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  1. Val the Moofia Boss

    Anime & Manga General Anime/Manga Discussion

    Gundam SEED Freedom Just came back from seeing this in theaters subtitled. There was an issue where the projector was not set up correctly, so the image was warped and the subtitles were cut off so no one could see what was being said. Ran down and told an employee and five minutes later staff...
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    Anime & Manga RWBY General discussion thread.

    Destroying Vale is a curious story choice. It is the home of the protagonist. The audience spent three seasons hanging out in Vale with it being the "home" that the heroes were defending. Season 3's ending promised the fans that eventually the heroes would become strong in exile, rally an army...
  3. Val the Moofia Boss

    What if Pacific Rim had a sequel

    The Black makes more sense to me as a prequel, showing how much damage the kaijus did toward the end of the war as parts of civilization breaks down. The timeline should not advance past the movie as otherwise it would undermine the gravity if what happened there.
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    What If? Final Fantasy VII Monsters on our Earth

    The monsters will initually inflict heavy losses taking overall unarmed civilian populations by surprise, but once people start packing guns and chainsaws and swords they will become much more manageable. Lots of people will die every year but it won't be a civilization ending threat. The...
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    ISOT You end up in a Fantasy Universe

    Oh... Well. The truck would probably be my greatest weapon, running over orcs. Maybe have some guys strapped in the truckbed shooting into the orcs or throwing pots of tar and lighting it on fire. Maybe affix scythes to the axles like those scythed chariots. Just gotta hope I can find or...
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    Anime & Manga RWBY General discussion thread.

    *Tells fans to leave.* *They do.* *Closes up shop.*
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    ISOT You end up in a Fantasy Universe

    I choose Middle-Earth. I might not get cool magic powers, but it is the only setting in which there is beauty worth fighting for. I choose to be wealthy. I would have liked to have kept my familiar home, with the heating and air conditioning and shower that makes me nice and clean...
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    History How did the Baby Boomers ruin everything?

    We're already seeing this with the motorbike hobby. Boomers held on to their motorbikes long after they stopped riding them because they hoped that the motorbikes would be an investment and become antiques that they could sell for a lot of money later on down the line. Now lots of boomers are...
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    So what are you watching?

    The Boy and the Heron - 6/10 (fine) borderline 7/10 (good) New Ghibli film by Hayao Miyazaki. High production values but doesn't have any super spectacular scenes. Has a forgettable soundtrack which is a first for a Miyazaki movie. I was surprised to learn that Joe Hiashi actually composed the...
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    What are you playing currently?

    Granblue Fantasy Relink Great visuals and music, likeable characters, engaging enough story (not the best GBF story compared to the gacha's main story or some events like Seeds of Redemption but not a snooze either), the character building is interesting, and some of the missions are...
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    Star Trek The General Star Trek Thread - From TOS to Corporate Schenanigans

    Earth almost always seems to have a very light Starfleet presence in terms of big ship count (not counting small shuttles or civilian passenger liners). In TOS and TNG, whenever the Enterprise visits Earth, it is usually the only ship seen there. In the TOS movies you see a couple other ships in...
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    Best Weapons for Fantasy Giants

    The Varl from The Banner Saga had the right idea. A tower shield to keep spears and arrows out of the way and groin, and a nimble sword (and also form a large shieldwall for smaller accompanying soldiers, protecting them not just from enemy humans but also enemy giants too). They don't need...
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    History How did the Baby Boomers ruin everything?

    "Why do people hate baby boomers?". Then you get a bunch of baby boomers who say "I am really good! I didn't do any of these things!". They are proving the point about the baby boomer's ego, but more than that, they don't understand the difference between individuals and groups. They don't get...
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    Anime & Manga General Anime/Manga Discussion

    I agree with almost all of your points, but to me Shin was a lot more palatable than Mikazuki was. Mikazuki didn't even feel like a protagonist in his own show, being a sack of potatoes who just stood behind Orga who did all the decision making. Mika doesn't really act as a squad leader either...
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    Happy New Years
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    Anime & Manga General Anime/Manga Discussion

    I thought it was meh. The 3D CGI mechs looked awful. The backgrounds were photorealistic and boring, and the simple 2D characters overlaid ontop with a lot of filters smeared over looked bad too. The Legion mechs and the Giad uniforms looked good in illustrations, though. Music was forgettable...
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    What If? You get sent to a random Sci-Fi setting an ROB offers you a non-military ship?

    Starfleet Runabout. Gives me top of the line shields, multipurpose phasers and emitters, transporter, replicator, can be remotely controlled via combadge, and comes with a computer that has a humongous amount of information. Starfleet ships are very reliable, and with the replicator and the...
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    Anime & Manga General Anime/Manga Discussion

    Tessa should have won. I'd like for the FMP anime adaptation to finish, but given how low the production values were for Invisible Victory, the future looks bleak. Doubt the sequel will get an anime either given how the Spice & Wolf anime adaptation didn't finish and its sequel didn't get...
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    Merry Christmas! Take heart, He is coming!