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Africa Longtime 'President' of Chad Idriss Deby, dies in Battle with Rebels


The Dog Whistler... I mean Whisperer
Aug 13, 2019
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The Drakwald
And because Mainstream Media is uniformly shit, you probably never heard about this until now.

Now Idriss Deby isn't your everyday President for Life. He was a distinguished military Commander in Libya, having served under the Habre Administration back in the 80's. He was a Senior Leader of the Armed Forces during the famous Toyota War where poorly supplied and outnumbered Chadian Rebels repeatedly decimated the Libyan Army and their local allies. His greastest victory over the Libyans was when he helped a force of two thousand Chadian troops across the border into Libya and launched an attack on a Libyan Airbase protected by over twenty five hundred troops. At the cost of less then two hundred casualties, they killed over 1500 Libyan troops, a hundred armored vehicles, over two dozen aircraft and eight radar stations, completely destroying said airbase and ending that War.

Later President Habre (realistically) feared a Coup from Idriss Deby (and had his Cousin who led the previous Battle) killed. Deby fled the country, fleeing first to Sudan and then to Qaddafi's Libya, the home of his once rival and then with Libyan support, ousted President Habre in an unopposed Coup.

Since 1990, Idriss Deby ruled the country of Chad as an Authoritarian President for Life basically. He was apparently far less bloody then his predecessor (Habre's rule was despotic and resulted in the death of over fifty thousand dissidents and the imprisoning of 200,000 more during his rule) but still an Authoritarian none the less and throughout his entire rule, suffered from attempted coups, rebellions and assassination attempts, many of them sponsored by their Islamist ruled neighbor Sudan under President Omar al-Bashir. In 2005 and 2006 Sudanese backed Rebels threatened Chad's capital but Deby's forces fought them off and in 2008, Chad launched a retaliatory expedition that attacked Sudan's Capitol of Khartoum and killed over a hundred soldiers in the ensuing fighting.

Chad, perhaps due in part due to its Authoritarian ruler was far more stable then many of its neighbors in spite of its many internal problems and was a bulwark often supported by the West. Along with combating Islamists in the Darfur and Sudan, Chad sent peacekeepers to the Central African Republic during their Civil War crisises, supported France in Operation Serval when the AQIM overran much of Mali, and joined a multinational effort to combat Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria and Cameroon. He recognized also recognized the State of Israel. He often made promises of reform but his government was nevertheless rife with corruption and suppression of political opposition (though apparently not nearly as bad as Habre was).

Anyways... this is all to point out that Idriss Deby's leadership of a country named Chad was quite ironic considering the life he lived and his death should have more impact and consequence on world affairs.

Apparently Idriss Deby was visiting troops in Northern Chad who were battling rebel groups in that area when he was killed. Iit's reported that he died in battle fighting these Rebels, which is a suspicious narrative to say the least but considering his history, perhaps true. Already... despite being a 'democratic' country the Chadian military announced Idriss Deby's 34 year old son Mahamat would lead a Transitional Military Council as the Chadian Parliament was dissolved upon Idriss Deby's death.

Idriss Deby was sixty eight years old.


Swashbuckling accountant
Aug 23, 2019
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It's most likely the rebels learned of the path his convoy took (piss poor OPSEC) and laid an ambush. I reckon his son will take over.
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