater won the California primary
This caused Rockefeller Republicans to storm out of the convention floor.
Rockefeller was booed and caused derogatory names at the convention .while b movie actor Ronald Reagan gave his time for choosing speech. Goldwater
Giving his acceptance speech said " moderation is a great vice!
Congressman Walter Judd accepted the running mate position becoming the last 19th century born person to appear on a presidential ticket.
October 15.194
Senator Goldwater.president Kennedy
Have Lincoln .Douglas traveling debate .
Goldwater:" Nobody is talking about placing a bomb in the toilet in the bathroom of the Kremlin. That would be insane and foolish what I am talking about is Soviets in East Germany. Cuba a potential satellite of the Soviet Union. Also regarding segregation I am very opposed to it this matter should handled at the state level not federal
President Kennedy was silent then spoke
In 1962 .the island of Cuba merely 90 miles off the coast of Florida was almost the start of w.w 3. The best deterrent to an confrontation with the Soviet Union is a test ban treaty
On ending segregation this matter quite frankly is tearing our nation apart and best way to deal with it is desegregation .
November 7 1964
For president
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Barry Goldwater
For vice president

LeRoy Collins
Walter Judd
New york congress man Samuel S. Stratton

defeats Senator Kenneth Keating.
California George Murphy defeats senator Alan Cranston
Ohio Congress man Robert Taft defeats senator young

January 20. 1965
John Fitzgerald Kennedy is sworn in full term Sworn 2nd term LeRoy Collins ,in first and only term.president vice president United States
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  • Events 1963

  • Civil rights protests continue throughout the South, during which nonviolent activists are frequently met with beatings and arrests

  • First successful liver transplantpp

I went on many t.v.audition s in 1964 for t.v. and movie parts unfortunately didn't get a lot of call backs

Pete Duel told the interviewer in 2013. ABC producers gotten the rights the frederick koener novel Gidget ,

I won the role of John Cooper.

Peter Elstromm Duel was born February 26. 1940 Rochester New York. BIRTHNAME : Peter Elstromm Deul Forsyth was born the eldest of three children other than himself,Geoff Deul and Pamela Deul.

His parents were Elworth Deul and Lilian Deul in high school ,pete Duel edited the school yearbook and acted in plays.He graduated from high school in pennfield New York in 1957.

This is his story.

"When I was in high school,during the 1950"s I was in all the drama plays, I was a member of the thespian Theatre when i went to pennfield high school

When i attended Rochester university, i was member of sigma kappa fraternity and majored in English and appeared in everly Dramaplay in the two years i went to the university.

When my farther saw me perform in the rose tattoo he knew my heart was in acting and not becoming a doctor,. but my father was a doctor, his father was a yeah

I went to med school. but that didn"t last long,i had the acting bug ,i obessessed with acting! "

"My first role was espionage target you a army training film then guest spots in Gomer Pyle u.s.m.c the n i got a role in the fugitive t.v. series.
1960's Pete Duel Peter Deuel Auto Signed Fan Photo Alias Smith Jones  Autograph | #464694072

The 1960s was a very exciting time in which to live.
which would be followed "
by many historic events later on in the 1960 and what a decade it was!"

Deul was fortunate to have had turned down a car ride when the driver of the
car was involved in a acident on the road.had Deul went along would of been fatally injured.

the survive a car accident his last year in college." In my family ,if you did not practice medicine,you were sick!"Duel said quit frankly.

"I DIDN'T fly to California from New York.I drove across the country.
"Also I never sat around for instant popularity. I always knew fame and recognition was something you earned through discipline and hard work and put in a little bit of good luck."

i lived in a tent till i could get a
job. waiting table"s.

Pete Duel
slowly sip"s some grape juice as he thinks about his early days as a starving or close to starving actor,.he took what ever work he could find and briefly dated actress Jill Andre.
" Acting is not something you can just walk into, it is not for the faint at heart.

Simply Put Blog: PETE DUEL in 2023 | Alias smith and jones, Pete, American  actors


2013 interview" I gave myself six years and if i never found anything i would return to New York and do Broadway.. Well i never returned in six years>"
Duel upon coming to Hollywood also did a promotional for pharmacy products

In Hollywood, he found work in television, making small guest appearances in comedies like Gomer Pyle, USMC and dramas, such as ABC's Channing with Jason Evers and Combat! with Rick Jason and Vic Morrow. In 1965, he was cast in the comedy series Gidget. Pete Duel played Gidget's brother-in-law, John Cooper, on the series, and appeared in twenty-two of the fifty -two episodes. Gidget was cancelled after only three seasons in 1969.

(The pod is Pete Duel avoids the car crash that gave him epilepsy and possibly suicide idealition.there fore does not commit suicide.

January 2,1964

Robert Stevenson directs the Disney film.The misadventure of Merlin Jones staring Tommy Kirk
Annette Funicello



St.louis Cardinals Defeat N.Y.Yankees 4-3.
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Star trek


Vice President

  • Lyndon B. Johnson 1961-1963
  • LeRoy Collins 1965-1969


  • Secretary of State 1961-1965
  • Dean Rusk
    • Robert F. Kennedy 1965_1969
  • C. Douglas Dillon -- Secretary of the Treasury
  • Robert S. McNamara 1961-1965.. Clark M. Clifford 1965 -1969 Secretary of Defense
  • Stewart L. Udall -- Secretary of the Interior
  • Orville L. Freeman -- Secretary of Agriculture
  • Arthur J. Goldberg -- Secretary of Labor
  • W. Willard Wirtz -- Secretary of Labor
  • Luther H. Hodges -- Secretary of Commerce
  • Abraham A. Ribicoff -- Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare
  • Anthony Celebrezze -- Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare
[Attorney General[
  • Robert F. Kennedy 1961-1965 Nicholas Debellevile Katzenbach 1965-1969
[Postmaster General
  • J. Edward Day
  • John A. Gronouski

Special Counsel to the President

  • Theodore Sorensen

Deputy Special Counsel to the President

  • Myer Feldman

Special Assistant Counsel to the President

  • Richard Goodwin
  • Lee C. White

Special Assistant to the President

  • McGeorge Bundy -- National Security Advisor
  • Frederick G. Dutton
  • Ralph A. Dungan
  • James M. Landis
  • Lawrence (Larry) F. O'Brien
  • P. Kenneth O'Donnell
  • Frank D. Reeves
  • Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
  • Jerome B. Wiesner
  • Harris L. Wofford, Jr.

Deputy Special Assistant to the President

  • Walt Whitman Rostow

Staff Assistant to the President

  • Dan H. Fenn, Jr.

Administrative Assistant to the President

  • Mike. N. Manatos
  • Timothy J. "Ted" Reardon
  • Henry Hall Wilson, Jr.

Press Secretary to President Kennedy

  • Pierre Salinger

Military Aides to the President

  • Brig. General Chester V. Clifton -- Army
  • Col. Godfrey McHugh -- Air Force
  • Comdr. Tazewell Taylor Shepard -- Navy

Secretary to President Kennedy

  • Evelyn Lincoln
  • Richard Bissell
  • Edwin Martin

September 17.1966
WHERE No man has gone before!

Lucille Ball was very firm with cbs studio that they would have a winner on their hands with a show called star trek!
With Lost in space on the air they were hesitant on having another sci fi show the air.
Gilligan island would only air as tv movie.piolet aired as movie of the week in 1964. piolet for star trek is approved in 1965 series to debut in 1966.

Space .... The Final Frontier These are the voyage"s
of the star ship constitution.
Each week this was the narration actor Jeffrey Hunter gave in the opening of his television series star trek.His role was Captain Robert April

Jeff Hunter sat in his couch ,in his Los Angeles apartment Leonard Nimby was the only actor besides himself to go from the piolet to series. Majel was given a new role by Gene Roddenberry. George Takei. Nichelle Nichols . Deforest Kelly. Laurel Goodwin were all pleasant to work with. But Hunter was a movie star that worked with John Wayne in the searchers.Played Jesus in kings of king"s what the hell was he doing playing a star ship captain named Robert Christopher April week after week?

Hunter placed the bottle down as he sat on the couch the alcohol never took away the pain but eased the agony for a moment. The fact of the matter was his marriage to Dusty was falling apart. there was no love .no passion. she became his manager telling him ,he should have more then a weekly series but be a star however, the call"s from director"s were not coming..
so maybe taking the lead role in star trek was not the answer but a way out of the routine of a failing marriage. eventually there would be a divorce between the two and the 4 years. or 5 if he is lucky when star trek is not on the air. he could return to film. if there are no no movies to do. he could take another t.v. role.

some where was another woman, she wouldn't place so much demand on hunter telling him to take bigger parts demand more screen time.
Hell! Hunter thought Star Trek saved my life and i know it.Jeff hunter turned off the t.v. never finishing off the program he took the role to play in the series not to watch it.
science fiction fans loved the damm show to death. in time by 1970 something else would come and they would forget about star trek.

That young actor William Shatner was taking all the hot lead roles in series eventually
he would become a movie star or get this own series.Jeff wouldn't trade his place for his.Jeff went to his room and laughed aloud to himself.

November 7. 1964

Jeff Hunter watched the new"s President Kennedy had defeated Senator Goldwater 54% to 27%.

The president was charismatic and young .He was talking of sending a man to the moon by the end of a decade.In star trek the enterprise could travel to another universe very quickly.
While his t.v. character was traveling in a advance space ship.In real life he was getting a divorce from Dusty Bartlet and struggling with a alcohol problem

After star Trek was canceled Hunter would marry Emily McLaughlin
They would remain married till his death in 1990.

Production of Star trek had stoped for lunch.
The cast and crew watched john Fitzgerald Kennedy talk about the space program in t.v. it was January 1964 , The space race between the United States and Soviet Union was still on.Jeff Hunter was seated beside Leonard Nimoy who had been on the show since the cage,Deforest Kelly who replaced Paul fix in man trap and John Hoyt from the cage.
Hunter looked to Nimoy then to Kelly as they ate lunch. you GUY"s should see the scripts i get, i turned down Temple Houston to do Cheyenne Autumn with Charltan Hestan boy was that the right move but the b movie scripts i get.No wonder Reagan wants to do politics he will get better lines(laugh"s).I know how you feel ,Jeff Nimoy replies i went to man from uncle and outer limits but no steady work ,being a actor is not for the faint at heart.Kelly then spoke softly. Yeach i did gunfight at the ok corral years ago with Kirk douglas it was a screen gem but dammit i been type cast Gene tried to get me in the piolet and first episode. Yeach were all lucky to be here .but that William Shatner i tell you he is going to be a star.
The Director yelled it"s time to start. Today"s show was Charlie x.Laurel Goodwin the crew"s yeoman had more lines in this episode
Nichelle Nichols, The actress who played Uhura got to sing in this episode.


  • William Shatner would play commodore Decker in Doomsday machine.
  • Russle Johnson would play Apollo in who mourns for Adonis?

Fontana would come up with Vulcan nerve pinch,Vulcan salute.the best episodes were mirror mirror.joanna.two part Episode city on the Edge of forever written by Harlan Elison.
Gene Coon came up with the design for Klinglon battle cruiser.
January 16, 1964
John .Paul ,Ringo, George. Appeared on the Ed Sullivan show . their songs from first album were Love me Do. Twist and Shout ,Honey I love you. please please me. Mr postman. 3 Kool cats

Pete Best played drums on mr post man so Decca records had to pay Best a royalty as well as one pete best song appears in 1970s sharon Taite horror film.

also Pete Best would do 2 albums with his own band,Pete Best combo on Decca record then retiring from music business to

become of a Drum ,music store in liverpool . As for the Beatles first release,Please please me and Twist and shout would hold the number spot on top 40 billboard charts 12 weeks and 15 weeks in 1964 respectively.

February 24, 1964
Mohamed Alie defeats Sunny Liston to win world championship boxing title.


Civil Rights Act (1965)

Citation: Civil Rights Act of 1965; 7/2/1964; Enrolled Acts and Resolutions of Congress, 1789 - 2011; General Records of the United States Government, Record Group 11; National Archives Building, Washington, DC.

This act, signed into law by President johnson prohibited discrimination in public places, provided for the integration of schools and other public facilities, and made employment discrimination illegal. It was the most sweeping civil rights legislation since Reconstruction.

President Johnson pledges to get America ready for the 1970"s.

The Rolling Stones is the Debut studio album by the English rock band of the same name, released by Capitol Records in the UK on 16 April 1964.
Brian Jones Mick Jagger. Keith Richards. Ian Stewart Charlie Watts, Dick Taylor made up the group the Rolling stones or simply ,:

The stones”


Freda Kelly becomes Beatles official fan club president.

December 15. 1965
Androv Dropov replaces Nikita Khrushchev as premier of the Soviet Union.
December 12.1967


Mickey Dolenz of the tv show the Monkee's plays on jimi Hendrix album bold as love and mother of invention album ,were only in it for the money.


Folk singer played for thousands of young people for the Woodstock concert. When asked if he was a hipp

1967 Baseball world series Mets def.cardnals 5 to 4

President Kennedy and Governor Rockefeller sit together during 1967 world series .Rocky tells the president of his intention of another presidential run in 68. President kennedy replies most likely the Republican nominee will face his vice president LeRoy Collins or senator Humphrey .He tells Rockefeller he is happy .he can't run for a 3rd term in 1968.perfering to retire and enjoy the remainder of his days with his wife

966 United States Senate election in Texas

TX. 1966 SENATE election
John Tower
Republican Lyndon B.
Johnson Democratic
642,501 743,855
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In the early days of pete Duel's career , he would land guest staring roles in western t.v. shows the Virginian and for a brief time date an actress by the name of Jill Andre.

"Fall of 1965,
I would play John cooper brother in law to Sally field in the ABC sitcom Gidget. I appeared in 12 of the 36 episodes of the show.

My favorite episode was when Gidget would try to get my wife ,her(sister) and me back together again.also

William Shatner had a guest staring role in early episode as a teacher Gidget gets a crush on.'

Gidget would be canceled but during g summer reruns in 65 proved popular to return as a mid season replacement series. Also.

Don Porter would not appear Gidget season 2,three years would pass gidget would be off to college newer cast members from season 2 would make appearances along with best friend LaRue and new cast members playing her college friends. "I would appear and i would have a new T.V. wife (Grace Whitney) in 2nd season . Gidget would have a third season but I was only in three Episode s as the show which by then was canceled after 14 episodes

in 1967.Star trek had defeated it but although the surfer girl lost to a ship on a 5 year trek was canned despite good ratings to make way for gunsmoke. Jeff Hunter would make appearances in episodes of young country. Alias Smith and Jones planet of apes t.v. series. land of the lost and the film war games.

"After Gidget wrapped up. "I did the film the hell with heroes",

How to Steal an Airplane


These films were both duds but even though the films failed
at the box office ,

I was getting my feet soaked in cinema. One such film was canon for Cordoba staring George prepared. The plot a solider named Ron Douglas with goes to fight the Mexican soldiers along the Texas border also,My younger brother Geoffrey was getting into guest staring role in films and

my sister"

Pamela was having some success making pop albums after moving to California from New York.


I spoke to my father on the phone in 1967. I remember him telling me I made a wise decision not pursuing a medical decree and getting into acting instead.

"One day in 1967 i listened to a environmental show on Kpfk Pacifica
Radio station and began reading books on conservation at the Santa Monica public Library."

March 15 1967

Black panther leader,Huey P. Newton gets in a shouting match with William F.Buckley on a Buckley's own t.v. show.
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Feb 26, 1965
President Kennedy

signs the Tax Reduction Act lowering income tax rates from a range of 20-91% to 14-70%. Corporate rates are reduced from 52% to 48%.

President Kennedy
signs the medicare Act of 1965. The act outlaws discrimination in public facilities, such as parks, and in public accommodations, such as hotels and restaurants, and it prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, or gender after words he shakes hands with doctor martin Luther king. Vice president collins Robert F. Kennedy, Humphrey is standing next to him
Voting Rights Act of 1965

President Kennedy signs the Voting Rights Act of 1965. And civil rights act of 1965.
The act abolishes literacy tests and other tests used by local and state governments to inhibit African-American voting.
William Shatner. As the Riddler,Bob Denver as the Joker . Roddy Mcdowall returning as the bookworm! appear in a reprisal of the book worm appear in the last episode of Batman,soon after A.BC. cancels the series.

Mid term Elections
Democrats lose key senate race in Kentucky, south Carolina and many southern state"s G,o,p gain many house seats.

Regarding the California Governor"s race President kennedy is horrified to see an actor.Ronald Wilson Reagan becoming the next Governor Of California.

Sep 23, 1966
Minimum Wage Increase

The minimum wage is raised in stages from its current $1.25 per hour to $1.60 by February 1968.

Using only u.s. special forces AND MINIMAL airstrikes for south Vietnam. Governor Nixon call"s kennedy asministration foreign policy insane and dangerous.

president kennedy visits Moscow in 1967 signs arms reduction treaty with Kosign.Both u.s. and soviet union stop Israel. China from obtaining nuclear warheads.Wallace Governor of Alabama says president kennedy is cuddling with the reds.'

Musical Hits

1963:It’s My Party - Lesley Gore, () She Loves You - The Beatles, () Louie Louie -

The Kingsmen,
1964:I Want to Hold Your Hand - The

Beatles, () House of the Rising Sun - The Animals, Oh, () Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison,

1965:Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones, ()
Yesterday - The Beatles, () Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers,
1966:Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys, () Strangers in the Night - Frank Sinatra, () Yellow Submarine - The Beatles,

NASA's Mariner 4 space probe successfully approaches Mars and becomes the first spacecraft to take images of a planet from deep space.
Sidney Poitier wins the Academy Award for "Best Actor" becoming the first black actor to win that honor.

The computer coding language BASIC (Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is introduced.
The Ford Motor Company begins to produce and sell the Ford Mustang.

What Happened in 1965 History

Soviet Cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov becomes the first person to perform a space walk.

Martin Luther King, Jr. leads a peaceful civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery in Alabama.

Folk singer Charles Manson played for thousands of young people for the Woodstock concert. When asked if he was a hippie ,Manson said "I was born in 1934 am a beatneck".

Mary Quant designs the mini-skirt in London and it becomes a fashion craze.

What Happened in 1966 History
The first episode of the popular

television show "Star Trek" airs.
The Soviet Union's Luna 9 unmanned spacecraft lands on the Moon.

Botswana and Lesotho gain independence from England.
Indira Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister of India.

The Canada Pension Plan is introduced in Canada.

President Kennedy south Vietnam signs arms treaty with South Vietnam leader

Former vice president Richard milhouse
criticize president Kennedy s trip to Moscow. Former vice president Nixon says president kennedy is "cuddling with the Destruction
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Events 1966
Los Angeles mayor Sam Yorty loses Democratic nomination to Governor of California,after Edmund Brown announced his run for third term.after two terms Governor of California.
Pat Browns trekked across California telling citizens of the

Golden State they would be prosperous if he re elected their

Governor.meanwhile San Francisco mayor George Christopher loses gubernatorial bid to B movie actor Ronald Reagan in a upset victory for the former g e. Spokesperson. Brown after debate s called Reagan Goldwater clone while Reagan spoke of liberal

Democratic raising the states debt and the watts riot."You know an actor shot president Lincoln"That remark proved to cost Brown some votes.
Reagan won the election 39%Brown to Reagans 61%.


Republican nominee Edmund Brooke Defeats Democratic nominee Edicott Peabody ,He will now become First Black senator of Massachusetts.
1966 world series

Baltimore oreieo s become world series champions .

June 3.1966

Joaqiria Blagur elected new leader of Dominquen Republic.

" I thought it was crazy a song n dance man a senator(George Murphy) that bed time for bonzo guy as governor" Pete Duel 2013 interview.

May 2 1967

Govermor Charles percy of Illinois
is relieved his daughter Valerie escaped when a intruder broke in to their home.authorities took the suspect in custody.Percy also wins relection in 1968.

November 22 1967

Lee Harvey Oswald died of heart attack in Folsom prison.

December 12 1967

Both brothers Peter Duel and Geoffrey Deul appeared in early episode of name of the game.
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President Kennedy walked across the room His brother and closest advisor was in the room with him.
j.f.k:Forty-seven Americans have been killed in combat with the enemy,but it not american war.
but this is a very important struggle even though it is far away. were already in a situation., we just need to made a exit without losing too many lives Robert Kennedy told his brother the president of the united states.

Nixon on meet the press
IN the 1940s we took much
effort to defend Europe. Now Europe is quite we must protect southeast Asia but i think president kennedy policy towards that region of the world will destabilize that government.

1965 Nixon interview with Walter Cronkite.

MR. Nixon. The. President, in respect to our difficulties in South Viet-Nam,
seems to be removing troops and putting in special forces.

Nixon. well Walter, i assure you special forces are very well trained but president Kennedy is wavering In his commintment to help southeast Asia.
and should consider
altering that policy .

6 months later the president goes on meet the press.
Reporter: Former Vice President Nixon has been rather critical of your admintration regarding veitnam.

President Kennedy: Of course Nixon is critical(laughs) he is running for president in 68,but Veitnam well be takeN care of in the best safest way possible for our troops and the S.N.V.
REPORTER: there has been much riots across america and vocal out cry against racsism.
Kennedy" A politician cannot control the anger and hostility already brewing in the human heart what we can do is make sure the rights of every american regardless of skin color is not violated.

president Kennedy; we Have Sent The National guard Out

.there are some cities"s in america that are poverty stricken.
President Kennedy meets with Neil Armstrong to discuss future trip to the moon, at the end of the decade."bring

me a rock" he tells Armstrong which he will do and president Kennedy will keep it for the rest of his life.

February 12. 1967

The singer, actor Paul Anka perform for President Kennedy at the white house. The president tells Mrs. Kennedy paul anka has a good singing voice.then kisses her on the lips and squeezes her around waist.thinking how he could of died that day in Dallas Texas.


April 17. 1967

President Kennedy orders Special Forces to South Vietnam, massive bombing of North Vietnam is suggested by Kennedy aides but the president wants to pull out Special Forces by the end of the Decade.

The president tries to get vice president Collins to run in 1968.Collins had been a very loyal Kennedy man, but LRoy Colins sought to run for available Florida Senate seat
Event Date

1967 September 15

Olivia Flavea gets audition for American Bandstand, The 17 year old girl is happy to learn she had passed the bandstand audition.also her younger sister would dance on bandstand later on.
October 9 1967

Peter Lawford found dead in his Santa Monica home.president kennedy makes statement.he will miss his late brother in law.
October 11 1967

President Kennedy VIsits Italy sign meets with Italian president Calinn Giupsie ,signs trade deal.

March 1 1968
Peter Duel volunteer for Eugene McCarthy . presidential campaign 1968 campaign. Once he volunteers he meets fellow volunteer Beth Griswold and starts a relationship with her.

April 7.1969

Charles Degaulle resigns as leader of France succeeded by Aprus Payne.

LATE 1967

Congress vetoes president Kennedy proposal for usa/ussr joint flight to the moon but approves statehood for Dc
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21 6 1968
Pete Duel would appear in hollywood productions by the afternoon he would work the senator Eugene Mcarthy presidential campaign.

Vice president Collins was considered for the running mate position in 1960 but the Job was given to then senator Lyndon Johnson

Senator Lyndon Johnson urgeged Governor Rockefeller to run not wanting Samuel Stratton to win. Senator Johnson feared Straton would pick Robert Kennedy as his running mate or Bobby would run for Strattons senate seat if he defeats Nixon.

senator Humphrey was a loyal suporter president Kennedy s domestic legislation but decided to retire from the Senate in 1970 due to health reasons.and once president Johnson dropped out he was considered the go too man for nomination with Senate seniority/ senator Samuel S. Styratton n.y. mcarthy minn vying 1968 nomination since senator Humphrey was sitting 68 out thought he would be a perfect candidate. .Kennedys domestic legislation was a success with passage of 1965 civil rights bill .Medicare but Vietnam was a big question mark since many even in the Democratic party thought compact troops should be sent to south Vietnam to fight the veit cong.

senator Stratton. of New York
Alabama Governor George Wallace,senator McCarthy both tried to get 68 presidential nomination Eugene mcarthy
MCarthy had won many states but not close enough.senator Kennedy like his brother 5 years before him was tragedy killed after winning California primarry.

Richard Daley of Chicago had strong influence on the Delegates in 19 68 no way in hell! Daley said to president Johnson concerning a Wallace nomination."The best defense is taking the first punch"that's my foreign policy said Henry Jackson,senator from Washington.

the Alabama governor had enough money to run third party."Not a dime of difference between either party" said the Alabama Governor.

Michigan Governor George Romney could of been the 1968 Republican nominee had it not been for the comment "There trying to brainwash me about sending combat troops to Vietnam"
Ezra Taft Benson was kicked out of the Mormon church for agreeing to be Governor George Wallace running mate.

when pete Duel ,Roger Davis played in the t.v. film young country.Hunter took a role meant for walter brennan because he was ill at the time.

life after star trek was good for Leonard Nimoy he played Paris in mission impossible.for 4 seasons and directed a few Episodes.of trek two parter city of the edge of forever and m.i.

Also, Walter Koenig had a scene flirting with actress Debbie Watson in the cool ones.then getting his arm twisted by gil Peterson(who later stared with Sharon Taite in valley of the dolls sequel.playing her husband)
"go play with sicko's your own age"watson would go on to play Koenig love interest in this way to eden. Also played joanna

McCoy in last star trek episode


20th century fox released planet of apes

.marlon Brando had co staring role as zauis staring Kim Hunter this was their second film together,they worked on street car name desire previously. ,Charlton Hasten. Roddy played Taylor,Cornelius Roddy mcdowall would reprise his role as Cornelius
sadly there was a planed sequel but Brando would die of a fatal heart attack.
Planet of Ape tv series. In the tv Piolet David Watson would play Cornelius since Roddy was Directing the film ,Eric Ambler's novel Epitaph for a spy playing
planet of apes t.v. series would last 4 years 1974 to 1978.series would end with astronauts returning home and Cornelius cleared of any wrong doing by zaius.

James. Naughton
Ron harper
,Booth Coleman. Mark Leonard rounded up the cast .guest stars included. Kim Hunter.Sally Field,Geoffrey Deul.

later on he would play sherlock holmes as. Well directing Tam lin staring Ava Gardner. Holmes.also Roddy Mcdowall would get good reviews in the horror film.legend of hell house.


At the 1968 Democratic nomination president Kennedy endorses senator Samuel S. Stratton for president .

Oh no ! Not him.said George Forsyth.

Both governor's Rockefeller and Reagan tried to stop Nixon from winning the nomination on the first ballot. But fate had other things in mind. If both governor's Reagan and Rockefeller worked together former vice President Nixon may of lost the 1968 nomination .governor George Romney of Michigan was a early Republican favorite to win nomination but his campaign ran out of steam.

He had the best chance of all the candidates to win the nomination but his bid for the nomination lost traction as the primaries went on It seems each week Nixon was pitted against a new challenger.
There were fractions of the G.o.p .that urged Senator Charles Percy to run but he decided not to run.
Stromm Thurmond told Nixon he had to have a conservative running mate to win the this eliminated senator mark Hatfield of Oregon and N.y.c. Mayor John Lindsay.many believed John Volpe was not a good pick because Governor Rockefeller defeated Volpe in Massachusetts where Volpe was a favorite son candidate. Lieutenant governor Bob Flinch was Nixon ' s early choice but Nixon would of had to call the big apple,New York,his
Home state.This time another Kennedy could not run against Nixon like four years"s ago.there would be no presidential debate" as well.
Richard M.Nixon
John Volpe
34.14.09. George Wallace
Ezra Taft Benson

Terry Sanford


213. 33.12.7
"We would of won had I made another run for the presidency and been the been the candidate president,senator Lyndon Johnson told lady bird.

In Florida Governor
LeRoy Collins defeated Kurt Gurney 53% to Gurny's 47% president PRESIDENT kENNEDY called him on the phone said

"you did better in the Senate run then Stratton did against Nixon in the presidential run. I guess you made the correct decision this year."(sighs)

Nixon former California congressman turned senator vice president Nixon under president Eisenhower in his victory speech promised to restore honor after stalemate in Vietnam u.s. proxy war race riots in the streets of America. Young people living a hippie lifestyle.
Nixon now president elect defeat s Samuel S. Stratton but he would be a thorn on Nixons side the rest of his first and only term as senator of New York.

After the election Peter Duel declared himself done with politics.
He did the film generation and began dating actress Kim Darby,Beth was heartbroken.actors ! Well the hell with him. Beth with tears in her eyes torn up letters Duel wrote to her as she read about Pete's relationship with Kim Darby in film magazine.



Soon Duel would get a role on a show called Alias Smith and joneson Duel told his manager John Napeir he didn't want to do another series. unfortunately for pete Deuel changed his name to Peter Duel ,he was tied to a 7 year contract by universal and had to do the western produced and created by Roy Higgens and Glen Larson


President Nixon takes u.s off gold standard.

Neil Armstrong becomes first man on moon.
January 12 1970


Jimmy page s John Paul Jones
John Bonham. Robert Plant tour as new yardbirds.

they change name to led zeppelin. First album would be number one best seller.
In early 1970 released December in UK 1969.

The Nixon cabinet
PresidentRichard Nixon1969–1974
Vice President1969-
John volpe
Secretary of StateWilliam P. Rogers1969–1974
Secretary of the TreasuryDavid M. Kennedy1969–1971
George Shultz1972–1974
William E. Simon1974
Secretary of DefenseMelvin Laird1969–1973
Elliot Richardson1973
James R. Schlesinger1973–1974
Attorney GeneralJohn N. Mitchell1969–1972
Richard Kleindienst1972–1973
Elliot Richardson1973
William B. Saxbe1974
Postmaster GeneralWinton M. Blount1969–1971
Secretary of the InteriorWally Hickel1969–1970
Rogers Morton1971–1974
Secretary of AgricultureClifford M. Hardin1969–1971
Earl Butz1971–1974
Secretary of CommerceMaurice Stans1969–1972
Peter G. Peterson1972–1973
Frederick B. Dent1973–1974
Secretary of LaborGeorge Shultz1969–1970
James Day Hodgson1970–1973
Peter J. Brennan1973–1974
Secretary of Health,
Education, and Welfare
Robert Finch1969–1970
Elliot Richardson1970–1973
Caspar Weinberger1973–1974
Secretary of Housing and
Urban Development
George W. Romney1969–1973
James T. Lynn1973–1974
Secretary of TransportationGeorge H.Bush1969–1973
Claude Brinegar1973–1974
Director of the
Bureau of the Budget
Robert Mayo1969–1970
Director of the Office of
Management and Budget
George Shultz1970–1972
Caspar Weinberger1972–1973
Roy Ash1973–1974
Ambassador to the United NationsCharles Yost1969–1971cliff
Robert Taft1971–1973
John A. Scali1973–1974
Counselor to the PresidentArthur F. Burns1969
Daniel Patrick Moynihan1969–1970
Bryce Harlow1969–1970
Robert Finch1970–1972
Donald Rumsfeld1970–1971
Anne Armstrong1973–1974
Dean Burch1974
Kenneth Rush1974

June 2.1971
Astrid Gilbert famous for the song girl from impanema sings at Hollywood Bowl.the show sold out quickly so an 2nd concert date was added.
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PREIDENT Kennedy returns home!

November 27 never getting a chance to deliver his speech at the Dallas trade mart President Kennedy and his wife return to Dallas Washington to continue leading the greatest nation on god s green earth.
“President Kennedy a black man saved YOUR LIFE. PLEASE MR PRESIDENT USE THIS CHANCE TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT” SAID Martin Luther King in a frank statement to the press in late 1963.

Early 1964 The magazine life would do a featured article on the Bobby Baker scandal president Johnson due to his involvement in said scandal would resign but not before giving a speech to congress concerning passage of a civil rights bill.
“ I would of made a great president” he would tell lady bird before his resignation.
Search for a running mate.

Terry Sanford Governor of South Carolina was Kennedy’s first choice to be his running mate ,however he politely declined. Robert Kennedy suggested the presidents close friend Florida Senator George Smathers” curious George”. Kennedy liked Smather”s personally but felt he belonged in the senate. another Florida resident got the number 2 spot. Florida governor Leroy Collins. Collins wanted the spot in 1960 but Lyndon Johnson was master of the senate as majority speaker and had more influence with Democratic delegates.

Republican Nomination
Nelson Rockefeller won the California Republican primary however when Happy gave birth to Nelson j.r. it gave rise to rumor’s the New York Governor had been unfaithful to his wife. Pennsylvania governor William Scaranton had entered the race late and congresswoman Magret Chase Smith,Henry Cabot Lodge did not gather many Delegates.
Arizona Senator won the Republican nomination by a literally hair on his face!! B movie actor Ronald Wilson Reagan the former g.e. spokesperson gave a speech for Goldwater that received a loud applause, while N.y. Governor Nelson Rockefeller was booed off stage.
“ I WATCHED THE 1964 DEBATES President Kennedy was very confident ,poised detailing how he eased tensions during Cuban missile crisis when many in his staff wanted to go to war with Soviet union. How civil rights must be pass however, Goldwater said the segregation should end but on state level not mandated by federal government and appeasement by soviet union was unacceptable.
1964 United States presidential election
November 3, 1964
1968 →​

538 members of the Electoral College
270 electoral votes needed to win​
61.9%[1] 0.1 pp
John Fritzgerald Kenendy​
Home state
Running mate
Leroy Collins​
Charles Halleck​
Electoral vote
States carried
44 + DC
Popular vote

California election
1970 →​
Alan Cranston​
Popular vote

New York election
1970 →​
Popular vote

Tennessee special election
November 3, 1964
1966 →​
Popular vote
1964 United States Senate election in Ohio
November 3, 1964
1970 →​
Popular vote
How did you do those wiki infoboxes?
,"I hated the first day of filming Alias smith and jones .the horse actually tried to bite me,the food on the set gave me food bourne Ben murphy was nice and we never got especially close ,one positive thing about Ben Murphy

my costar was delivering his lines. :George

Forsyth 2013 interview

Duel secretly hoped the show would get canned. Some good came with him he met Diane welsh abc secretary ,who worked on such shows as man from uncle,
he met her on the set and they wed soon afterwords.

Sally field,who he adored as a sister guest stared in a episode of Alias smith and Jones.


as well as pernal Roberts.J.d Cannon .Jeff Hunter.Roger Davis

He made enough money to buy a apartment beach wood canyon drive.hopefully after Alias smith and Jones leaves the t.v. air waves he could pursue film work exclusively.
In mid 60's Forsyth played drug addict In
Roy Thines is trying to help in the psychologist TV episode,hour of the lotus very rarely was Forsyth pleased with his t.v. work but there was exception now and again.


also between season 1:and two of Alias smith Jones.pete Duel got good reviews in the tv movie scarecrow. Also his sister,Pamela Deul survived being kidnaped.she was happy she had escaped.

They were quite close growing up and he met the world to her.
His brother
Geoffrey Deul played Billy the kid in the John Wayne film ,Chisholm.
March 12 1970

Before A.S.a.j. Pete Duel did a western tv series young country. Jeff Hunter had a role meant for Walter Brennan.again in Alias Smith in Jones the episode he was a guest star in was meant for Walter Brennan.

On the set of Alias Smith and Jones he met Abc secretary Diane Welsh.they began dating soon afterwards.There was one episode of Alias Smith and Jones he was where he sang simple gifts.his character Hannibal Hayes never shot anyone.

January 1 1969

Near the twilight of president Kennedys"s presidency he spoke to Harvard graduating class of 1968."
whatever path you take in life,don't go into politics" (laughs) unless you like sado machism said the 35th president.
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George Forsyth hated the first day of filming Alias smith and jones .the horse actually tried to bite him,the food on the set gave him food illness.ben Murphy his costar was quite standoffish.
Forsyth secretly hoped the show would get canned. Some good came with him he was Diane Ray abc secretary he met on the set.
Sally field so he adored as a sister guest starred.

He made enough dinero to buy a apartment beach wood canyon drive.hopefully after alias smith and jones leaves the t.v. air waves he could pursue film work exclusively.
Forsyth was also happy his sister Pamela escaped being kidnapped. They were quite close growing up and he met the world to her.
His brother Geofrey played Billy the kid in the John Wayne film chishum.

Actor Richard Burton director Stanely Kubrick found dead at Kubrick's home 12 days later los Angeles mayor 1966 gubernatorial , Sam Yorty shot to death on way to his office.l.apd sfpd arrest 12 people for the murders Ervil Baron charge with orchestrating and plotting he felt good wanted these people taken down.
Brian Wilson produces his friend charles manson folk music debut.manson says being adopted raised by folk music fans attributed to his fine praising but he could be a rascal at times.
Dave Davis of the kinks works on the stones music let it bleed. Mick Jagger offers Dave to join the stones replacing Brian Jones but leaving the kinks even though his brother ray is difficult would not be much better then then Mick and Keith.who quite frankly can be quite demanding of their coworkers.
Jeff Hunter like George Forsyth wanted to leave tv behind but this sadly was not the case. He tried to get the lead in French connection opposite Gene Hackman but the role went to william Shatner. He also wanted felix leiter in h.m.s.a this part also went to Shatner.
Hunter played in the alias smith and jones piolet,took over the lead 3rd final season of land of the lost.played commander Caine in Battlestar galactica.turned down hiding the joanna Barbra star trek cartoon
Had shootout with Matt dillon in last ep of gunsmoke.this was his final t.v part.Hunter after battling the bottle watched Billy Graham on t v. Threw the bottle across the floor got on his knees and prayed.
Batman had final season on CBS and what was a awfully season it was.Bob Denver played joker in two corny ep.last ep.wolliam Shatner and Roddy mcdowall teamed up as the riddler and the bookworm respectively.
Speaking of Roddy Mcdowall.1970 was exciting as orson Welles directed him as Josef Odessa in the film Epitaph for a spy based on the Eric Ambler Novel.also Mcdowall played the title character in low budget Sherlock Holmes film.
Assuming 'Mannix' debuts in this timeline like it did in real life in 1967
In 1970 Stanley Kubricks film was released Space 2001
Screenplay by
Produced byStanley Kubrick
CinematographyGeoffrey Unsworth
Edited byRay Lovejoy
Orsonm Well Director Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release dates
  • 2 April 1968 (Uptown Theater)
  • 3 April 1968 (United States)
  • 15 May 1968 (United Kingdom)
Running timeapprox. 143 minutes[1]
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
Budget$10.5 million
Box office$146 million
April 6.1968

.Justin Trudeuv becomes next prime

.Minister of Canada.

.1970 NHL Championship

.Boston Bruins win Stanley Cup this year.
.Dennis Hopper wins Oscar for his role in the Godfarther film.
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February 23, 1969
Nixon visits Brussels
Nixon begins an eight-day European visit in Brussels.
March 4, 1969
Warning to Viet Cong
Nixon warns that the United States will take action in the event of a new Viet Cong offensive.
April 18, 1969
Resuming North Korean reconnaissance
Following an attack on a U.S. plane on April 15, Nixon orders that reconnaissance flights off of North Korea be resumed.
April 30, 1969
Consolidating federal aid
Nixon asks that Congress be granted authority to consolidate federal assistance programs to states and cities, giving locals greater control over the use of federal funds.
May 14, 1969
Withdrawal from South Vietnam
Nixon proposes a plan whereby the United States and North Vietnam would agree to withdraw forces from South Vietnam.
May 27, 1969
Post Office goes public
Nixon asks that Congress make the Post Office department a public corporation.
Exit From Wickenburg
Alias Smith and Jones: Season 1, Episode 3
Jeff Hunter stars in
June 8, 1969

Leaving Vietnam
Nixon announces a plan to withdraw 25,000 U.S. troops from South Vietnam by August 31.
July 9, 1969
Cutting government personnel
Nixon orders cuts in overseas government personnel by 10 percent.
July 20, 1969
Men land on the moon
The Nasa Apollo 11 mission is a success with men landing on the moon.
In-Depth Exhibits
The Space Race
July 25, 1969
The "Nixon Doctrine"
Nixon affirms his desire to withdraw U.S. troops from southeast Asia and declares that individual nations will bear a larger responsibility for their own security. Initially referred to as the “Guam Doctrine,” this statement later becomes known as the “Nixon Doctrine.”
Nixon proposes welfare reform
Nixon discloses his program for welfare reform, which includes the Family Assistance Plan.
October 31, 1969
Self sufficiency in Latin America or
Nixon declares that Latin America must be responsible for its own social and economic progress.
November 3, 1969
North Vietnam rejects peace
Nixon reveals that North Vietnam has rejected the administration's secret peace offers. He proposes a plan for the gradual and secretive withdrawal of troops.
November 26, 1969
Nixon signs Selective Service Reform
Nixon signs the Selective Service Reform bill aimed at calming conscription anxieties; this bill ensured that draftees are selected by a lottery system, that the prime eligibility of draftees be reduced from seven years to one, and that draftees aged 19 would be selected at highest priority.
March 24, 1970
Aims to end segregation
The administration announces that it will seek to end de jure segregation, or segregation by law, though de facto segregation or segregation in practice is still common.
April 23, 1970
Nixon ends draft deferments
Nixon signs executive order ending occupational and parental deferments for the draft.
June 17, 1970
Request for wage and price restraint
Nixon addresses the nation through television, asking for wage and price restraint.
July 9, 1970
Creating the EPA
Nixon puts forth a plan to reorganize federal environmental agencies, leading to the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency.
July 20, 1970
Potential Vietnamese open election
Nixon states in a news conference that the United States would accept a coalition government in Vietnam if it was chosen in an open election.
July 23, 1970
Interagency Committee on Intelligence
Nixon approves a plan to form an Interagency Committee on Intelligence to coordinate operations against domestic targets, namely anti-war leftists and suspected communists.
August 12, 1970
Postal Service established
Nixon approves and signs the Postal Reorganization Act, which establishes an independent United States Postal Service.
1970 Boston Bruins
1970 Boston Bruins
The Boston Bruins won their first Stanley Cup in 29 years with a sweep over the St. Louis Blues. The image of the Cup-winning goal by Bobby Orr - with Orr flying through the air - is among the most memorable in hockey history.

Ben murphy,Peter Elstrom Duel appear on Dick Cavett show.cavette tells them he will do an cameo on Alias Smith and Jones ,

March 27.1970
American Bandstand Dancer Olivia Flavea on drums vocals , Rosemary Butler bass,vocals shel pinozota guitar,Sherry Hagler keyboards.)release self titled album,"Birtha " under Dunhill recods the female band begins first tour of North America.

May 6.1973
Arthur Marx takes restraining order to fleming whi had been married to her farther since 69.claiming elder abuse.
To outsiders, it seemed that George Forsyth had wanted nothing but a film career


On December 30.1971 New years eve...
Pete Duel got shot by a intruder in his beach canyon home .while in hospital Roger Davis would play the role of Hannibal Hayes opposite Ben Murphy."I went to the universal set in studio city California wondering if my dear

friend would pull

Through"Roger Davis would tell a reporter.

Peter Duel would return to Alias and Jones and also would find his wife,Diane welsh was having an affair with a friend of his.

2013 interview

" My body felt so light ,i felt i was floating ,once i awakened in the hospital. it seem like
an eternity had passed:"

Alias smith and Jones lasted January 1970 to May 1973 produced by Glen Larson based on the hit film butch Cassidy and Sundance kid

The final season Duel found it hard to smile.t.v. work was simply trudge to him and he could not fake smiles no longer. Duel gained weight the final and third season of the196os he found a kindred spirit in Sally field working on gidget. he missed working on Gidget liked it better then A.S.A.J. also missed working on Hell with heroes and his other quirky 1960s films, They were a unique experience for the New York born thespian.

Now in the 1970s his relationship to Diane welsh was crumbling and he was missing Beth Griswold .having fond memories of the 1968 mcarthy presidential campaign.and now stuck in a western t.v.series at a
time the genre was fading away ,

comparisons were made between Butch cassidy and sundance kid With Alias smith and jones a series he did not like. comparing Butch cassidy film with his series and laughed it off saying it was no big deal.
now A.s.a..j.ended ,Duel got a political science degree at u.s.c and attended lectures concerning ecology. Pete Duel
auditioned for the lead in silent running because of the films environmental message but did not get the part. He also ran for seat on Hollywood screen actors board did not get that either.
1970 world series
June 1972
Oregon s Defeat Red s 4 to 1.

Edmund Muskie was born in rumfield me the year 1914.his wife was Jane 1972 close to winning primary Canucks letter harmed his chance s .other challengers were George Wallace who was crippled in assassination attempt.George Mcgovern. Won the nomination John V. Linsey mayor of NYC.shirley Chishum representative of N.y. did not offer much competition Mcgovern once nominated by the Democrats picked Edward Kennedy brother of president
1972 United States presidential election
538 members of the Electoral College
270 electoral votes needed to win
1968November 7, 19721976
Turnout55.2%[1] 5.6 pp

413. President
Richard Nixon
Vice president
John volpe
Popular 37.16.11 Popular 21.13.04
Edward Moore kennedy

March 8 1970 a young man with gun shoots Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty dead along with his aid along with the Mayor front stare step. 3 weeks later two ladies are picked up by actor James Burton . They go to Stanley Kubrick's house.the woman kill everyone at the party with magnum .a month later s.f.p.d. arrest cult leader Ervile LeBaron for ordering the killings. he said God wanted these people taken down.

September 14 1975

Democratic candidate sargent Shriver defeats Republican opponent 65.50% to Louise Gore 36.51
From 1975 _ 1977

Duel spent the day on film sets at night as E.m.t. and when not attends ecology lectures. Jeff Hunter has brief role as a hologram. planet of Apes episode "Legacy:
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