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Chapter 1: 2022 Midterms (Part X)

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*Rhode Island:
Having ascended to the Governorship in March 2021 upon the resignation of then-Rhode Island Governor Gina Rainmondo (D), who became President Cuomo's US Secretary of Commerce, incumbent Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee (D) had faced several headwinds during his administration including FBI investigations on allegations of influence peddling, corruption allegations, etc.,

Republicans nominated
Ashley Klaus (R) to challenge McKee's bid for his first full four-year term. Klaus ran a very spirited campaign across the state by highlighting her alternatives on how state government is being run; blasting corruption inside the McKee administration; including the most recent hostile debate between the two rivals. McKee easily won election to his first full four-year term by double digits. DEMOCRATIC HOLD.

*South Carolina: Incumbent South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster (R) throttled former US Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC) in a landslide victory by double digits, securing his second full four-year term making him the Palmetto State's longest-serving Governor with 10 years of service by January 13, 2027. REPUBLICAN HOLD.

*South Dakota: Controversial, but popular incumbent South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) trounced Jamie Smith (D) with 65% of the statewide vote. Speculation will be swirling around Noem's political future on whether she'll be running for the Presidency in 2024. REPUBLICAN HOLD.

*Tennessee: Over in the Volunteer State, incumbent Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R) crushed his Democratic challenger Jason Martin (D) securing four more years in the Tennessee Governor's Mansion. REPUBLICAN HOLD.

*Texas: Meanwhile inside the Lone Star State, popular incumbent Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) destroyed washed-up and overrated former US Rep. Robert O'Rourke (D-TX) in a resounding landslide victory, carrying 241 out of 254 counties. Abbott's victory made him the sixth Texas Governor to serve three terms in the Texas Governor's Mansion following Allan Shivers (D); Price Daniel, Sr., (D); John Connally (D); Mark Wells White, Jr., (D); Rick Perry (R).

Exit polls revealed Abbott won 68% of Anglos; 21% of African Americans; 42% of Latinos; 49% of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders. REPUBLICAN HOLD.
Greg Abbott (R-incumbent): 4,673,783 (57.83%)βœ”

Robert O'Rourke (D): 3,018,129 (39.16%)

Popular incumbent Vermont Governor Phil Scott (R) handily defeated Democratic challenger Brenda Siegel (D) winning a fourth two-year term. REPUBLICAN HOLD.

*Wisconsin: The eyes of the nation came upon the Badger State where incumbent Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) had faced an aggressive challenge from Republican Tim Michels (R), where polling surveys showed neck-and-neck battle between the gubernatorial candidates. Michels was boosted by Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) including high-profile Republican figures.

Evers was aided by former President
Joe Biden, United States Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), the entire apparatus of the Wisconsin Democratic Party and several others. Wisconites spoke and reelected Evers (51% to 48%).

*Wyoming: Incumbent Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon (R) was easily reelected defeating Theresa Livingston (D).

*Guam: In the battle between Governors of the US Territory of Guam, incumbent Guam Governor Lourdes Leon Guerrero (D) easily defeated former Guam Governor Felix Camacho (R) by double digits (57% to 42%), securing four more years in the Governor's Mansion.

*Northern Mariana Islands: Incumbent Northern Mariana Islands Governor Ralph Torres (R), who's seeking reelection to a second full four-year term against former Northern Mariana Islands Lieutenant Governor Arnold Palacios (I) and Tina Sabian (D).

Torres and Palacios advanced to the runoff election.

*US Virgin Islands: Incumbent US Virgin Islands Governor Albert Bryan (D) won reelection quite handily by double digits avoiding a runoff with 56% of the vote.

COMING UP: The closely watched Arizona Gubernatorial election.
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Upcoming Installments Down the Stretch

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Profile on Washington Governor Jay Robert Inslee (D)
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Chapter 1: 2022 Midterms (Part XI)

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*November 14, 2022: Less than six days after the 2022 Midterms, there was one gubernatorial election that hadn't been called yet and it took place in the Grand Canyon State, where the battle to replace term limited Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) came down to two controversial candidates with ugly dark pasts: Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) and popular former Phoenix television anchor Kari Lake (R) .

The Arizona gubernatorial election turned quickly upside down for obvious reasons: Lake going full MAGA over aggressively in questioning the 2020 Presidential election; saying that Hobbs needs to be put in prison and a whole bunch of crazy stuff.

Hobbs' skeletons came out during the campaign too: allegations which confirmed she participated in a slave auction back in her high school days caused some embarrassment for many inside the Arizona Democratic Party including those in the Democratic National Committee and Democratic Governors Association, who spent millions to win the office.

Following months and long-dragged-out drama, Hobbs emerged victorious defeating Lake by less than 17,000 votes ending 13 years of Republicans controlling the Arizona Governorship and made history becoming the first Democratic Governor in the Grand Canyon State since then-Arizona Governor
Janet Napolitano (D) ,who won reelection in a massive landslide victory with 65% of the statewide vote in 2006 carrying all 15 counties.

Hobbs will be inaugurated as Arizona's 24th Governor on Monday, January 2, 2023.
*Arizona Governor (Open)

Katie Hobbs (D): 1,287,891 (50.3%)βœ”
Kari Lake (R): 1,270,774 (49.7%)

COMING UP IN KEEP AMERICA FREE: Runoff election results in the Northern Mariana Islands Gubernatorial election.
Chapter 1: 2022 Midterms (Part XII)

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*November 25, 2022: Emboldened by the backlash against the corruption engulfing scandal-plagued incumbent Northern Mariana Islands Governor Ralph Torres (R), CNMI voters came to the polls in the closely-watched gubernatorial runoff election 17 days after Election Day.

The verdict was.....
*Northern Mariana Islands Governor (Runoff Election)

Arnold Palacios (I): 7,077 (54.1%)βœ”
Ralph Torres (R-incumbent): 6,017 (45.9%)


*Tuesday, December 6, 2022: Over in the Peach State, which the eyes of the world was watching: incumbent United States Senator
Raphael Warnock (D-GA) defeated Herschel Walker (R) in the Georgia US Senate Runoff election.

Considering Democrats were already projected to maintaim control of the United States Senate following the reelection victory of United States Senator
Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), this gives the Democrats some breathing room in the United States Senate including advantage in committee assignments, chairing committees and subcommittees, etc.,
Raphael Warnock (D-incumbent): 1,816,096 (51.4%)βœ”
Herschel Walker (R): 1,719,483 (48.6%)

COMING UP IN KEEP AMERICA FREE: United States Senator Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) gives Democrats the finger by switching political parties!
Chapter 2: The Karen from Arizona

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Chapter 2: Bombshell from the Grand Canyon State

*Thursday, December 8, 2022: Less than two days following Warnock's reelection victory in the Georgia US Senate Runoff election, the political world goes crazy yet again as United States Senator Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) announced in a video on Social Media that she was leaving the Democratic Party effective immediately and becoming an Independent.

Sinema's move had been rumored for quite awhile due to mass grumblings and anger from liberals and progressive Democrats, who accused the Grand Canyon State's Senior United States Senator of blocking the Cuomo administration's key initiatives such as the John Lewis Voting Rights Act; Build Back Better among countless other legislative priorities.

Sinema during an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, justified switching political parties because she felt she never fit in any particular political box or party. Others suspected the timing of this was odd based on her recent address at the McConnell Public Policy Center in Louisville, Kentucky.
Chapter 2: Personal PoV's (Part I)

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......"The 2022 Midterms were a mixed bag for both political parties. Republicans failed to live up to high expectations for winning 57+ seats in the US House of Representatives, only winning just about 25 seats. McCarthy is going to become the new Speaker of the House come January 3, 2023, but the crazy assholes in his caucus though.....why in the fuck did this idiot pander to them 24/7 in order to win the votes for the job?

In the United States Senate, Democrats held onto their narrow majority in the upper chamber of 102 Senators. Democrats didn't lose a single incumbent during the 2022 Midterms and we were thrilled about Fetterman winning in Pennsylvania. Although it was because Shapiro's landslide victory carried Fetterman over the finish line.

On the Governorships: We were bummed out when Lombardo won the Nevada Governorship, where Sisolak just couldn't overcome backlash against his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic including his brave decision in shutting down the Silver State back in 2020. I gotta give Sisolak credit for doing his best in saving lives over there in the midst of a deadly international pandemic."
-Anonymous source

..."President Cuomo was relieved that Democrats kept control of the United States Senate including flipping some Governorships in Massachusetts, Maryland and Arizona while holding onto New York State, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado.

However, Cuomo administration associates were pissed off at that fat slob over there in Oregon, who took huge chunks of votes from Kotek, which costed us the Governorship over there. How in the fuck did that fat slobbery turkey neck piece of SHIT get 17 percent of the statewide vote? Now Oregonians are going be suffering from the female version of Glenn Youngkin (in reference to Drazan) for the next four years.

The biggest problem for us at the White House was Republicans winning control of the US House of Representatives. Which means lots of criminal subpoenas, countless investigations and whatever scandals these triggered fucks at Fox News would create in order tp brainwashing their viewers."
---Anonymous Female
December 12, 2022
Chapter 2: Personal PoV's (Part II)

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......"There was a young woman watching President Cuomo attending the ASEAN Summit in the aftermath of the 2022 Midterms. She was angry, gripping the armchair of the rocking chair furious as the President was speaking at the podium following a bilateral meeting with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

"That mother fucker raped me repeatedly. I ended up giving birth to triplet daughters because of what this scumbag did to me back sixteen years ago. I need to speak with somebody because I have to tell.... I just have to!"

She wasn't the only one alone angry at seeing Cuomo floating his arrogance and using the Presidency as a shield to protect him from criminal prosecution. There were as many as 73+ other women including some, who used to work at the New York State Executive Mansion in Albany during his 10 years as Governor.

After angrily turning off the television, she had to gather herself for several minutes, picked up the telephone. Someone on the other line answered, "This is Bill Hemmer of Fox News". She replied "Mr. Hemmer. This is Gabriela Ramirez and I have something of huge importance to tell you. It's about a prominent politician in the federal government who needs to be brought to justice...."

COMING UP: The explosive bombshells from multiple women come forward accusing President Cuomo of sexual harassment, assault and rape.
Author's note on Chapter 2 😎😎😎😎😎😎

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@WolfBear @The Immortal Watch Dog @Buba @Tiamat @Morphic Tide @The Whispering Monk

AUTHOR'S UPDATE: Apologies for being so busy working on The American Republic timeline, etc; I'll be getting back to polishing up Chapter 2 beginning this week.

Starting this week: Sports Headlines beginning with an Installment on the 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals between defending champion France vs Argentine Republic 😎
Chapter 2: Sports Headlines (Fall 2022: Part I)

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*Sunday, December 18, 2022: In what sports commentators, fans, broadcasters & others viewed as one of the best FIFA World Cup Finals in history, the Argentine Republic defeated defending FIFA World Cup champion France 3-3 via penalty kicks, 4-2; securing their third FIFA World Cup championship which was their first since 1986. Argentine Republic led 2-0 with goals scored by Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria at halftime, but Kylian Mbappe of France responded by scoring back-to-back goals tying it up 2-2 following the 80th minute. It was during Extra Time as when the match got more interesting: Messi scored his third goal of the match, giving Argentine Republic a 3-2 lead.....only to have the game tied up 3-3 when Mbappe tied things up which excited the French even more. It was during Extra Time that Argentine Republic eventually won it 4-2 in Penalty Kicks.

With the win, Argentine Republic surpassed France and Uruguay in most FIFA World Cup championships, only behind Brazil (5), Italy (4) and Germany (3) overall.
Chapter 2: Polling Matchups

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NBC News/Wall Street Journal Polling Survey (December 21, 2022)
Job Approval for President
Andrew Cuomo:
Approve: 29%

Disapprove: 57%

2024 Presidential Election Hypothetical Matchups: Florida Governor RonDeSantis (R) vs President Andrew Cuomo (D)
DeSantis (R): 61%
Cuomo (D-incumbent): 25%

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) vs President Cuomo:
Abbott (R): 54%
Cuomo (D-incumbent): 42%

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) vs President Cuomo (D):
Youngkin (R): 49%
Cuomo (D-incumbent): 36%

President Cuomo vs Former President Donald Trump (R):
Cuomo (D-incumbent): 29%
Trump (R): 29%
Undecided: 37%

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley (R-SC) vs President Cuomo:
Haley (R): 37%
Cuomo (D-incumbent): 30%
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Author's note on Chapter 2: Sports Headlines

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@BenjaminBurch @Buba @bintananth @Val the Moofia Boss @Atarlost @TheRomanSlayer @Morphic Tide

AUTHOR'S NOTE ON UPCOMING SPORTS INSTALLMENTS FOR CHAPTER 2: Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on winning their third Super Bowl Championship (1969, 2019, 2022) last night defeating Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. You can be strongly assured that this will be heavily worked on in the later part of Chapter 2 of the Sports Headlines 😎
Chapter 2: Personal PoV's (Fall 2022)

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......"Despite mixed performance in the 2022 Midterms, Republicans were determined to win back the White House and the growing number of scandals began to explode against the Cuomo administration.

The infamous Nursing Home Scandal back in New York State was rearing it's ugly head because of Fox News Chief Meterologist Janice Dean and hundreds of New Yorkers, majority of whom were hell-bent on bringing down the President of the United States by any means necessary. 15,000 New Yorkers died in nursing homes because of the controversial executive order that then-Governor Andrew Cuomo signed in March 2020.

Cuomo's political opponents were aggressively ramping up calls for investigations, criminal accountability, etc., with the Republicans having control of the US House of Representatives come January 3, 2023, things were going to get much worse for President Cuomo, whose administration was on the verge of total implosion."
-Excerpt from "Downfall: How a female employee took down the President"
Summer 2027
Chapter 2: Headlines (Fall 2022)

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*Washington Post reported DeSantis ordering Florida State Legislature to abolish all DEI programs in colleges and universities; rumors swirling DeSantis might ban NAACP from the Sunshine State.
*Republican-controlled Florida State Legislature likely approving DeSantis' aggressive upcoming second term agenda.
*Upping the Ante even further against the Cuomo administration: DeSantis escalates aggressive attacks.

*Thursday, December 22, 2022: With his upcoming inauguration set for January 3, 2023, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), whom many political observers view as a likely contender for the 2024 Republican Party presidential nomination, has unveiled a long list of legislative priorities for the upcoming 2023 legislative session in Tallahassee.

Among the legislative items:
*Banning all DEI programs in colleges and universities across the Sunshine State.
*Abolishment of black-majority congressional districts.
*Stripping all powers from Mayors, State Attorneys, local elected officeholders.
*Signing legislation to continue flying migrants to Blue States in the war against the Cuomo administration.
*Denying state funds to colleges and universities, who violate state law.
*Banning racial quotas in college athletics, should be based on merit.
*Aggressively enforcing bans on protests on the Florida State Capitol Building grounds with heavy, harsh prison terms.
Chapter 2: Headlines (Fall 2022: Part II)

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President Cuomo during End of Year Press Briefing at the White House.
*Friday, December 23, 2022: Politico reported that several Democrats are secretly jockeying for position in the event that embattled President Andrew Cuomo might not seek reelection in 2024 due to upcoming congressional oversight and investigations by the incoming Republican-controlled US House of Representatives.

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D), Illinois Governor JB Pritzker (D) and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) are rumored to be setting up potential campaign fleeters and gearing up travel outside of their respective States.

Vice President Kamala Harris, whose faced aggressive scrutiny and backlash over her disastrous handling of the Border Crisis over the past year, has been strongly criticized by many as incompetent, weak and politically toxic. With the Nursing Home Scandal investigations ramping up against Cuomo, there's a possibility of Cuomo being forced to resign which would result in Harris ascending to the Presidency.
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Chapter 2: Personal PoV's (Part III)

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......"California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) sensed a huge opportunity of moving up the ladder regardless if it ruffled some feathers on several friendships. With President Cuomo's administration facing more criminal and federal investigations into the growing Nursing Home Scandal and other illegal activities, Newsom figured out there was no way Cuomo would win reelection in 2024 because 73% of Americans said the country was in the wrong direction according to multiple polling surveys.

Quietly several Newsom associates began putting campaign feelers in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Michigan, etc., another sign that Newsom was planning on launching his campaign for the Presidency at the expense of fellow Californian, Vice President Kamala Harris.

Of course, Newsom wasn't alone in putting together presidential campaign exploration committees.

In the Pacific Northwest, Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D) was being mentioned as a potential contender for the Democratic Party presidential nomination in 2024 if President Cuomo didn't seek reelection. Of course, Inslee rejected such hype of another presidential campaign following his embarrassing flame-up in the Fall of 2019. He went on to win reelection as Governor in 2020 winning a third term with 57% of the statewide vote becoming the third Washington Governor to serve three terms following Arthur Langlie (R), 1941-1945; 1949-1957 and Daniel Jackson Evans (R), 1965-1977.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker (D) and his massive multi-billions of campaign warchest in Springfield was itching to strike due to Cuomo Fatigue and sources over in the Land of Lincoln figured out Americans were getting ready for a Post-Cuomo America with speculation of impeachment against the unpopular President growing each day.

Buoyed off her surprising double-digit reelection victory, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) closely followed the situation with Cuomo's political situation becoming more and more precarious as the explosive bombshells of the Nursing Home Scandal caused massive backlash from the families of 15,000+ New Yorkers who demamded accountability for the controversial executive order he implemented back in the Spring of 2020 during his Governorship.
Chapter 2: Personal PoV's (Part IV)

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......"Majority of the President's domestic agenda had been blocked not only by Republicans in the Senate, but by two Senate Democrats: Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

President Cuomo couldn't believe that Manchin and Sinema nuked his major priority of getting the John Lewis Voting Rights Act passed despite the then-Democratic controlled House of Representatives passing it on party-line vote in 2021, it got stalled in the United States Senate.

Vice President Harris, who was tasked with leading this initiative had attempted a few times of lobbying the Senators because there was no way in Hell that Republicans would ever vote for this legislation ever! Following unsuccessful attempts at passing the bill and despite Senator Warnock's determination of getting it passed, it got blocked once again which pretty much killed any chance of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act from ever being passed nor signed into law.

What didn't help the Cuomo administration was their pathetic debacle of the humiliating withdrawal of Afghanistan in August 2021 which resulted in the deaths of 13 American soldiers. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley both got blasted by conservatives on Fox News, Newsmax and Real America's Voice including other conservative news outlets who called the disastrous pullout of US military personnel troops from Afghanistan (which resulted in the downfall of the Afghan government and the return of the Taliban) resulted in other despots like Putin, who got emboldened by invading Ukraine in February 2022, where as of right now: the War between Russia and Ukraine still ongoing with no end in sight. Cuomo was blasted on his late response to the early onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but I can tell you that Cuomo worked day and night to send military weapons, air support to the Ukrainians, who are fighting 24/7 for their country because they didn't start this war, the entire world knows Russia started this bloodthirsty war and nobody knows the endgame."
Excerpt from "Cuomo: Presidency under Multiple Crises
Major Upcoming Installment Update!

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AUTHOR'S UPDATE ON POLITICAL NEWS FROM MONDAY: Good Morning everyone. Due to the huge major breaking news on the political bombshell changing ramifications of United States Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) NOT seeking reelection to fourth term in 2024, this breaking news story will be heavily included in Chapter 3 of this timeline.
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