1. drakensis

    Hate has a reason for everything: But Love is Unreasonable (MobuSeka/Hamefura)
    Threadmarks: Knight or Knave 1-1

    Knight or Knave You don't need money, don't take fame Don't need no credit card to ride this train ~ Huey Lewis Chapter 1 Life being what it is, one dreams of revenge. ~ Paul Gauguin It was a dark and moonless night. Not stormy, but the clouds threatened rain in the near future. The elves...
  2. Guy of Z

    Roleplay Super Robot Wars Paradox Cascade: ReTrOgression IC

    10 Years post Time expatriation, several days after the Time Space collapse With the fall of the Primordial God Unicron: A reality Warping Blackhole is unleashed, rising from the bones of this mad primordial and threatening to consume both Cybertron and Earth! Triggered by the deathrows of the...
  3. Guy of Z

    Recruitment Super Robot Wars Paradox Cascade: ReTrOgression recruitment

    On an Earth already scarred by the cataclysm between realities. The people of earth have been struck by another tragedy, further cosmic calamities have left time and space a tapestry unwoven from its base threads. Faced with an ever growing deluge of darkness, the heroes of multiple earths have...
  4. Thunderscourge

    Gundam Gundam Battle Operation 2

    I didn't see a thread about it yet, so figured I should create one so that any other Gundam fans may be able to share news/their thoughts/coordinate for when the game releases on the PS4 sometime this year (specific date not yet determined, but rumors vary between late August to November). I...