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    Conflict Watch: Venezuela/Guyana Editions.

    An anybody seen this map, the Venezuelan government has released a new official map of Venezuela which includes the oil-rich Essequibo region of its neighboring state of Guyana.
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    Alternate History WI: The 1998 Iranian invasion of Afghanistan.

    Iran would win the battle but if they occupy Afghanistan will lose the war, just ask the British, Soviets and Americans.
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    Alternate History The Black Death Kills off all of Mainland Europe

    You should read, the novel called The Years of Rice and Salt, that is about a world where the Europeans died out because of the Plauge.
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    US military question

    So what about peacekeeping, do they get beards.
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    US military question

    What type of combat, war, special operations, you will single out a lot of none combat personal with this.
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    Alternate History Ideas and Discussion

    Well then on this Flat Earth you will have people think the Earth is round instead of flat.
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    What if Nationalist China refuses to sign a treaty conceding Soviet rights in Manchuria on August 14, 1945?

    Not much Nationalist China can do, unless they get the full backing from the United States.
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    Pacific War: Fewer islands, more hopping?

    If the Island hopping include the Philippines he is included, if not, FDR might need to replace him.
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    What if kaiser killed?

    But woulld German responds as well, using Zeppelins ore Gotha bombers to gas bomb places like London.
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    Pacific War: Fewer islands, more hopping?

    Does it include MacArthur.
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    What if kaiser killed?

    The British tried in 1918: Britain tried to kill Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1918 with secret RAF bombing raid, reveals archives
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    Military Coup, and Now Civil War, in Sudan

    So when are we going to call it the 3rd Sudanese Civil War instead of 2023 Sudan conflict.
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    Russian Military News

    Scrap it, they could sell it, maybe the Belorussian Navy wants it.
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    Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

    The Russians still keep 1st place in turret tossing.
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    Military Coup, and Now Civil War, in Sudan

    The RSF is doing all things needed to get other counties involved, capturing Egyptians to shooting EU and US diplomats.
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    Military Coup, and Now Civil War, in Sudan

    Well somebody needs to step in the shoes if Oryx is not doing it.
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    Revenge of the ORP Piorun

    Whell at least the Free Polish Navy has something to brag about if they mange to that.
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    Starfleet Ground Troops vs 40k Space Marines

    My answer to this:
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    Revenge of the ORP Piorun

    She might end up as OTL HMS_Glowworm_(H92), being rammed and sunk by the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper.