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  1. Abhishekm

    Interesting Stories From The Internet

    https://www.medievalists.net/2022/09/medieval-books-manuscripts-discovered-romania/ Does this go here or somewhere else? Honestly not sure.
  2. Abhishekm

    United States Discussion of Snowden, Assange and government secret keeping in general

    Your a traitor! Your a traitor! Everybody is a traitor!!! -jk
  3. Abhishekm

    Asia-Pacific #Boycott Hyundai

    You'd think South Korea of all places would get it. Ah well.
  4. Abhishekm

    Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Thread

    Meh, switch the font to Heuristics or something and it should be good? Not sure really.
  5. Abhishekm

    High School, College and University Cringe MegaThread

    Something something Work at Home is better for Teaching but you still need as many teachers as you would for In Person and pay the same!
  6. Abhishekm

    Kwanzaa Is A Fake Holiday Invented By A Criminal Marxist

    Futurama episode for me. Still thought it was some show specific joke till I googled it after watching the episode.
  7. Abhishekm

    Immigration and multiculturalism news

    Eh, to be fair sometimes the problem is they adapt a bit TOO well. Because honestly I'm kinda hesitant to say Twitters new CEO got the values he is displaying from India as opposed to having just assimilated into Silicon Valley. Might be just the Indian in me talking but I REALLY hope this guy...
  8. Abhishekm

    Media/Journalism Cringe Megathread - Hot off the Presses

  9. Abhishekm

    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    They known even if no chickens were eaten that would just mean most would be killed off without replacements right?
  10. Abhishekm

    Interesting Stories From The Internet

    All I got from that is even people who vote with marbles have Voter ID.😬
  11. Abhishekm

    CEO Jack Dorsey Rumored to Step Down as Twitter CEO

    Can you post links to sites with those vids?
  12. Abhishekm

    United States Biden administration policies and actions - megathread

    Through Alaska probably. Like they are pretty close geographically.
  13. Abhishekm

    Breaking News Car Driven By Terrorist Plows Through Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. 6 Dead, 60+ Wounded

    To be fair Rittenhouse MADE bail. For public shit like this and to some types of cases in general there really is no way to tell who else other than the perp might have an inclination to pay for them.
  14. Abhishekm

    United States Confederate Statues, symbols, and memorials debate thread

    You can start scraping the 'In God we Trust' off pennies after you chuck the statue of liberty wherever you chucked the Thomas Jefferson statue.:whistle: I refuse to let the neo-pegs not lose their representation before actual religions do!🧙‍♂️
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