Versus Match Chris Evans vs. Ben Affleck


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Aug 13, 2019
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The Drakwald
A sort of re-interpretation of Captain America and Batman I suppose.

Team Cap Evans:

Captain America/Steve Rogers (MCU): Before he became a senior citizen ya know.

Casey Jones (TMNT): Evans voiced him in the TMNT 2007 movie so the live action character is here, very confusing I know.

The Human Torch/Johnny Storm (Earth-121698): Basically the Fantastic Four movie continuity.

Team Batfleck:

Batman/Bruce Wayne (DCEU): Batman doesn't kill people, the bullets he fires out of his Batwing autocannons does!

Daredevil/Matt Murdock (Earth-701306): Yeah this was a thing. No it wasn't that bad.

Christian Wolff (The Accountant): Mildly autistic super gunman in the vein of John Wick. Good movie, check it out.

Three scenarios... victory via incapacitation or death or capture... or pacification! (MARTHA!?!?!)

Scenario One:

Three versus Three, no preptime, basic individual equipment in an arena setting.

Scenario Two:

Batman decides Captain America (and Human Torch) is an enemy because... he's superpowered or something. 🤷‍♀️ So he gets his two lookalike pals to hunt down Captain America and his two allies. They have to hunt them down in an urban setting but now there is preptime for both sides.

Scenario Three:

Both teams have dedicated themselves to purging BaSin City of its criminal element. They aren't working against each other, but they ain't working together. Which team is more successful? Also who looks better in monochrome grey (probably team Batfleck)?

The Whispering Monk

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Aug 19, 2019
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1. With no preptime the Evans team wins. Freeking Human Torch, bullets don't really work on him and you can't Kung Fu him. You'll just burn your arm off.

2. With prep, I think the Batman team can win this one. Torch is still a hero and won't want to burn everything down. Batman planning can take him out. I think Casey and Steve will likely be able to drop DD and the Accountant, though the Accountant v/s Casey is a near thing...bullets may win that one. Toss up favoring that Bat Boys. Course, if they kill Casey (maybe Torch's new BFF) the Torch could go nuclear...nobody wins. Not even the city.

3. I think the Bat Boys have a leg up because it's Batman's freaking specialty. Win goes to them.

So I'm leaning towards a tie what favors the Bat Boys overall.
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