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Jan 9, 2020
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Dave Pourtnoy is perhaps the ultimate shitlord.

Just recently, he has opened DDTG Global, which is livestreaming his day trading with a $5 Million account. His advice? Stocks only go up. All the people on the FinNews hate him, except ZeroHedge, who thinks he's just as BS as everyone else.

Here he is using a scrabble bag to find his next stock, insulting a rando FinNews guy (Ron Insana) who's traditionally shit at actual stock trading (just like the rest of them).

And of course, Raytheon goes up.
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Dec 13, 2019
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You know about Rick Wilson, the Republican strategist who thinks that being even more vulgar and obnoxious than Trump on twitter shows how much of a principled true conservative nevertumper he is.
Unfortunately for Rick. just because he opposed Trump doesn't mean his new Democratic "friends" like him back, as demonstrated in this Colbert report show that roasts him for...past support for Dubya Bush and general Republican attitudes.



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Aug 15, 2019
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And then I knew he was going to be Pocahontas.
So did I, that's why it was said a fraction of second before it was shown that yes, they went there.

Lets be honest Depp is good enough of an actor to pull it off
Pull what off, playing Warren or convincing people she's an Indian?
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