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    Warbirds Thread

    Then we should buy Gripens.Poland need planes from state which do not stop delivering them for lgbt reasons.
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    War on the Horizon

    So,problem with lack of ships solved.Those battleships,if i remember correctly,need small crew. P.S Could Hull add some better weapon for starships from his Universe? And could it be mass produced there ?
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    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    I fully support your proposition - but,commies still should be executed first,becouse otherwise they could die from old age.
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    United States Biden administration policies and actions - megathread

    Not them.All USA allies except Poland,when USA get in trouble.
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    United States Biden administration policies and actions - megathread

    Then,they are idiots,becouse,when there is no such thing like friends in politics,there certainly are enemies. They keep turning more and more states from those who simply do not support them in their dark hour to those who come kill them becouse of past.
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    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    Nurenburg 2.0 is for commies, 3.0 for lgbt+52 green idiots,and Fauci must wait for 4.0
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    United States Biden administration policies and actions - megathread

    And later they did the same to Ghaddafi,althought french were more quilty there. Did the ever learn?
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    Original Fiction Conquistadors (Stand-Alone Cross-Time Invasion)

    Well,Earth only hope now is that China&Moscov send all their nukes there.Considering,how deep state feel about Texas,they could do the same. And,by pure accident,they once in blue moon do right thing.Becouse,if invaders do not get nuked now/or during next few weeks/,they would win.
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    Original Fiction Conquistadors (Stand-Alone Cross-Time Invasion)

    Timeline B which welcomed them - soviets win there,right? That aside - they would win,but it would be more funny if they come to some Third world state,becouse here they would knock USA,and thus win over entire world with possible exception of China. If they started from another place,they...
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    China Military News

    Do not underestimate Dems.If there is something stupid which could be done,they probably would do it ! And,they had good tradition.After WW2 they could provoke war with soviets under pretext that they care about enslaved poland,and get entire world. USA would be only global power now...
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    Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

    They never cared about their own soldiers,so why care about enemy cyvilians?
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    Original Fiction Conquistadors (Stand-Alone Cross-Time Invasion)

    Well,scheriff would get his blood soaked landscapes.I hope,that poor dude survive.If so,he probably never would joke like that again.
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    Halo 3: ODST (Reclaimers)

    So,Forerunner come back is part of canon,or not ? And how Earth manage to stop them,if they decide to fight? It would be as if ,let say,some band of barbarian try fight returning Ceazar legions. No,it would be much worst.
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    Heavy Cavalry Versus Infantry - Charging the Lines

    It always break,but if it skewered 3-4 dudes in row,it was worth it. We even have proverb from that time - when we think that fight is not worth it ,then we say,that "Nie ma o co kruszyć kopii" /it is not worth breaking lance - my translation/
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    Russia(gate/bot) Russia-Ukraine War Politics Thread Mk. 2

    Yes,but when they started think in 1980,there was still living peasants who manage to train next generation. When soveyt fell in 1991,there was nobody who could do that there. China is less destroyed,becouse madness last there only 30 years,not 70 like in ex-Russia.
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    Two Eagles and a Rising Sun: A Three Nation ISOT

    Well,it change notching if japaneese take Malaya or Dutch colonies,they would not find rubber and oil in 1812.They must build everytching there. So,no reason to panic for USA - if Japan after capturing oilfields in 1942 could not invade USA,they even more could not invade them now. But,those...
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    Armchair General's DonbAss Derailed Discussion Thread (Topics Include History, Traps, and the Ongoing Slavic Civil War plus much much more)

    If Democrats decide to gave Ukraine to Moscov for notching,it still could happen. FDR gave Poland to them in 1943,so why not?
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    Heavy Cavalry Versus Infantry - Charging the Lines

    Indeed,but winged hussarl kopia/lance/ not only had 5,5-6m,but also could be connected to saddle,and,as a result,hit with strenght of entire horse and its rider.
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    Strongest faction that "He" can defeat?

    So,he is living in many timelines.... Yes,if we are asked to say what He could defeat,we must knew his history,including his birth. If he do not have history,but is mix of many people from many worlds,we could not consider what he could do or not,becouse he is no longer one person,but some...
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    Strongest faction that "He" can defeat?

    We need one place of birth and logical story to made any statesment about whom he could defeat,and whom he could not.