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  1. stephen the barbarian

    Russia-Ukraine War Politics Thread Mk. 2

    this guys examining the dissidence between the bidan admins goals in the war and the Ukrainians goals. his opinions: the Ukrainians have 2 very simple goals: control of the disputed territory and giving the russians a bloody nose. the bidan admin, otoh, doesn't want either side to win too badly...
  2. stephen the barbarian

    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    are you guy's going to post memes anytime soon?
  3. stephen the barbarian

    Crossover The Greater Game (Babylon 5/BattleTech)

    it might be Santiago Espinosa starting shit to prep the Aurigans for his coup.
  4. stephen the barbarian

    Amazon Prime Amazon Fallout series.

    watched it- and while like some of the decisions they made they did a good job. I really don't like the fact that they blew up shady sands. but they used it well to set up the plot.
  5. stephen the barbarian

    Trump Investigations Thread

    as my father said this morning- "12 votes just won Trump the election,"
  6. stephen the barbarian

    United States 8 Oregon counties vote to secede and join Idaho

    Crook County has voted to succeed. that makes 13 counties who've said yes. Map shows Oregon counties voting to join 'Greater Idaho'
  7. stephen the barbarian

    Trump Investigations Thread

    well, he's never hidden that part. in fact he was refreshingly honest in 2016 when he basically came out and told us exactly how the game was played, and bother he was definitely a player.
  8. stephen the barbarian

    Media/Journalism Cringe Megathread - Hot off the Presses

    the problem is that the south hasn't been allow to process their history. if you want the confederacy to die then you need to find something to replace it- but it has to something that invokes pride or it won't take root.
  9. stephen the barbarian

    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    No. Operation Ichi-Go hand the north of China over to the ccp. this is because the IJA used everything they had to push the KMT back leaving nothing behind to secure their rear. the ccp was able to take over without fighting anyone.
  10. stephen the barbarian

    Rest In Peace Deaths Of Note

    Dabney Coleman- known here likely best as Principal Prickley from Recess- pasted on May 16.
  11. stephen the barbarian

    Immigration and multiculturalism news

    it's a modern version of the 3/5 compromise (but one sided) they'll use it to inflate the # of congressional districts they control
  12. stephen the barbarian

    Boomstick's and shooty shooty bang bang's - The GUN Thread!

    the ak 50 is up and running. mag dumps and all.
  13. stephen the barbarian

    AntiSemitism Bill in the United States

    by that logic Christians are cannibals.
  14. stephen the barbarian

    Religion and theology thread

    Universalist Christian,
  15. stephen the barbarian

    Religion and theology thread

    he basically confessed to being a false prophet on his deathbed. tl;dr- he died when a jewish woman poisoned his dinner as a test of his claims, and he stated that God "cut his aorta"- the traditional method that God uses to kill false prophets.
  16. stephen the barbarian

    Fallout Perpetual Debate of Bethesda Versus Interplay/Obsidian Fallout World Design

    yes in fo-nv, however because they nerfed the minigun in fo-4 it could be argued that it's closer to 5.7x28 or 4.6x30. and now i want to be able rechamber the combat pistol into 5mm.
  17. stephen the barbarian

    Dystopian Europe

    1st century a.d. before that it was "the strong do what they want, the weak suffer what they must."
  18. stephen the barbarian

    Five minutes of hate news

    Distinction without a difference, but thanks for filling it out.