Breaking News FBI raids Trump's Mar-a-Largo Resort home

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Unable to identify the suspect? Seems sus.


He's dead Jim.

Ricky Walter Shiffer

This is a real name, totally.

His accomplices were incidentally named John Smith and Jane Doe and their dog was whiskey Tango Delta.

Arch Dornan

Oh, lovely. They've sent me a mo-ron.


I knew it the second they mentioned searching his wife's personal effects. Couldn't resist the chance.

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Am I the only who finds it intensely hilarious and a little depressing that the top fucking cop in the country is making a mistake even rookie criminals know not to make?

Specifically "do not change your story multiple times in the span of a single fucking day in front of the interrogators" :ROFLMAO:

The only thing that any of you should black pill over is the creeping horror over the realization that our national leaders are so stupid they would have been shoved in a home for spastics if this were still the gilded age

And whatever I'm not blackpilled on that because down south we learn that in pre K. Cheer up though once the horror ebbs out of your veins you'll feel really empowered.

The enemies of democracy are absolute SPEDs. Thank Goodness.

The Immortal Watch Dog

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I didn't know Trump was a relative of the Elric brothers. :ROFLMAO:

The memes these events are generating, when added to things going clown world...*chef's kiss*.

They went from "we need library material" to "he has Skynet in a box!"

You just know sooner or later they'll accuse him of practicing alchemy with the contents of the safe as well. It wouldn't be that absurd compared to everything else they've said to justify this nonsense.

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Maybe he leaves the nuke codes for public display on the fridge and the blackbox installed in place of the doorbell!

Hell! Maybe he has this mounted on his wall!!!:eek::eek::eek:
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