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    Original Battlestar Galactica

    Ya, Starbuck fixed up Cy :) Holy Crap! how will Doctor Zee grow up with Starbuck around being his Dad?
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    Battletech [Battletech/Planetary Annihilation SI] Iron Blooded Commander

    It seems like now is a good time for Vicky to sit Karinna and Hanse and Melissa down and have a serious conversation about the First Lord's nonexistent uncomfortable chair. See if she can convince them that being grand poobah of the Federated Commonwealth is worthwhile in and of itself rather...
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    Leslie Fish's Music

    Years ago ... decades, a friend gave me a Leslie Fish tape (yes a tape) he picked up in the US it was a collection recorded at live performances and I remember it had a lot the Leslie Fish songs that you get with a google or youtube search. But one of my favorites is something I've never heard...