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    Let Us Unite: A Battletech AU

    Wait, Andrey Kerensky is alive and kicking?? The lack of Hazen among the clans has had more impact than expected…
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    United States The Left Can't Meme

    You sure this isn’t a parody? Cause that can’t be real. Surely no one is that blatantly and openly hypocritical, right?
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    Leftist Child Grooming

    Unfortunately, it’s more likely that 1) the kid had unrestricted internet access because the parents couldn’t be bothered to, you know, raise their kids, or 2) it’s a 5th grader who is in middle school, because all of a sudden there isn’t enough space in the elementary schools anymore. Sadly...
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    Leftist Child Grooming

    This is horrifying; more so that 5th graders are asking about this than anything else.
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    A Custodian Guard vs MCU Thor.

    For feats, see marvel movies & the Blood Games of the Custodes Firstly, if they straight up duel in Times Square, Thor most likely (90%) wins. He simply has the advantage of flight, power, and durability that the Custodes cannot match. HOWEVER. NYC is a city, full of people and places to...
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    A Custodian Guard vs MCU Thor.

    Ehh, I give Thor the edge, but personally I think the Custodes could win. Sure, if Thor went all out from the start he would win but pre-ragnorok Thor is an arrogant SOB. And the Custodes is going to go straight for the kill. I think that it’s 60-40 Thor kills the Custodes, but not before the...
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    Africa Oldest Wood Dwelling Built by Human's Found in Zambia, Over 476,000 Years Old.

    Well this is awesome If the periodic rise and fall of humanity/younger dryas theory is correct this has interesting implications. The history nerd in me is absolutely fascinated by this However More data is required
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    Congressional Democrat Jamaal Bowman (NY) Pulls Fire Alarm at Capitol Building Ahead of Vote...

    Not an insurrection as I believe that has a much higher barrier of proof/action to reach, but definitely a misdemeanor in DC “Knowingly causing a false alarm of fire is a misdemeanor in the District of Columbia Criminal Code (Section 22-1319), punishable by fine and/or imprisonment up to six...
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    Warhammer Death in the East

    “New staff wanted, entry level, 500 years experience required” just cracks me up. It’s a nice summary of the craft world social order. Since her old man is a rogue trader, any chance we see him pop up in story? Or is he long since dead?
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    United States 2024: United States Senate Dicussion Thread

    Not surprising given everything that the Dems let people go after him and Sinema without condemnation Like others have said though, I don’t expect this to actually change anything fundamentally about the majority/minority in congress, or even the votes of manchin.
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    Post-Conquest: Insurgence (SW and ST crossover)

    Cool update Will we be able to see the alliance between the inquisitor and the Jedi ? Cause that sounds cool
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    Star Wars Star Wars Discussion Thread - LET THE PAST D-! Oh, wait, nevermind

    If you want to destroy a planet, that would certainly work. However, it would kill the planet, take months to get up to speed (during which time you’d better hope absolutely nobody even gets a whiff of this coming), and it would be a one shot weapon. Also it should be absolutely useless against...
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    Business & Finance Entertainment Industry Strikes

    The sad part is that these big media companies are replacing their script writers with AI. Now instead of the occasional gem in the rough ( Puss in Boots, I’m looking at you) it’ll be just pure garbage. Truly, the ones coming out the worse in this situation are the audience and the environment XD
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    Star Wars Star Wars Discussion Thread - LET THE PAST D-! Oh, wait, nevermind

    I remember that one, I can’t find the link anymore though. Can you link it? Palpatine by the time he’s the chancellor has taken care of his master. So Sidious is the Sith Master, and now he needs a new apprentice because he doesn’t have Dooku yet and is thought dead/too insane to be of use.
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    Leftist Child Grooming

    At least they’re asking? God that’s horrifying
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    Business & Finance Great Bud Light Embargo of 2023

    Good. Every time I go to a store, the Bud Light is always available in large quantities. It may be getting a bit long in the tooth though XD
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    United States The Left Can't Meme

    While the message is simple, to the point and humorous, the photoshop is… well it looks like it was made in a Word doc. 8/10 concept, 1/10 execution
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    Star Wars Star Wars Discussion Thread - LET THE PAST D-! Oh, wait, nevermind

    Well now I just feel old. I was a little kid when that song came out. I actually really liked the Rebels episode where Ahsoka was fighting Vader. It ended on a note reinforcing Vaders evil and power, the sacrifice didn’t feel meaningless, and this was after seeing Ashoka beating the brakes off...