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  1. Husky_Khan

    Alternative Historical/Hypothetical Battles in Digital Combat Simulator (DCS)

    Finally a question maybe a few people have asked... who'd win a dogfight between Attack Helicopters and F-22 Raptors.
  2. Husky_Khan

    Turkish-backed attack on Armenia by Azerbaijan with formal declaration of War

    It's funny reading these threads because Agent 23 "ignores" me. He can post points I already addressed before he even thought them up. :ROFLMAO:
  3. Husky_Khan

    The Annals of Corporate Cringe and Woke Marketing

    Braun, a German shaving products company, featured an ad showing what was apparently a transman (with double mastectomy scars) using Braun shaving products in marketing materials. Braun is a shaving brand owned by the huge consumer products conglomerate Proctor & Gamble, with their spokesperson...
  4. Husky_Khan

    Asia-Pacific Military Coup in Myanmar

    Nathan Ruser, an analyst out of Australia compiled a thread of recent successes the anti-Junta forces have had against the regime since the military leadership overthrew the burgeoning Burmese democracy (again) two years ago.
  5. Husky_Khan

    Former caterer gets delusional, declares war on Russia

    Apaprently there are allegations that in the wake of Wagner's Aborted March for Justice on Moscow, Russia's Rosgvardia (National Guard) units engaged in "strange agreement" with the Wagner mutineers. Rosgvardia units who disarmed Wagner of heavy weapons are being accused of keeping the weapons...
  6. Husky_Khan

    Warbirds Thread

    Taiwan's AH-64E Apache Guardians reportedly look pretty cool. They apparently went with a tigerstripe inspired pattern for at least two of the birds. Lewd pictures and plenty of verbiage within the article...
  7. Husky_Khan

    China ChiCom News Thread

    Looks like the report on so-called ChiCom backed 'Confucius Classrooms' by 'Parents Defending Education' reached Lawmakers in US Congress. One of those who testified was Ryan Walters, the State...
  8. Husky_Khan

    Dallas Falls to Fascism

    The Mayor of Dallas, Texas Eric Johnson has switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, citing as a main reason for the betrayal of his country and race as "the future of America's great urban centers depends on the willingness of the nation's mayors to champion law and order and...
  9. Husky_Khan

    Russia(gate/bot) Russia-Ukraine War Politics Thread Mk. 2

    After traveling to America and Canada, Zelensky made a stop in Ireland meeting with leadership there as well as Sudan's "transitional" President Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and apparently discussed Russian/Wagner activities in Sudan among other topics.
  10. Husky_Khan

    Turkish-backed attack on Armenia by Azerbaijan with formal declaration of War

    Azerbaijan would be more afraid of destabilizing the reason, being caught in a quagmire or alienating its Turkish and Israeli backers and disapproval of the international trading partners in violating Armenian territory then whatever threats Russia could provide even via the CSTO IMHO. And if...
  11. Husky_Khan

    Leftist Child Grooming

    Oh no... That's... that's so... terrible... It's getting harder for minors to access gender affirming care... Kids are just... spilling... gender all over the place with no medical recourse apparently. Twitter Link
  12. Husky_Khan

    Armchair General's DonbAss Derailed Discussion Thread (Topics Include History, Traps, and the Ongoing Slavic Civil War plus much much more)

    I'm always impressed with the sheer stoicism and strength of the Russian spirit, especially in times of crisis. You can't let these temporary setbacks get you down. Maybe it won't take three days... maybe it'll take a little longer. I'll be honest I did LOL when I saw that arrow through the...
  13. Husky_Khan

    The Americas The Tyranny of Trudeau's Canada

    Export more Indians I guess lol.
  14. Husky_Khan

    Turkish-backed attack on Armenia by Azerbaijan with formal declaration of War

    Why would Azerbaijan want to join the CSTO a second time? Who are they going to be threatened by? Armenia? Turkey? Iran? Is Russia going to run to Azeri aid if Iran strikes? Laughable. And what security could bring tied with Russia have for Azerbaijan? India and Armenia have seen firsthand the...
  15. Husky_Khan

    The Americas The Tyranny of Trudeau's Canada

    Kanadia is a founding member of the new Axis of Evil. It has now joined other terrorist safe havens like Pakistan as a sanctuary for violent terrorist cartels intent on destroying India...
  16. Husky_Khan

    Turkish-backed attack on Armenia by Azerbaijan with formal declaration of War

    The Russians actually have a huge well trained and experienced airborne/paratrooper component so honestly I could see them pulling this off. They pulled off a similar operation in Crimea afterall. Just engage in a flurry of decapitating missile strikes, move in with heliborne paratroopers to...
  17. Husky_Khan

    Starfield, Bethesda's Space RPG Spectacular

    I never really liked the Tier System for Weapons if I'm reading that correctly, at least in naming. I'm not a big min-maxer when it comes to playing RPG games or whatever anyways and saying this is an Avenger Assault Rifle VII as opposed to an Avenger Assault Rifle V does simplify things...
  18. Husky_Khan

    Project Veritas Ousts Founder James O'Keefe

    Not to worry. Looks like they're aggressively pursuing new revenue streams.
  19. Husky_Khan

    The Principality of Gallia Invests in a Military Industrial Complex

    Working on the Gallia Mercenary Mode. Got twelve candidates so far. A very bare bones previews... 1. Trauma Team International 2. Gavin Kampfgruppe 3. Samurai Schoolgirls 4. X-Com Training Team 5. Haven Amazon Guard 6. Allied Nations Peacekeepers 7. Legion Penetante Rehabilitative Program 8...
  20. Husky_Khan

    Star Wars The Ahsoka Show

    All of the Rebels character designs actually bothered me when Ahsoka was announced. The animated characters were always more... well animated and frenetic in their movements and still had cartoonish features and the like. Like how was Rosario Dawson or some stunt person going to replicate...