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    Alternate History WI: The 1998 Iranian invasion of Afghanistan.

    Iran would win the battle but if they occupy Afghanistan will lose the war, just ask the British, Soviets and Americans.
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    Alternate History The Black Death Kills off all of Mainland Europe

    You should read, the novel called The Years of Rice and Salt, that is about a world where the Europeans died out because of the Plauge.
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    US military question

    So what about peacekeeping, do they get beards.
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    US military question

    What type of combat, war, special operations, you will single out a lot of none combat personal with this.
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    Alternate History Ideas and Discussion

    Well then on this Flat Earth you will have people think the Earth is round instead of flat.
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    What if Nationalist China refuses to sign a treaty conceding Soviet rights in Manchuria on August 14, 1945?

    Not much Nationalist China can do, unless they get the full backing from the United States.
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    Pacific War: Fewer islands, more hopping?

    If the Island hopping include the Philippines he is included, if not, FDR might need to replace him.
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    What if kaiser killed?

    But woulld German responds as well, using Zeppelins ore Gotha bombers to gas bomb places like London.
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    Pacific War: Fewer islands, more hopping?

    Does it include MacArthur.
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    What if kaiser killed?

    The British tried in 1918: Britain tried to kill Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1918 with secret RAF bombing raid, reveals archives
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    Armchair General's DonbAss Derailed Discussion Thread (Topics Include History, Traps, and the Ongoing Slavic Civil War plus much much more)

    So how much worth in dollars are we seeing just abandoned there.
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    Military Coup in Sudan

    So when are we going to call it the 3rd Sudanese Civil War instead of 2023 Sudan conflict.
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    Russian Military News

    Scrap it, they could sell it, maybe the Belorussian Navy wants it.
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    Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

    The Russians still keep 1st place in turret tossing.
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    Military Coup in Sudan

    The RSF is doing all things needed to get other counties involved, capturing Egyptians to shooting EU and US diplomats.