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  1. stephen the barbarian

    Battletech Story Brainstorming

    a fan made quad mech the HSC-1 Horseshoe Crab
  2. stephen the barbarian

    Web Content HEMA/Historical YouTuber Shadiversity denounced by fellow HEMA Influencers

    iirc he's a very devout Mormon, but i believe it's an over reaction because shad was guest on the podcast of the locus eaters.
  3. stephen the barbarian

    Versus Match Whom to Leave Behind? Womans History Month Edition

    i'm going to assume that there are 3 mre's /person/day at 1,250 calories/ mre that's 3750 calories /person/day for 7 people, over 90 days that's 2,362,500 calories total. that's enough that split between 12** people it's 2,187.5 calories /person/day, or just around the recommended daily caloric...
  4. stephen the barbarian

    United States US State & Territory Governorships Megathread

    anti gunner Ryan Busse is seeking the 2024 Democratic nomination to challenge first-term Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte in Montana. Former firearms executive Busse seeks Democratic nomination for Montana governor
  5. stephen the barbarian

    Battletech Story Brainstorming

    youtuber Sven van der Plank is starting a vid series on the First Succession War, starting by laying out the status quo of 2786
  6. stephen the barbarian

    Battletech Story Brainstorming

    i think he's comparing an extrapolated 2020 to the extrapolated 1980 of battletech. now to me that's drones everywhere, metal storm style ac's, loitering ammo, and guided Gauss rounds.
  7. stephen the barbarian

    Images Funny Pictures and Memes - You know you want them, here we have them!

    Find Me Guilty - Wikipedia 2006 film about the trial of Jackie DiNorscio,
  8. stephen the barbarian

    Trump Investigations Thread

    and already enough mems for a compilation
  9. stephen the barbarian

    Trump Investigations Thread

    the trial represents an opportunity that you're not seeing. his best defence is that he's right about the dems cheating, and that makes all of the smoking guns that have been found in the last 3 years will end up being aired laundery.
  10. stephen the barbarian

    Alec Baldwin shoots 2 on set of western, 1 dead

    new report from the sheriffs dept. forensics lab View: timestamps to look out for: 12:00- photos of the revolver as received by the lab, as well as clear photos of the busted parts. 18:33- ammo, id-ing the type of bullet as being of similar design as others found on site. please note that it...
  11. stephen the barbarian

    Thus Buzzes the Babylon Bee

    Country Music Industry Confused By Man Actually From Country Making Actual Music Disaster Relief Plane Flies Over Hawaii On Way To Ukraine
  12. stephen the barbarian

    Libertatis Imperium (Gate)

    oh, look, a sign. is it fanon or canon that he had his first born son killed?
  13. stephen the barbarian

    Funny Meme Video thread- The one for moving pictures

    con Muppet cover
  14. stephen the barbarian

    Tanks and other Armoured Vehicles Image thread.

    among other things, he's the guy who found the tonk, here's the rant on lp's video. tl:dr- even if you agree with lp's final conclusions, he makes way too many leaps in logic to be credible. e.g. calling the t-14's A-85-3A engine a copy of the Porsche tigers' SA-16 is like saying that the GE...
  15. stephen the barbarian

    Trump Investigations Thread

    "Perjury (also known as foreswearing) is the intentional act of swearing a false oath or falsifying an affirmation to tell the truth, whether spoken or in writing, concerning matters material to an official proceeding." he's wrong about everything else, but i'll remind you that Perjury is a...
  16. stephen the barbarian

    AI/Automation Megathread

    if you cant beat an algorithm what are you really bringing to the table here?
  17. stephen the barbarian

    Trump Investigations Thread

    so, google is your friend, Motion for Change of Venue | Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys,to%20presume%20that%20there's%20prejudice. if Trumps lawyer's can prove that the jury pool is...
  18. stephen the barbarian

    Sports! May the Marquess of Queensbury Guide Us. The Boxing Megathread! Celebrity or Amateur, Even Professional Pugilism!

    blatantly changing the subject: Brandon Herrera - the ak guy, is now 1 for 1 in pro boxing