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  1. S'task

    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    Any MAMMAL can get rabies. It doesn't seem to have an impact in reptiles or birds.
  2. S'task

    SCOTUS Getting Shade Over Roe v Wade

    Wasn't just in the South. The New York law that was just struck down was pretty much explicitly one of those kinds of Gun Control Laws when it was passed. It just didn't say it explicitly.
  3. S'task

    United States Clarence Thomas signals interest in making it easier to sue media

    Because Thomas is an honest to goodness old fashioned American success story. His parents were lower class, and he's old enough to see how things were altered from when he was a kid in order to prevent others from following the same path he trod and he hates it. He also had been consistently...
  4. S'task

    United States Clarence Thomas signals interest in making it easier to sue media

    He might get more traction on pushing back substantive due process. He might not get to reconsider older cases, but there's a good chance that going forward it will see less and less use. But he's right about this court decision. It needs to be looked at again, the level to which the media...
  5. S'task

    SCOTUS Getting Shade Over Roe v Wade

    Except that they would be if things ever went to the Supreme Court. The US is a patchwork of law on this matter, with some state recognizing them while other state refuse to. As far as I can tell the situation has never come up to the Federal court system, but the Full faith and credit clause...
  6. S'task

    SCOTUS Getting Shade Over Roe v Wade

    Something to bear in mind. Even if all the substantive due process cases were looked at and repealed, same-sex Marriage has what should have been the core of the ruling in the first place: Full Faith and Credit. The absolute worst case for same-sex marriage at this point is that is that states...
  7. S'task

    United States 2022 Midterms: United States Senate Dicussion Thread

    . . . This is so fundamentally untrue that frankly I find it insulting and wish you'd go back to being a leftist because you'd do more good with your idiocy there. Reagan and the later 1994 "Republican Revolution" were founded on being proactive, innovative, and on the leading edge of...
  8. S'task

    Election 2020 Election Fraud: Let's face it, this year will be a shitshow

    Especially in companies in Virginia, which Dominion Energy is a major electrical supplier for both downstate and around the DC Metro area. It's a reference to the Commonwealth of Virginia's nickname "The Old Dominion".
  9. S'task

    United States The Glowie Infestation: No Longer a Fringe Excuse

    Because the government bureaucrats don't let any hardware out of warehouse without a stamp and serial number to track for money reasons. Any hardware typically has a tracking label on it. In the office I work at the State department computers (the actual boxes) and the monitors all have...
  10. S'task

    A Solid Way to Limit Money in Politics???

    Per current legal understanding, this would violate the 1st Amendment. This violates the 1st Amendment in numerous ways. It violates Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, and Freedom to Petition. The most blatant is that by prohibiting advertising to only candidates you're basically...
  11. S'task

    SCOTUS Getting Shade Over Roe v Wade

    The juries would be drawn from across the entire Maryland District.. which is ALL OF MARYLAND. Maryland while quite liberal is not monolithic and has elected Republican statewide quite recently. And no, Southern Maryland isn't runnoff from DC, Central Maryland is. Southern Maryland is on the...
  12. S'task

    SCOTUS Getting Shade Over Roe v Wade

    No he wouldn't have? Justice Kauvenaugh, for some Gods only knows reason, lives in Maryland. If he had been murdered in his home the murderer would have been tried for Murder in the State of Maryland. If there was a Federal crime to be tried it would be in the Maryland District Court of the...
  13. S'task

    Leftist Child Grooming

    No they wouldn't. You guys aren't realizing who these people are, they are the moral enforcers, those who seek self worth by thinking they are better than others, that they are morally or otherwise superior. Whom cling to what is seen as the dominate moral framework of the period and act as...
  14. S'task

    History What are some of your most contraversial takes on history?

    The religious dissenters mainly moved to New England. Which was, arguably, at MOST a third of the major efforts of North American colonization, though they are often given way more historical attention than the remaining two-thirds. In large part due to Whig History and the need to decrease...
  15. S'task

    History What are some of your most contraversial takes on history?

    That has as much to do with the nature of the tribes in the region and their population numbers compared to the Meso-American tribes. The East Coast Tribes were much lower in population, most were nomadic to semi-nomadic, with their largest settlements being effectively small towns. There were...
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