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    Amazon Prime Amazon Fallout series.

    NOOOO That just gives them views and ratings to continue it past the mandated 2nd season.
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    Amazon Prime Amazon Fallout series.

    If you don't care for canon, or lore, but like the style and feel of fallout, more specifically Bethesda fallout, you'll like it. Otherwise.... Don't even hate watch it.
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    Versus Match Star Paladin Cross (Fallout 3) Versus The Ebony Warrior (Elder Scrolls)

    I don't believe it would particularly influence the first matchup, she'd still get crumpled because shouts are OP when you can't hurt the person shouting before they...shout. It would certainly help her during the Ranged Deathmatch, though to what extent is still dependent on the Ebony Warrior...
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    Versus Match Star Paladin Cross (Fallout 3) Versus The Ebony Warrior (Elder Scrolls)

    Deathmatch: Ebony Warrior. Disarm Shout, Ironflesh, Conjure Storm Atronach alone gives him the win. Ranged Deathmatch: Laser Pistol variants can canonically slice people in two, so if Cross gest shots off before the Disarm shout is used, she'll have a chance. However, the 'shouts' don't have...
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    Culture Gina Carano Cancelled by Lucasfilm, Goes Rebel

    Musk is backing Carano's lawsuit.
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    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    Nah, seems to be a Stable Diffusion thing. getting the shading, trees, and mountains to look perfectly like mustache man is abit too much for some layering to accomplish, from what I can think of.
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    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    The trees in the middle of the pic are mustache, the treeline and mountains on the left are the outline of an ear. Its one of those picture-hiding-in-a-picture AI things.
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    United States Here We Go Again: CDC Issues Health Alert Over Deadly, Fast-Spreading Strain of Monkeypox

    Affected a dog owned by a french gay couple, homosexual men, and the first few child cases came from children who were living with homosexual 'fathers.' Add the fact it spread through long-term skin-to-skin contact (and homosexual sex) and 2+2 = unspeakable acts.
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    Trump Investigations Thread

    The eight-pointed star, a mark of chaos undivided, though the skull/mechanical bits makes it look abit more Khorn-ish.
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    Warhammer Warhammer General discussion thread: Now with 100% more Space Marines

    40K Theories:
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    China ChiCom News Thread

    The former general secretary Jiang Zemin has apparently died, possibly of Leukemia and multiple organ failure.
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    St Fauci's Blessed Vaccination

    My privileges. Hand them over.
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    Banning all things and people Russian

    Arson attack in Germany on a German-Russian School today.