Important "Kislev and the Great War Against Chaos" Presented by the Book of Choyer and The Sietch


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The Book of Choyer is a Warhammer Fantasy Lore Channel. They've been active for a few years and have grown pretty well. I've been a loyal subscriber of their channel since the excellent lore video on the Battle of Hal Fenn. Currently The Book of Choyer creates lore videos related to the Warhammer Fantasy universe and as of a few months ago even started a lore heavy narrative Total War Warhammer 2 campaign. All of his videos have gotten five digit views minimum and many of his most popular videos have received several hundred thousand views.

Kislev and the Great War Against Chaos is the result of not just The Sietch sponsoring the video, but a months long collaboration from beginning to end. It was great fun helping in a small way with the research and script of this video and extremely cool to see the fruits of our collaboration end up being this channels longest lore video yet.

The Sietch chose to sponsor a lore video on Kislev not just because it's the coolest (no pun intended) country in the Old World, but because it's both a bulwark against Chaos and a very improbable but ultimately awesome blending of Russia, Polish, Baltic, Slavic, Mongolian and Scandinanvian lore.

Please check out this lore video. It's a great watch for fans of Warhammer lore specifically, fantasy settings in general and it really does come across with the quality and detail that you might expect from one of those fancy Historical Youtubers. The Book of Choyer's lore videos are top notch and as good as any other channel out there and it was a pleasure working with them over these past few months and seeing the idea develop into this FORTY minute long lore video.

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The quality on these videos is basically professional level, which is really nice. I really hope for it to drive a lot of Warhammer content on the forum -- that would be a nice direction for us to take which would attract many more like-minded people.
Not what I expected but it's a worthy fan achievement for this forum to contribute to those involved. Congratulations on a job well done.
Awesome I'm registered now. I was brought to this page by this specific video. Choyer is amazing and I'm grateful.


Welcome aboard. Glad the video we collaborated on with the Book of Choyer piqued your interest in our forum!

We do have a lot of Warhammer fans here but sadly not a lot of Warhammer 'content' beyond discussion of the fandom and setting itself at the moment.

Is once again losing its land to Ostland and Khan von Raukov while Woodsman Helmut salivates over Zavastra.


Just look at Valmir, probably got his own Ungol-themed Book of Grudges and is taking advantage of the lack of ice magic while he still can.
Did the site see a spike of new users or guest views after this advertisement?

There was a spike of new user registrations actually the week following. On a couple of the subsequent days it was double digit registrations and in general it was probably around "double" at least the immediate prior amount of user registrations for about a week after. Hopefully the two are related. :)
I agree

This is a wonderful site, but Im not too happy about the colours either, grey and red is not such a nice combination

But surely this would be fairly easy to change, no?

There should be an option on the bottom for a darker blue combination. Or a generic white color based one.

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