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    Somebody likes you (2 points)

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    Keeps coming back (5 points)

    30 messages posted. You must like it here!
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    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (5 points)

    Awarded for using a custom Avatar
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    Can't stop! (10 points)

    You've posted 100 messages. I hope this took you more than a day!
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    I like it a lot (10 points)

    Your messages have been positively reacted to 25 times.
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    I LOVE IT! (1/2) (30 points)

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    1. King of the Roof (35 points)

      Congratulations! Your content has been deemed worthy of earning 2000 likes and has elevated you to the highest rooftops of our small hive community. Defend it well!
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    Disciple of St. Fauci (100 points)

    Vaccinated against the dreaded e-COVID

Subscriber Trophies

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    Founder (100 points)

    Awarded to those who helped found (and fund) The Sietch
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    First Founder (100 points)

    Awarded to the first ten Users to have financially contributed to The Sietch.
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    Sotnik (100 points)

    Lead your sotnia to freedom for the Sich! Contribute $1/month to receive the honour of commanding a company of horse so that we may forever be free.
  4. 100

    Osaul (1/3) (100 points)

    One of a Hetman's best lieutenants, be acknowledged in your right to lead a wing of a Cossack Host for the contribution of $5/month and gain all the privileges of rank.
    1. Obozny (100 points)

      Quartermaster General of the Host, you are second only to a Hetman in the prestige of your Registered Cossack Peers, and your contribution of $10/month indeed is needed for our stores and a demonstration of your loyalty to our free folk.
    2. Hetman (100 points)

      The Hetman says, forward for the glory of the Sich, that we may never be slaves! At $20/month you are recognised as the leader of your own Host -- a private subforum, that is!

Reaction Trophies

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    Not a Hugbox (20 points)

    The Sietch has a reputation of not being a hugbox, you are proving them wrong. You have earned 100 Tribble Hearts (figuratively speaking).
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    Your Funny (20 points)

    At least on the internet... Your 'wit' has garnered chuckles from a hundred anthropomorphic fur pods.

Security Essentials

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    Security Connected (50 points)

    Trophy reward for enabling 2FA on their account like the wise suggest.

Feats of Exceptional Renown

  1. 1K

    Breaker of Forums (1/2) (1K points)

    Awarded to those who have managed to break the forums
    1. Breaker of Forums (with Oak Leaves) (2K points)

      Awarded to those who have managed to break the forums not once, but twice.