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Suggestions Suggestion : a The Sietch Telegram Group


Oct 12, 2021
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I suggested this idea many months ago when I had barely joined to @Spartan303 and he directed me to post this on the suggestions IF I recall correctly.

I had already created the group BEFORE Spartan directed me to put it here and tag you @LordSunhawk since you own the forum.


In that Telegram group there is only me and no one else IS aware of it. The ONLY thing I have written in it are all of the rules of the forum.

I did that because I liked this place a lot : freedom of thought and speech with the right checks and balances and not an hysterical command structures like the other forums.

IF I overstepped my boundaries I say I am deeply sorry and I will accept all the consequences of my behaviour.


Jun 5, 2021
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For those that do not already know Telegram is a secure communications application that can be used on a variety of platforms and provides free versatile text and has phone number connection and voice over internet capabilities.
The best part is that it keeps your data secure and anonymous.
The application is free to download.
On Telegram anything short of calls to violence and/or child pornography shall not be censured in order to avoid political manipulation and/or shutdown of minority or unpopular opinions, priorities, and beliefs.
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