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    Analog Horror thread

    Cyberman Maintenance Instruction Video by The Real C'rizz
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    Good Urban Fantasy

    No Pity For The Dead by WriterJosh.
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    Star Wars The Farmboy and the Archaeologist

    What with the Rule of Two, Vader is now officially Emperor. The Alliance knows killing him is missing a golden opportunity to have him officially surrender and demilitarize the Empire from the top down. Meaning however unintentionally, he got exactly what he wanted, ruling the galaxy with his...
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    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    Update, Derek Chauvin has been stabbed in prison.
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    Artwork Bassoe's Clay Sculptures
    Threadmarks: Pink-Haired Running Demon

    A clay figurine sculpted for an offline request for a "pink-haired running demon". As it turned out with the limitations of my sculpting skills, a dynamic "running" pose came out as more just "asymmetric", but the commissioner liked it.
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    Artwork Bassoe's Clay Sculptures
    Threadmarks: Striped-Tail

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    Artwork Bassoe's Clay Sculptures
    Threadmarks: Two-Toed Grey Quadruped

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    Artwork Bassoe's Clay Sculptures
    Threadmarks: Gatortoad

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    Funny video thread

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    Armchair General's DonbAss Derailed Discussion Thread (Topics Include History, Traps, and the Ongoing Slavic Civil War plus much much more)

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    Countering an Ork Incursion With Modern Conventional Forces

    Well, highest priority is some way of dealing with the spores. Otherwise they win by default of logistics. We have to deal with actual manufacturing and resource-extraction to build and fuel our war machines, they can just take the scrap we bombed their last army into and rebuild it. Again and...
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    Sauron and Saruman - The Tragedy of Good Intentions

    I've seen two types of "deconstruction" of "good guy Sauron". First are the race-based ones, where writers see the orcs as a reference to minorities and Sauron's whole world domination plot as the haitian revolution writ large. Second, the technologists who see Sauron's original job as a demigod...
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    Images Crossover Image Thread

    Vader ought to be a dreadnought after mustafar.