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    Hopefully we can overcome this, get a diverse as possible user base. Probably going to tend right of centre, but that is probably a healthy equilibrium, if a board is diverse and mostly sane it should end up somewhere there about.
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    Five minutes of hate news

    Wait is the dog okay? Please tell me the poor thing is alright.
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    Happy Fourth of July!

    Hope you and your own had a happy freedom day.
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    Happy Fourth of July!

    Happy independence day to you Americans. Hope you can get some celebrations now, unlike us...fucking Trudolt.
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    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    It seems we need to go Charter education all the way. I wonder how we can arrange for higher education at the community level? Because, I figure if a university was run by the community, it would likely be immunized against the insanity, as long as the community isn't insane. Though, this is...
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    Belated, Happy Canada Day, eh?

    Belated, Happy Canada Day, eh?
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    So this popped up on the banner at SB when I logged in...What's going on?

    @Hastur of Carcosa SB has long stopped being an actual form for Nerd Culture long ago, it just hasn't become apparent to us until recently. It was slowly taken over and subverted by ideologues, likely years and years ago. The warning signs were all there, but people were too blind to see them...
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    Military Bounties on US troops by Russia

    Well, honestly if they somehow did it would be a massive improvement over the average democrat anyways, since a glass of water can't create destructive policy, and intentionally fuck over the people they supposedly are standing for. Also a glass of water can be of some use to someone.
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    Star Wars Star Wars Discussion Thread - LET THE PAST D-! Oh, wait, nevermind

    I'd actually like to see Space C-SPAN myself, it would be intriguing.
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    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    Neat. I am thinking about how sea salt has found itself a niche and become trendy and the such, and thus Hipsters are arracted to it like flies to shit.
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    I don't really consider him one at all. He is a moderate left of centre type.
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    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    Don't Hipsters and the like have a taste for sea salt? Because all we'd need to do was market it as "environmentally friendly reclaimed sea salt" and then sell it to them for a mint.
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    Conservatism and the Environment

    Honestly I don't think it is. Without natural beauty, and many of the other things nature provides, life as in human life will be all the poorer for it. Who wants to live in dingy smoke-choked cities, or industrial wastelands?
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    Welcome aboard, the more the merrier. The site should be diverse, too bad we can't retain some of the lefties to keep us honest and sharpen our debate skills...but it seems many of them can't stand the heat and thus flee the kitchen,
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    Stupidest Warning label you have seen?

    Yes, I do know that, but the word choice is still funny.
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    Stupidest Warning label you have seen?

    Definitely going for a laugh there.
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    Star Wars Star Wars: Squadrons 5v5 Space Combat Simulator from EA Games

    I believe this is relevant to EA's intended meaning of when they say such things.
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    Military Confederate Flags banned in the Military

    I am pretty sure that the actual people of the state don't want to change it though.
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    Alternate History Two Settings that just click. Crossover Edition.

    Metro and Silent Hills. Just think about how those settings blend the natural and supernatural and even the themes of redemption, guilt, etc... I mean in Metro you have what might literally be the busted gates of heaven killing people. Or what about the in-universe musings that some of the...
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    ASOIAF/GOT ASOIAF Ideas, Recs, and Discussion thread

    Yes, feat wank is bad, but seriously he was being a moron. Low balling feats, and any of those guys would still do well or annihilate the marines. TES wank can get pretty bad, but it still mauls settings if you look at what is actual securely canon and low ball it. It makes me wonder how much...
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