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    The Americas The Tyranny of Trudeau's Canada

    So ArriveCan and mask requirements on planes are ending October 1. Can't wait for the truth on how much wasted money, and how much stolen and stored data will be uncovered in a few years from ArriveCan.
  2. commanderkai

    PC Gaming Terra Invicta general thread

    I am very curious to see how this plays out, but it does seem quite complicated. I do hope that the actual nations also have a bit of autonomy if they're not fully influenced by the player or other factions. Armies/navies/air forces won't ignore a megafauna attacking one of their cities, and...
  3. commanderkai

    The Americas The Tyranny of Trudeau's Canada

    At least he's being roasted, even if they really hired up the bot farms for those likes. Canada's international reputation will forever be damaged. Even if it's never said aloud, what leader would take Canada seriously when we used the Emergencies Act over parked trucks?
  4. commanderkai

    Breaking News FBI raids Trump's Mar-a-Largo Resort home

    The FBI is a major issue, don't get me wrong. Here's your best tools to deal with federal harassment. 1. Shut the fuck up. 2. Get a lawyer. If the FBI start asking questions, shut the fuck up. Same with state police or local cops. Follow this guy's example. Sidenote, you know the best...
  5. commanderkai

    Israel State of Israel Thread

    Yeah I've said it before. Once the Israelis started building the wall, anything on their side of the wall stays Israeli. The pre-67 border stuff is Palestinian cope.
  6. commanderkai

    The Americas The Tyranny of Trudeau's Canada

    Quite an amazing showing, if I say so myself. Pierre has been handling media criticism perfectly, and considering there's not even a mainstream Fox News equivalent in Canada, he's been handling the battering and attack angles as if he knew they were coming. One example from recent history is...
  7. commanderkai

    Breaking News FBI raids Trump's Mar-a-Largo Resort home

    I mean....the same climate is what I also want to escape. Getting tired of winter lol
  8. commanderkai

    Breaking News FBI raids Trump's Mar-a-Largo Resort home

    As a Canadian, I'm going to say straight up....Controlling states and the Supreme Court is IMMENSE power. The US is decentralized, and that allowed every state to enact different policies, and the federal government can and has been told to pound sand. I just got my US permanent residency, and...
  9. commanderkai

    Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth II Passing

    May she rest in peace. I'm no fan of the monarchy or the British royal family but I can respect her for her respectability over many decades.
  10. commanderkai

    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    But remember, they wasted a shitton of money prosecuting Rittenhouse with bullshit, and another DA in...St. Louis charged a bar owner who was on his back with a violent fuckwit charging him for manslaughter or murder (unfortunately the bar owner took his own life). The Rittenhouse prosecutor...
  11. commanderkai

    Israel State of Israel Thread

    In my non-Israeli opinion, the Gaza pullout shitshow basically destroyed any real chance of the Palestinians having an actual state. There is absolutely no reason why the Israelis should take another gamble with the West Bank. I've said it on SB and other places, and I'll say it here. Anything...
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    Star Trek The General Star Trek Thread - From TOS to Corporate Schenanigans

    The only enjoyable thing about season 2 is that Dutch from The Shield has finally moved from LA homicide detective to FBI agent.
  13. commanderkai

    Proposals in Regards to Immigration

    I do not have an issue with immigration. I'm working to immigrate to the US myself. However, Canada is a good example of why large scale immigration isn't exactly beneficial. Currently the average house price is over $800,000, almost doubling in a few short years, while wages has not kept up...
  14. commanderkai

    Kane for President, 2024! Vote NOD! Brotherhood! Unity! Peace!

    GDI would like to know your location. For purely ion cannoning purposes.
  15. commanderkai

    United States Russiagate cringe compilation-Major Backfire

    I'm curious to see the importance of this becoming a mainstream news story. Good odds it's a sign that Biden is out for 2024, but seeing this come up BEFORE the midterms is interesting.
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