• The 'Comrade' title is now available in a fetching communist red for purchase by all of you capitalists who survived the Sietch gulag during the people's revolution. And in the spirit of all communists everywhere, it was broken until the capitalist pig dogs fixed it. ;)
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  • Hi

    Noticed you did a like on the Matzen thread so are still about. One quick question please.

    I have an account on the jstor site which I set up because people referenced info there. Only a personal one rather than related to institutions, universities etc so limited access. Haven't used it much as only when a source points in that direction. However do you know if any of the books your referenced may be accessible on that? Which could save some time on ordering them even apart from my religious feelings as a devout miser. :p


    Hey Steve, I haven't had much time to post.
    If you want articles and book at a price a miser could appreciate I suggest you check out libgen.is
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    No thanks. Having Googled it I would rather stay on the right side of the law. Thanks anyway. Hopefully whatever been keeping you busy eases up soon.
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