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  1. LordsFire

    Quest Dymphna Dell, a Webcomic Quest. (Original Sci-fi/Fantasy.)

    So, introducing a new project I'm working on with a friend, a Quest that also happens to be a Webcomic.
  2. Ixian

    Quest Blaggards: Avarice of the Barrowmaze

    The Lords men found him at the edge of the moor, barely clinging to life in the swirling fog. His fine clothing and armor rent apart, his wounds pustule and foul. He babbled for a short time about things in the depths, and then faded from the world, coughing up bile and ichor. On his person was...
  3. C

    The Portfolio of Foreign Worlds Cartography - Maps for Writers & Gamers

    Hello and welcome to my little showcase in this corner of The Sietch. I'm a map maker by trade, having spent the past years working with indie game studios, Kickstarter projects, writers &, RPG-afficionados from around the world to bring their worlds to life. If you like you can check my...
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