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Recent content by Cherico

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    United States Biden administration policies and actions - megathread

    Litterally the whole fucking point of DC is to be neutral ground for all relevant political parties. Giving DC state hood violatates the entire purpose for their existance. Really given the choice I think we should kick all residents who live inside the city who are not elected officials out...
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    Five minutes of hate news

    It takes a carrier battle ship to keep the straits open, it only takes a single battle ship to effectively close them. If Iran starts a war we can easily shut down their ability to sell oil on the international market. Their Saudi rivals would be hurt but they still have the gulf of aden as...
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    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    Im honestly surprised you said that, that said now that you have your formerally woke allies will turn on you if they ever find out you put those ideas to paper. So you know your kind of stuck with us now.
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    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    We clearly need to restore the postion authority and respect of black fathers yesterday.
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    Consequences of declining testosterone

    I thank god for our construction workers with out them civilization would not be possible.
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    In Defense of Hate

    I don't think its possible to get rid of hate and I don't think it would be a good idea to remove it from humanity entirely. Just like I don't think its a good idea to get rid of revenge and vengence. Some people go around fucking with every one around them, sometimes its just because their...
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    German News - Old News Today

    Next year is when the global world wide credit crunch starts and no you can not avoid it because it is structurally built into the system.
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    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    Stuff like this is why I think we are going to have a much stronger and angier populist back lash in 8-12 years.
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    Why does the left consider the UN a moral authority?

    maybe so.
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    Africa Longtime 'President' of Chad Idriss Deby, dies in Battle with Rebels

    I don't agree with authoritarianism in general but I do aknowlege the man was a total badass.
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    Humor/Comedy Politicians Cringe Thread

    yeah even we think she's an arrogant blowhard.
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    Derek Chauvin Trial: summer 2020 electric boogaloo

    in other words if your going to do drugs dont do all the drugs.
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    Why does the left consider the UN a moral authority?

    having heard about your personal life I am convinced he belives in you, some times you have the devils luck.
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    German News - Old News Today

    Every ones going to have a bad time, its the end of modernity and that is always a shit period of time. Its a civilizational period of suck and we are all fucked, its just a matter of what degree.
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    Rest In Peace Prince Philip dead at the age of 99

    The man had a great sense of humor, which of course brings envy from those incapable of feeling amusement.
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