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Suggestions Any chance we can get a way to directly post images from our own files here?


Imperator Romanorum Βασιλεύς των Ρωμαίων
Dec 21, 2019
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That is a subscribers benefit to upload your own attachments
Adding on to this, how come there's a cap to the number of images you can have for a post? I wanted to cross-post a timeline of mine from AH on here, that has more images than usual, but I got error messages saying that there were too many images.

Is this a feature for subscribers or something?


Nuke Mod
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Jun 8, 2020
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So how to we subscribe, and of what benefit is it to use beyond being able to attach images rather than having to link them?
For the month subscriptions can't be bought until sales are complete but come February twelfth they again shall be on sale.

Their are a multitude of perks, the most expensive status Hetman allows you to get a private subforum where you make and enforce your own civility rules.

The lowest status 'Sotnik' (Which I currently have) cost eleven dollars a year and includes the following perks.

- Images in sigs
- Permission to link Paetron and the like
- Personal Notepad
- Access to Subscribers Hangout forum
- Able to lock/unlock own threads

I would post more about the higher tiered upgrades but the list is also down so I can only read off my account for reference.
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