Important Microsoft Email Addresses and the Sietch


Das BOOT (literally)
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I have gotten several queries about why people cannot use Hotmail and MSN email addresses on the Sietch and requesting that we fix whatever it is.

Unfortunately this is an issue between Microsoft and our hosting provider. Microsoft (and their various email services) have permanently blacklisted our hosting provider for past issues with spammers making use of it. According to our provider the issues which had permitted this have long been resolved, but Microsoft has not removed the blacklist despite stating that it is 'under review'.

Therefore, if you make use of Hotmail, MSN, or for your email needs, we have the following recommendation. Create a throwaway gmail account, set it to automatically forward to your preferred email service, and register using the gmail account. All notifications and such will then automatically go to that gmail account, be forwarded to your actual account, and all should be well.

Unfortunately that is all we can advise, we are able to manually activate accounts if need be, but the above is the preferred method of resolving this situation.

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