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    WI: Obama enforces his 'red line', actually topples Assad in 2013

    Israel already has plenty of work ahead of keeping the Palestine under control, occupying part of Syria is to much for the country, a reason why the left South Lebanon in 2000.
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    Alternate History Richmond Falls Early, 1864

    you mean surrounded, that would not be good.
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    Alternate History Richmond Falls Early, 1864

    A reason why they rejecting the seizing of those two cities.
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    Alternate History Ideas and Discussion

    Making peace to build up your forces for a new attack in the future, the Soviet Union would do it if needed, ore that is what i think.
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    WI: Obama enforces his 'red line', actually topples Assad in 2013

    As long as the Russians are in Syria, Assad will remain in power, ore as long as Russia wants him to remain in power.
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    Panoply of Panay Possibilities

    Will the Dutch be bullied by the Japanese into allowing Japanese troops into the NEI like French Indochina after 1940.
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    Alternate History Ideas and Discussion

    Nice idea, could the Non-Communist Denmark have Swedish bases on it, sort of a mini neutral Scandinavian block (minus Norway) but with Finland included.
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    The Soviet Union without Joseph Stalin

    One way the Soviet Union might be better of without Stalin but in the other hand the ruthlessness of Stalin helped the Soviet Union win the war against the Germans.
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    If WWII breaks out in 1938 over Czechoslovakia and France falls in 1939, is there any realistic way for the USSR to hold out in 1940 against the Axis?

    I think Germany is lucky they did not went head to head Czechoslovakia, they might be a bit stronger than Poland.
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    Your favorite alternate history timelines?

    Got a link so i can check it out.
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    Additional realistic Axis members in World War II

    We need to pick a nation not many will think of, example Ireland, in 1933 the Blueshirts planned to hold a parade in Dublin but the Irish government remembering Mussolini's March on Rome, and fearing a coup d'état, invoked article 2A of the constitution and banned the parade. Seems decades...
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    Uzbekistan invades northern Afghanistan in early 2022 as a quid pro quo for its support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine

    Invading Afghanistan opens the door for the Taliban to start operating in Uzbekistan and try to make it part of Emirate of Afghanistan.
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